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Original Xiaomi ZMI 10 QB820 20000mAh Power Bank with USB-C Power Delivery US $52.99 (~AU $65.77) Shipped @ GearBest


Recently purchased a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air and was looking for a power bank capable of charging it on the go. Found this product on Gear Best currently 32% off under a 'Flash Sale' (~AUD$65.77 current VISA exchange rate). It can be used to charge most USB-C powered laptops and other devices such as the Nintendo Switch (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UB4eMAeWi0).

This is a Power Delivery (PD) specified power bank able to output via USB-C voltages between 5-20V at a maximum of 40W. It also has dual USB-A ports that can output 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A at a maximum of 18W. It also conveniently operates as a USB hub if your laptop only has a single USB port.

The market for these types of power banks is still quite small and there isn't much to compare it to. Razer offers a similar product for US $149.99 before delivery (https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-accessories/razer-power-ban...)

Package Contents: 1 x Power Bank, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Chinese Manual

Gear Best description:
Original Xiaomi ZMI power bank, 20000mAh super capacity, built-in bi-directional quick charge smart chip, three USB output ports, is a great company in your trip. You can easily hold the power bank because of round edge design.

Main Features:
● Original Xiaomi ZMI 20000mAh super large capacity portable power bank
● Bi-directional quick charge, saves more time
● High-density lithium polymer battery pack, safe and reliable
● LED indicator lights to show you the power status
● Support charging three devices simultaneously
● Built-in multiple protections
● Round edges design, comfortable to hold

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  • Thanks OP, being looking for this particular power bank for a while to charge my Nintendo switch. I've been hearing good things about these.

  • Hi OP! I also own a Xiaomi Air and I was wondering how much of a charge this powerbank is capable of delivering.

  • Did I miss something, the price is $52.99 USD, not $59.89 USD, at the checkout?

  • The ravpower 26800 PD USB C is worth looking at as well. $89 on eBay shipped from Australia. But often cheaper with discounts. I ordered one for $80 last week.

    More power and local shopping. Comes highly reviewed.

    Anyway just another option to consider.

  • Can this item charge and discharge simultaneously?

    • Yes it can! I've charged it via it's type c input/output while charging two other devices through it's USB-A ports. Of course you need to remember that if the battery is flat and your output > input power then it might not work

  • What's the maximum power limits for carrying these sort of devices while flying? 30,000mah?

  • Thanks so much! Was looking into this as I was interested in the new Xiaomi Air. Does anyone know how many full charges it can charge the Xiaomi Air 13?

  • It says output voltage is 5-20V but doesn't quote the output current at 20V. I'm wondering if this could charge Lenovo Miix 700 as the original charger is rated at 20V 2A.

    • sounds about right 20v 2a is 40 watt and this is max 40w output "Output: USB-C: 5 - 20V, 40W max;"

  • I purchased the mi air fingerprint edition lapyop while sitting on the toilet at work. While I'm a big fan of the brand, I've never so blindly bought something as important as a PC like this before… Any issues with your notebook?

    • I have the older version - Xiaomi Air 13' non-ultimate edition. It is honestly my best ever electronic purchase and I do not regret it a single bit.
      Great processing power, fast storage, dedicated graphics and the touch and feel on this machine is superb.

      Tip: don't buy into what online guides tell you - changing from chinese to english is a breeze. You'll have to do a fresh windows install. Just make sure you download the windows media creation tool and download the "English only" version of windows. If this is not sufficient to get a hardware-validated key update, just get in touch with Microsoft Support and they will source you a new key in the expense of deactivating your Chinese one.


      • Sure i'll be happy.

        I'll be re-installing windows manually, I have a bit of a routine. I might skip the windows insider program this time though… Likely just the laptop i've been using, but i'm so burnt out with things simply not working correctly. High hopes for peaceful computing soon.

        Thanks for the review.

  • What happens if you plug a power bank into itself?

    This is something that will stay on my wish list for now. Going to wait for further sales.

  • What is the input charger for this battery?
    I'm assuming the usbc is the input too?
    So I couldn't have this charging a usbc device while also charging itself?

  • I suggest everyone check xiaomi.com, I can not see any power bank they have are similar to this one, which could be fake one.

    https://list.mi.com/accessories/tag?id=dianyuancunchu this is the list of powerbanks

  • I have the old xiaomi battery, the silver one with sharp edges. It's practically a weapon. This new curved edge design makes a lot more sense if you care about not smashing everything up in your handbag/manbag.

    • This one is much more bulky and heavier than xiaomi battery. Besides, you can get a silicone case for your xiaomi battery if you worry about the edges. I would say xiaomi powerbank is better if you do not need the PD charging for laptops.

  • i got this charger from China and use it especially to charge my Nintendo Switch and it charges pretty fast, similar charging speed to the original dock. i know this can also charge laptop like macbook pro as well.

  • Thanks OP, got one to go with my new MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar :)

  • US $45.99 (~AU $57.38) Delivered via this deal if you are quick, code is only good for 100 uses.

  • is there a way these usb-c type chargers can be used on a surface pro? the 12v 1.5a should work but i have no idea how an adapter would detect and set the voltage