expired PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB - $447.20 Delivered at Big W eBay

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB - $447.20 Delivered at Big W eBayAffiliate

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

Put simply, this is the most powerful console ever made1:
Spectacular graphics - if you own a 4K TV, get ready for higher quality visuals, including resolutions of up to 4K
2. No 4K TV? You can still enjoy gameplay and frame rate enhancements on your standard HD TV with PS4 Pro.

Original PBIGW deal

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    Good to see them finally start to come down in price (from multiple stores)


    code isnt valid…


    It hasn't started yet.


    It has started. Must have started at 10AM

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    It's not the most powerful console ever made any more.
    However it is the most powerful console currently released. ­čĄö­čśé


      Well the Alienware Alpha was considered a console (some came optional with SteamOS and Steam Controller).
      So in that case, we can say the most powerful console ever made and released is the MSI Trident 3….
      …much faster storage, processor, and graphics than the Xbox One X.

      The Corsair One might be more powerful, but it seems more like a miniPC rather than a console to me. It's 13.4L volume, tower-stance form factor, K+M, and focus towards full desktop Windows (rather than a Big Picture and gamepad experience).


    Super deal on the PS4 Pro! Thanks OP.

    Not as good as the deal posted a couple of days ago on the EB Games ebay page for $452 + one free game, but thats sold out now so this is the best deal currently open.

    Code seems to be working just fine for me. Screenshot

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    Just bought a 55" 4K TV, already have a old PS4… do I want to upgrade? Is 55" worth upgrading my PS4 for (based on personal experience rather than the marketing statements like in OP post)?

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      Forgetting the PS4 for now, I don't know a single person who has bothered upgrading to a 4K display because the screen size is simply too small to really notice.

      A friend of mine does home smart wiring, home theatre installs etc and his opinion is that once 4K really hits the mainstream, projectors will be a big thing again because the price of a panel large enough to benefit from 4K will cost considerably more than a projector.

      Yes, there are downsides to projectors and you're certainly going to want a 4K screen for the basics e.g. news and shows where you just don't have a need for 4K but it's fast becoming my opinion also that for the true 4K experience you're going to want a projector.

      Getting back to the PS4 Pro, I don't think the extra processing power is going to hurt your experience (even though I've heard some bad things about some of the patches to enhance older games) but with a display that size I highly doubt you'll really see a major difference.

      I'll get a PS4 Pro eventually but it's more with a mind toward better visuals and frame rates at 1080p, and an enhanced VR experience.

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    code works and is better than JB deal

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    If you wanted a PS4 Pro for Destiny 2 you're better off going with the white ebgames deal. It's $524 but the game itself is worth $114 because it has the expansion.


    Can't use this as 4k player right?


    Can you use PS4 as a PVR?

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    It can stream in 4k(and play game sometimes in 4k), but it doesn't have a 4k bluray player

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    It may be nitpicking but no 4k bluray player holds me back at over $400.

    More interested in the new xbox deals to come. When the pro goes under 4 maybe that's the time.

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    OP seems to have a Sony bias I think hahaha. Both consoles are great but the fact that the xbox one X will have Native 4K compared to PS4 Pro upscaled 4K is a major blow (and that Xbox can play 4k discs). If just looking at hardware then Xbox wins but it really shouldnt be as the software side is the crux of it all, people should look at the exclusives and title availability then choose hardware afterwards.

    ** Whether Xbox One X will actually stay true to the claims of native 4K is yet to be seen, they could be pulling a Ubisoft hahaha

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    Does this include a PS4 Controller??


    Decent price but probabbly best to wait for the XB1X which is just around the corner. Curious to see whether the Pro drops in price, or if there will be better bundles come christmas time.