expired 50% off First Order at Pepper Leaf ~ $7-$4.45 per meal (Metro Areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide)


Cheapest mealkit is $70 ($35 with the deal) (1 person/5 meals/dinners). Cost is from 14 per meal (7 with deal) to 9.90 per meal (4.45 with the deal) depending on how big your mealkit is. They have lots of options for mealkit sizes (1-6 people/3-5 meals/dinners).

They deliver on Saturdays before 9am.

No vegan or vegetarian meal kit options, unfortunately.

Original deal link here: https://www.pepperleaf.com.au/blog/saucy-self-saucing-carame...

Check out https://comparemeals.com.au for other deals and other services that deliver to your postcode.

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    Looks OK, I like that you can exclude meals that you don't like (Not a fan of the other services bulking it out with cheap Vegan dishes)

    Should prob. link straight to prices rather than the fruity blog.

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    Is this for people on a diet? Plenty of local restaurants to me have meals under 10 bucks that I don't have to cook or assemble


      Yeah, fair enough, each to their own I guess. Some people like learning cooking new healthy meals at home more than walking to and from restaurants, waiting for meals alone, and paying half an hours wage for them. Some people have cheap restaurants near them and like to get out or hate cooking. I personally prefer home delivered meals/home made meals that take very little time to prepare and are very cheap. However, I do know that a lot of people like these meal kits - hellofresh is apparently the fastest growing business in Europe at the moment. Plus you won't get many opportunities to get a good meal delivered for <$5.50 (the price with the deal).

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        Sorry so is the price half of 70? I thought it was half of 140. That's why usually people ask for the price in the title. Anyway at 35 bucks that could be reasonable enough to go for

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