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Melb/Syd/Perth to London from $234 One Way or $600 Return Via Scoot/Jetstar & Norwegian Air (Oct 2017- Jan 2018)


Hey guys just an update from the last travel deal I posted. I don't think this is a dupe because the fares to Singapore are different.

Scoot and Jetstar fares to Singapore are on sale at the moment. The Scoot sale finishes tonight i think, not sure about the Jetstar one.

Example dates below.



One way (Perth-London) = Approx $234


Return (Perth-London-Perth) = Approx $600



One way (Melbourne-London) = Approx $276


Return (Melbourne-London-Melbourne) = Approx $674

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    674 return to london for Melbourne!!!!


    • Used to be easier with AirAsiaX thru-checkin to Luton. Hope they recommence flights to Europe.

      • I hoped so too but last I read a few months ago in an article they want to focus on Asia region going forward. Hope this will change but possible not any time soon.

      • +1

        I thought it was Stansted, then Gatwick?

        • Yeah, Stansted it was. Squeezed in a trip to Cambridge before departure last time.

  • +5

    For an even better price, look at using Jetstar price beat for a further 10% off flights to Singapore

    Eg. (Using price beat)


    Scoot $276

    Jetstar $248.40

    • Hi as01.

      I am not able to find the deal on the link posted above from perth-London-perth for 600$.
      Do i need to book 1 leg on Scoot/Jetstar and the other on norwegian Air ?


      • Yes

        • ok.

    • and quickly grab some jetstar 10% off gc from woolworths. Ending in a few hours though

    • Hey, if the Scoot sale expires today, would Jetstar price beat still work, it says on their website it takes 72 hours to come through.

      • Yes. The 72hrs is just for the ticket to be emailed through.

  • +1

    No cheap deals in December :(

    • +8

      Holiday season - as a Teacher I'm lucky to ever get sale fares :(

      • Struggles of being a student myself. Although, still cheap fares Singapore-London, just no specials getting to Singapore :/

        • +14

          I hear ya; two 12-week semesters barely leaves half the year free…

        • @dm01:
          if you ask me the holiday season is too long

  • +1

    damn, good price. If only flights to singapore were cheaper in December…

  • +2

    Ridiculously amazing price! Just make sure you leave heaps of time between flights in Singapore, if your Scoot flight gets in late then Norwegian won't refund or rebook you. Even if you have to spend a night in Singapore it's still a great deal.

    • +1

      Scoot are notorious for being late PER - SIN.

  • +1

    That is a fantastically awesome price!! $600 return!?!?! Wow!!
    Such a shame I'm at uni though and can't take time off until the more expensive dates :(

  • Amazing, I hope there are more for mid next year.

  • Nice catch, I always wonder who do you find anything like this apart from randomly clicking through the dates? Is there a website to search for this kind of stuff?

    • +1

      Skyscanner is pretty good but it can be quite a differemce when you try get a specific flights price than on the cheapest weve seen price on the first page or two.

  • -1

    The price from Singapore to London seems to have increased to USD$400+

    • +1

      Switch to Singapore Dollars and it will drop

  • +1

    Just read this article. It's from a competitor so take it with a grain of salt. Just make sure you buy travel insurance straight away to cover possible insolvency.


    • +1


  • +1

    I cobbled together a Sydney trip from Jan 16th to Jan 29th for $750. Fingers crossed that Jetstar will price match.

    • +1

      Jetstar doesn't have Sydney-Singapore direct flight -> no pricematch

  • -1

    whats worthwhile to do in london

    • +2

      The Queen?

      • +4

        too dry this time of year

    • You can book cheap flight from London to go to Europe, roughly $100+ AU return.

    • stay alive

  • I'm looking at booking flights from Phuket to Melbourne via IWTF with Flyscoot. Does anyone know if you you can book seats etc?

  • I booked the flight sin-> lon then went to book a flight per -> sin and during filling out the details I lost the deal everything sky-rocketed had a Singapore air flight for 200 now all that's left is a crappy timed jester flight for 250!!!!

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