This was posted 3 years 2 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Cheeseburger with Any Purchase Via Mymaccas App, 18 September Only


McDonald's will be giving away 100,000 Cheeseburgers exclusive to mymacca's app members with any purchase on National Cheeseburger Day, Monday, 18th September 2017 ONLY.

Also Leading up to National Cheeseburger Day, McDonald's will be offering mymacca's members a Golden Meal which is a Small Cheeseburger Meal with a free Fries and Coke. This offer will be restricted to the mymacca's app and available from Wednesday, 13th September 2017 to Tuesday, 26th September 2017.
I am guessing you will be only paying for a burger and get a meal.
Pay for burger and get small meal free

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  • It'll probably be $5 for the Golden Meal as it's always been that price iirc.

    Order a Hamburger, get a free Cheeseburger -> combine for a Ozburger.

    • It'll be a small meal because they won't give away free Monopoly vouchers. $5 is a little pricey for a small cheeseburger meal, especially since they do a small McFeast meal for that price at the moment. I would guess $3, which I think they did recently anyway (marketed as 3 for $3)

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    So basically a free cheeseburger if you can get the bloody app to stop crashing.

  • Use spyware app. Get industrial waste free.

  • Free cheeseburger, available only from 10:30am?

    Small Cheeseburger Meal with a free Fries and Coke

    Lol this sounds like you are getting 2x fries and coke.

  • Good strategy, say they are giving away 100,000 but in reality give away a fraction of that as their app is a steaming pile of puke

  • buy one $1 hamburger and get 1 cheeseburger for free?

  • Are soft serve still 50c?

  • Has 18th Sept always been National Cheeseburger Day?

  • Does anyone know the deal with certain stores not allowing app ordering. The closest one to me hasn't allowed it for at least a month, even though it's previously participated.

  • Won't be using the MyMaccas app after the last experience I had when the app continually timed out, crashed and stopped working.

  • App shows the link then does nothing

  • Bought a small frozen coke for $1 and got a free Cheeseburger. Nice! 👍

    • Also App worked fine for me! :D I ordered on my iPad, but have app on iPad and iPhone.

    • You realise you can get a large frozen Coke for the same amount? Double (triple?) the sugar for no additional cost!

      • On my app it only came up as a small for $1, no option to pick large or I would have, clearly! (First time using the app, now I see it! Damn! Oh well and yes App is still working for me!!)

        I mean double or triple the sugar? Yes please! And I want diabetes with that too!

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    Can't even log in lmao

  • If you remove the pattie it takes $1.10 off the order. Can make the McFeast or golden cheeseburger meals even cheaper with bun and cheese aswell.

  • App crashing here. Auto logged out. Mentions "some weird data error" when trying to login.

    • I'm getting the same error too. The app was working fine 2 hours ago

      • Might need to be free cheeseburger week, or month.
        Got to love corporates that demand delivery of goods/service via an app… we all just sit back and wait for the inevitable crash.

  • Oh my god this app is painful

  • Can't even find my location….


    I can't even connect to any Brisbane maccad. It just says 'no restaurants' lol

    Do they still have the $5 wrap of the day? Don't wanna line up and find its not there any more.

  • Looks like too many try to use it at the same time. Doesn't work in Darling Harbour store, can't connect. Save your trip or come later.

  • Cant sign in to mymaccas app. Freebie fail

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    App not working, you've done it again Macca's!

  • App doesn't allow me to sign in..

  • maccas app strikes again, can't login

  • We may've OzBargain'ed the App—unable to login.

  • App is buggered right now

  • I can see golden meal, but cannot find free cheeseburger!!!

  • Deal is unobtainable, app just won't work.

  • App works great for me.

  • No matter how much they give away, it's not going to save their app.
    These promos are doing damage for them. People are seeing how crap their app is and won't use it again, even after it's fixed, if that ever happens.

    Even when it doesn't crash, I show up the store and it says that I'm not at the store.

  • keep getting login and error messaging. wtf

  • The app is just SO bad. It failed totally to load the menu at lunch time (tried numerous times), I just got it to work now. $0.30 for mayonnaise (under Sauce), that was the cheapest item I could find, but the soft serve for $0.75 is probably more useful.

  • Got a soft serve and free burger nice thanks

  • got it working eventually, free cheesburger was nice thanks

  • The Maccas app is super unreliable for me. It hung on the screen "Processing Payment…" three times and kept failing.

    Had to walk into McDonalds, disconnect my 4G data, connect to McDonalds Wifi, log into McDonalds Wifi, sit next to the McDonald windows and wait for a GPS lock. Only with the McDonalds Wifi could I get the "Processing Payment" to work.

    The guy serving me said the app has only been working for the last 2 weeks and is still being developed.

    Lots of frustration with the Maccas app but I got my free cheeseburger with the other OzBargain deal, $3.35 Cheeseburger meal

    • hardly seems worth the effort eh? I was going to get my free cheeseburger but thought, nah coz theres a 50% chance the app either won't load the menu or will but take about 5 mins, could not be stuffed. Plus there probably would've been a backlog at the drive thru too since there usually is when theres a freebie on offer.

  • Was collecting my free cheese, bread and Favourites from Woolies and thought i'd get this for a snack. Stupid bloody app kept freezing, giving errors and trying to find locations in the US. I was sitting in the store fiddling with my phone trying to get it to work for about 5 minutes before giving up. Painful!

  • Got mine working! I had issues with the app too with errors appearing during the checkin/payment bit when trying to pick up my order. However it worked when i selected the drive thru option and the lady at the counter was more than happy to process my order.


    I ended up going back and getting the $3.30 small cheeseburger meal with this free cheeseburger added. Sweet!

  • Signed up yesterday but no free cheeseburger ever came through

  • Offer is still valid until 11:59pm 19/9

  • Offer is still in my app, valid till 11:59PM today