Thoughts on The New iPhone (iPhone 8/8 Plus/X)?

Here's an article for more information. Here's a video by Apple that showcases the iPhone X

Expected prices
iPhone 8: $1079 for 64GB
iPhone 8 Plus: $1229 for 64GB
iPhone X price: $1579 for 64GB

Poll Options expired

  • 24
    Buying the iPhone 8
  • 19
    Buying the iPhone 8 Plus
  • 187
    Buying the iPhone X
  • 124
    Was planning on upgrading, not anymore
  • 686
    Was never going to buy one


    • -1

      make sure it's more functional/usable than a gimmick

      I can't believe you just said that. Every selling point of apple is gimmick: retina display, siri, touch ID, apple pay, dual camera now facial recognition. They all fade out ever year.

      Though I would give apple credit for it's first annovation of touch screen phone.

  • +2

    I am an Android user and I've never owned an iPhone although I have used one as my main phone for about 7 months.

    I won't even consider switching until they adopt USB-C

  • Geez the poll options were a bit restricted. I would have chosen something like "Interested in the iPhone 8 but not in a hurry to upgrade".

    Perhaps 12 months time when the iPhone 8 is available for what the 7 currently is (like the mobileciti deal).

  • I'll treat myself to an X when I get a job out of uni, graduated a few months ago so it could be quite a while off :(

    Also I'm very happy with my SE for now. But I'd be even more happier with an X :P

  • If they were selling iPhone 6 plus for cheaper and with an efficient OS, I would still buy it. I don't really need most of these features anyway. I was interested in the camera but there isn't much of a difference and the price makes confirms that it is not for me. Already spending about 1250 on my Iphone 6plus was pushing it.

  • +2

    I think the iPhone X looks very nice but I don't know if I will justify the price?

    I currently have an iPhone 6 plus and it is as good as new (actually it is a new replacement under warranty) so I'm not pressured to upgrade yet. I think I'll wait and see what deals/plans come about in November.

    I'm very impressed by the OLED display on my wife's Galaxy S8 and think that's the way to go for premium phones. OLED is a significant step above other displays.

    I would even go for the Galaxy but I just can't handle Android without getting instantly annoyed. I'm stuck on iOS and will probably stick to Apple until they drop the ball and give me a good reason to switch to Android.

  • Why the hell so expensue?

    • -1

      You mean expensive?

  • For an Apple release, I've never heard so much about the s8! The X is just priced themselves out of the market. The comparison between specs (hardly much) and price ($600) is insane. Phone plans will be around $120 for the base model. Might try to pickup a cheap 7+.

  • they will make an excellent table stabilizer XD

  • +1

    No. I did actually consider going for an iOS device after a few years on Android.
    I used two work phones alongside my 5s, a Windows phone and a 6s (and my current s7)

    iOS is nice but the hardware is awful. The camera on the 6s was crap, really bad. Ridiculously high contrast that made murky, horrible overprocessed looking photos.
    The Windows phone was surprising and the 5s produced much nicer looking shots.

    The lack of the 3.5mm jack is a dealbreaker, like the Macbooks, everything is yet another damn dongle and I like to think I can just rock up and plug in my phone to a jack. I find Bluetooth headphones sound tinny and lacking "body" unless they are APTx

    Specs alone to the X my s7 has a better camera (I got the Sony module) higher display resolution and I hacked my APK (Firefox) to function like a full Desktop web browser so I can actually use the true resolution. It only lacks the telephoto lens yet has much more to offer. Staying with the status quo!

  • Does anybody if they have introduced switching off and on mobile data in the latest ios?

    Iphone X or Ten as MKBHD wants us to call it, its pretty good but overpriced. Animoji is like only 8 emojis, its like they want us to make an emoji movie since the original one failed so hard. Camera is awesome as always, the VR experience is nice too!

    • As far as I know, you have been able to switch off mobile data for a while now. It's just under the 'Mobile Data' heading in settings, or just switch it into airplane mode from the control centre if you need a quicker solution.

      • no, that's not what I meant, I meant the easy way like in Android, where you just pull your notification bar and switch it on/off, dont have to go to settings.

    • Yeah, on the new iOS 11 there's a quick toggle for that with a swipe upwards.

  • Steve Jobs died 6 years ago. Apple died 6 years ago. Stop wasting your time on dead technology. Sell your calculator watch. Sell your overpriced smart phone. Find a new vendor to love. Apple isn't cool anymore. Move on.

  • +4

    Best thing about Apple in my experience is the warranty and service. My family have replaced three iPhones over 6-7 years and had the replaced on the spot in an Apple store with no questions asked. They're replaced for refurbished models but appear brand new. I've also had a major repair done outside of warranty on a MacBook Pro, purchased overseas at no cost, although that took a bit of effort. Buy something else and you're dealing with sending your phone off for weeks, dealing with third parties etc.
    The above of course is subject to you being close to a store and I can only speak for myself. Worth the extra money imo.

    • +2

      Town Square*

    • A hypothetical question… would you do the same with your printer? That is, would you buy the expensive one that has extended support offering a refurbished printer if something went wrong? Or would you throw it away and buy another? I think phones have become commodity items such that they are now virtually throw-away (especially with cloud data sync). Nobody seems jealous anymore that people have the latest device.

      I'm happy to buy a quality $600 phone (eg. Moto Z Play) with the expectation that it will last me 3 years. I will have paid around $1k less than the iPhone X. If it doesn't last that long because something goes majorly wrong, I will drop it in a Mobile Muster box and buy the next model at $600 and still have spent less. That's the difference. Some of us find only utilitarian value in our phones, while others find luxury or technical appeal. I think Apple marketing appeals to the latter.

      • iPhone X is an exception given the cost, better to compare your points to the 8, and compare that with the service you'll get from Samsung, Google etc. I get your points and agree the novelty has worn off but I've had terrible experiences with Android reliability from both Sony (a brand that's otherwise great) and the Nexus 6p. Apple also maintains resale value. If you can look after your phone you'll get a decent price even in 2-3 years time so I'd suggest the price difference is less than one would expect.
        To answer your question, I'd always pay more for quality and reliability, if it's within my ability to afford it. I guess at the end of the day we buy stuff that best suits our need, and only you can decide that.

    • Best thing about Apple in my experience is the warranty and service.

      If price isn't a concern, maybe buy your phones outright from a corporate-owned Telstra store. I've had nearly-on-the-spot replacements for Samsung and HTC phones that had faults, for outright-purchased phones. They didn't have a replacement phone in store so they had to get one sent in a day or two later. No fuss - once the guy at the tech bar confirmed the problem, he ordered the replacement in. I came back a day or two later and swapped the phone. The phones weren't on a plan.

    • The level of service is great. I'll apple that. Replaced an out of warranty 4s with a refurb because of sound problems.

      Now my Ipad air 2 is constantly stuck in a high contrast mode of sorts so need to try my luck with that

  • +1

    I don't care because the price alone puts me off looking into it any deeper. I'd rather put my money elsewhere and on a phone that isn't at that price.

  • No longer interested in any flagship phone. Just too expensive to replace and chasing warranty on my phone and my wife's has been a headache (Australian stock, major retailers and networks). It's just not worth my money, time and energy.

  • +3

    I would buy the X if my wife still kept her SE…

  • +2

    Warning - tin foil hat wearer here…

    Is it just me, or is this Face ID less convenient that Touch ID?

    I mean, imagine sitting at your desk, with you phone on your desk, you get a message and you want to view it - it's very easy to Touch ID unlock with a press of a finger and read it without having to pick up the phone, but to Face ID unlock you'd have to pick up the phone and hold it so the camera can read your face.

    Are people paying for their own data collection device again?

    (Yes, I understand the marketing talking point about 1 in 50,000 it's more accurate etc - these things are always sold to us for 'our convenience' - I don't buy it).

    As far as thoughts on the phone go - cool screen but $1,5xx - geez… and the whole 'luxury item' angle they are going for - I think most Aussies would view anyone who has one of these as a bit of a fool who spent too much money on a phone. Is the X, 8 or even 7 really that much better than a 6S that can be had for much much less? - I don't think it is. In fact, many 7 users I know miss their headphone jack. I'm sure in other 'status' based cultures the X would do well.

  • Samsung holds about 50-55% of the smartphone market around the world. Apple about 25-30% I believe. I wonder if Apple lowered their prices if they'd make more money?
    Apple phones are outrageously overpriced for what they are but the market seems to be willing to pay that price so good for them.

    I guess the i phone is like that expensive Prada handbag that people just get themselves to spoil themselves a few times a year. Fair enough.

    • -2

      Apple slaughters Samsung in phone profits.
      Profit is what matters to business operation.

    • +1

      The reason why Samsung holds a larger market share is because they make phones that cater at different price points.

      • +1

        It is also probably worth pointing out that most people have no (profanity) idea about different framerates of video and other tech specs. Do people really think the women taking photos on a girls' night out are really thinking "omg! 4k 60fps! yay! HDR!" Or someone's uncle taking video at a wedding or birthday party? Of course not.

        It's not bad to have these capabilities in a phone but it is hardly a selling point when most people couldn't care less about it. Except to regurgitate the marketing spiel to their friends to impress them.

        Apple knows it will sell a boat load of these. They are pushing the market as hard as they can to maximise profit. That's capitalism.

        What's bizarre is watching their rabid fan base defend them. It really does look cult-like.

        • When you’ve seen video at 30fps on a tv, then you might as well use the phrase ‘marketing spiel’ for speakers

        • +1


          That makes no sense. We've all seen video at 30fps on a tv. Did you mean 60? I have seen it, it looks weird. I hate when youtubers do it because it creates that "soap opera" effect. And the audio industry is riddled with marketing spiel. Why do you think retard audiophiles are always arguing about speaker wire and the like?

          Frame rate for regular video is fine at 30fps. Literally almost all video made is done at 24/30 fps. I doubt that will change.

          Higher framerates matters for games and maybe some sports. Shooting personal video at a higher frame rate is only going to increase file size. And given Apple, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't allow expandable storage it is a doubly bad idea.

        • @Juddy: Regarding 30fps, check out your username…

        • @yoyomablue:

          If this is such a serious problem (judder) then perhaps you can explain why no modern content is recorded at a higher framerate? Oh, that's right, because it isn't a problem.

          People will buy the new iPhone, but very few will buy it because they need to overcome the problem of too low a framerate on their personal 4K video.

        • +1


          Frame rate for regular video is fine at 30fps. Literally almost all video made is done at 24/30 fps. I doubt that will change.

          There's a lot more 60p content on YouTube nowadays, but right now it only looks suitable for certain types of content.
          HFR in cinemas has been tried out before - The Hobbit had a 48fps screening. People didn't like it. The soap opera effect is real. :)

        • @eug:

          There's a lot more 60p content on YouTube nowadays, but right now it only looks suitable for certain types of content.

          Maybe for gamer livestreamers/let's play stuff. But even then, you are watching someone play a game you aren't the one playing so you don't need it to be at a higher frame rate.

          Maybe nature documentaries or something? But resolution seems like a more important factor than frame rate. Slow motion video? That's about it.

      • +1

        My overriding point is the repeated garbage every year from people who simply look at what is written on paper, by stating that Apple is playing ‘catch up’, when in fact they don’t release half assed features.

        If it doesn’t work properly or is unreliable, then it isn’t a feature/function.

        And as for price, Apple charges what the market is willing to pay. If people don’t want to pay $1800, prices will drop. Simple ‘free market’ principle. But people pay the prices because they are satisfied with the product package. If Samsung made a better product, they would be getting more than Apple. But they don’t make a better product.

        • +2

          by stating that Apple is playing ‘catch up’, when in fact they don’t release half assed features.

          Ahh, so they only just released Apple Maps then. And the iPhone 4's antennas were perfect - people were just holding the phone wrong. Touch disease definitely wasn't a design problem either… although somehow Apple fixed it in the next model.

          But people pay the prices because they are satisfied with the product package. If Samsung made a better product, they would be getting more than Apple. But they don’t make a better product.

          You're forgetting the brand image aspect of things. A Mercedes and a Lexus work just as well as each other. But people would pay more for a Mercedes because of the badge on it.

        • +3


          You're forgetting the brand image aspect of things.

          True. Why do people think that companies spend a fortune on marketing and advertising? They aren't just selling you a product, they want to sell you a style, a lifestyle, and make you feel trendy and hip. Love or hate Apple, they are absolute masters of this.

  • Already have the 6S+ and happy with it. Going to wait until next year and see what becomes of the X. I do like the idea of the smaller phone but keeping the larger screen. I get the impression that the X might just be a once off and the current design (iphone 8/+) will continue on as the norm.

  • too expensive and not a fan of apple products

  • The upgrade is pretty meaningless unless you want it for the camera. 4k 60fps and 1080p 240fps, I like what you got. The camera is on another level compared to the s8 but also on another level of pricing with lower all-around specs.

  • my phone is through work, so i'll probably get the X when my plan renews in 2-3 months

  • It's revolutionary. Comes with a monobrow. Gestures and inductive charging

  • +6

    The iphone X will sell shitloads. Evey year people say negative things, every year higher profits.

    It is very expensive but the main reason I'm considering it is that I can recoup a lot of it back selling it second hand. Especially if I get it cheaply to begin with using an ebay code deal and then get GST back on it as well. Ends up costing not that much to have the latest iphone.

  • lol at the price of the X
    Thanks for Brands like Oppo and Oneplus and many others giving same specs for 1/3 of the price. Sure they're not as optimised as apple. they're still good phones…

  • -2

    Why do people always scoff at the high rrp? Just throw it on a plan under $100 which Optus will give you several gb and unlimited Spotify, soccer and Netflix

    • +3

      Even more expensive than high rrp in longer term.

    • +3

      Yeh that is a stupid way of looking at it

  • In my mind, the issue here is the cost.

    You could feasibly purchase a laptop, iPad and iPhone or MacBook Air and an iPad or an iPad and an iPhone for less than this single phone costs.

    The features and specs are just not bleeding edge or revolutionary enough, IMO, to warrant the cost.

  • +4

    Iphone X > flight ticket to USA return, where is the logic behind this?

  • Prices are hyped up so much… I'll stick with my current Xiaomi. Over 1500 for a phone… No thanks

  • +3

    all apple products are just marketing exercises now. they have sh*t tech, for double the price.

  • +2
  • I would rather spend that money on a holiday. Too much for a phone

  • +3

    Love it or Hate it, people still buying IPhone regardless of cost :)

  • +1

    lg v30

  • I use the s8 and the 6s and the only advantage for me because I gamble is that the tab app is so much more polished on the apple device, if the Android one was on par I wouldn't need the Apple device…..

  • I've loved and used apple since the first gen (still my favourite to hold in my hand) but they have really really lost me with this one. You can buy a great laptop for that price and while I've never minded being a bit behind on the tech in exchange for stability, I wouldn't fork out that much money for that. I don't think Steve Jobs would approve either.

  • +1

    I'm going to by an iPhone X, Watch 3 LTE and rebuy an iPad Pro at the new, higher, courageous price.

  • $1500 for a phone.. no thanks.. happy with my 6s…. my first car was $1200

  • Surely there's no one here on ozb stupid enough to buy the X?

    • +3

      Oh Believe Me, there're plenty of them here

      • +2

        Evidently, I guess they love paying way over the odds for old tech with a shiny logo. Status symbol bellends

        • +3

          I bet that westpac banker will have one, and will be able to rationalize the cost for us.

        • +2

          @idonotknowwhy: it will go down well with his 80k high yielding investment car.

          Nothing impresses the boss more than someone with an expensive car and an over priced phone in a uni grad position. The pay rises will be rolling in. Soon to be company partner in no time.

      • Yeah plenty of them once there's a bargain you mean!

  • +1

    I think the iPhone X is the most hideous phone I've seen all year. It looks like it was inspired by a screen protector, and for a phone that claims to be "bezel-less" it has the ugliest bezels I've ever seen. I can't understand how people like this design.

    • +1

      Some people will just jerk it over anything apple. Theyll no doubt repeat something from the marketing campaign, theyll swallow anything apple throws out.

  • +1

    Extremely overpriced. I think it's ridiculous Apple can get away with selling for such a price! And I can't believe so much consumers are willing to pay the price an iPhone X will cost… Well I do understand,, they're Apple. But It pisses me off still lol

  • -1

    Introducing the new Apple Iphone X.

    This is the phone to die for!

    The phone that all Apple fans have been waiting for, the extra X in it.

    The new X facial ID in Apple's X series is so advanced and so accurate making sure any excessive change such as makeup, Botox, facial growth, and any bruised faces an X_X experience for whoever not authorised to use it.

    Its new chip set technology making it so fast that you can't even see the difference with normal visible eyes.

    The new build is now even more robust with its bigger screen and more high grade glass coverage but make sure you drop it regardless of the front or the back of the phone at a low height to prevent the glass getting shattered.

    Now comes with even more M pixels and double lenses so that you will capture even more detail shots of the pores and black heads of the face.

    We will make sure we charge you more for any extra new feature like the fast charging, as it doesn't come with the package. We are apple what do you expect, we can and we know you will pay for it ^o^ because you love us.

    Coming soon to a Apple retailer near you for only $15XX Inc GST because its Australia and you will not get this price in any parts of the world.

    A price that you will surely die for if anything happens to it.

    advertisement waiting for android approval.

  • I'd actually be interested to hear from some of those who have voted that they are getting an X in the poll. Why are you buying?

    Edit: over 100 people have said they are so far!

    • +1

      Because I want to have the latest and greatest iPhone and can financially support it.

  • +2

    Surprising so many people are interested in the X/iPhones in general given the nature of this site… iPhones definitely are poor value for money. :\

  • I found the Apple products good for updates unlike some Android smartphones. Unless your going into custom ROMs (lineageOS etc), you normally either have to wait or you never get it. I would surely like Apple more if they can be bit supportive of the modding community.

  • Phone in contract for another couple of months. Will probably get the X when contract is up if is available, otherwise 8 Plus 256GB.

    Apple works for me, does what I need and I don't need the "flexibility" of android and the ability to open a kernel.

  • Apple is to smart.

  • Well those 5-10k iPhone x bids on eBay must be fake bidders, you can easily buy one for $2000 and most have finished their auction around 2k.

  • +1

    Geekbench tests are out
    iPhone destroys Android……AGAIN (repeat ad nauseum every year)
    As for real world testing, we’ll, It’s even worse.

    • If benchmarks show X beats Y, it DESTROYED Y.
      If benchmarks show Y beats X, benchmarks are irrelevant as they don't reflect real-life usage.

      • -1

        Problem is real life use doesn't bode well for Android, either

  • I hear you can sell a 2 or 3 years old IPhone for good money. That puzzles me. I thought that phones with non-replaceable batteries were basically throw-away items- battery wears out- throw it away. How do you know how much life is left in a used IPhone battery?

    I know you can replace an IPhone battery with quite a bit of faffing about, expense and dexterity but what a hassle.

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