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Hungry Jack's - 5 for $5.95 Brekky Super Stunner (Cheese Toastie, 2 Hash Browns, Small Coffee & 4 Pikelets)


Similar deal with this one but it is now available nationwide and different stunners are available.

I've always been a fan of their stunner meals and now it's available in breakfast!!!!

Pikelets are just mini pancakes

  • 5 for $5.95 for Cheese Toastie: Cheese Toastie, 2 x Hash Browns, Small Coffee, 4 x Pikelets + maple syrup
  • 5 for $6.45 for Ham & Cheese Toastie: Ham & Cheese Toastie, 2 x Hash Browns, Small Coffee, 4 x Pikelets + maple syrup
  • 5 for $6.95 for Bacon & Egg Muffin: Bacon & Egg Muffin, 2 x Hash Browns, Small Coffee, 4 x Pikelets + maple syrup
  • 5 for $6.95 for Sausage & Egg Muffin: Sausage & Egg Muffin, 2 x Hash Browns, Small Coffee, 4 x Pikelets + maple syrup

  • Ham, Cheese Tomato Super Stunner also available for $6.95 not promoted

  • Customers can swap a small coffee for a small hot chocolate/tea, juice/water. (additional costs apply)

Available everyday before 11am.

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  • Give medical complications a running start…

    • 5 (medical complications) for $5.95

      1. Hypertension
      2. Insulin resitance/Type 2 diabetes
      3. Heart disease
      4. Stroke
      5. Osteoarthritis

      Good deal if you ask me.

      • Does HJ help with depression?

      • +4 votes

        You know what they say…. the medical complications are better at hungry jacks.

      • Lol… It's not all due to HJ. Other factors have big contributions to those diseases… E.g. being sedentary or lack of exercise, smoking, family history, chronic stress, bad luck, old age, etc…

  • ow my arteries..

  • I wish HJ's did all-day breakfasts like Maccas

    • +1 vote

      we just dont have the demand for it yet :( we do have $1 hashbrowns though!

    • They are better, they offer normal burgers and fries during breakfast, when maccas forces you to choose from breakfast food only.

      • Hungry Jack's get my business because of this. I'd prefer a standard burger for breakfast. Prefer hash browns to chips, but definitely enjoy a burger more than a muffin or wrap.

      • Indeed. Ended up having Whopper Jr + chips for breakfast 9am yesterday at Hungry Jack's.

  • Haven't tried the maple syrup at hjs. Is it legit or a fake sugar syrup?

    • +26 votes

      i'm surprised you need to ask…

      • I hope ACCC slaps the places for this. They really shouldn't do fake advertising then if there's no maple in it.

        • well, lots of things advertise vanilla but its usually vanilla essence instead of vanilla beans right?

        • @alebox: we're talking about two maple syrup products with same name yet one can not have any maple ingredient. It's blatant compared to vanilla essence vs vanilla beans.

        • Its MAPLE flavored SYRUP. The just don't point out the flavored part. I'm sure its somewhere on the packaging.

  • thats pretty awesome. def gonna check them out thanks!

  • I have to say that Hungry Jacks McMuffins just dont cut it compare to the mcdonalds ones evem

  • Phone is fine

  • Lol can I trade hash brown for something?

    2 is a lot….

    • It's just 1 extra lol. The KFC breakfast I get for $5 includes 2 hashbrowns and I appreciate both of them.
      $5 gets you a bacon egg roll (best I've tasted for fast food), a hash brown, regular coffee (much better coffee than HJ), donut stick and maple syrup (random but free, don't use maple syrup if you haven't drank your coffee, it'll ruin your pallet).
      Plus combine with the survey offer to get a free can of drink + another hash brown/chips (store dependant)

      However, seeing as there are only a dozen KFC's serving breakfast, the Hungry Jacks deal is probably the next best thing.

      • the one i go to, let me swap out the hash brown/chips for extra donut sticks.

        if you luckly you can try to use the shake n win app and score yourself a brekky wrap and hash brown for 3$. just need to score a coffee from 7-11 por coles express and you can have breakfast for 3.8 - 4$

        • Why would you want extra donut sticks????
          Also, if I need to be somewhere by 8, KFC wins every time as it is either that or Maccas for like $8 or something lol

          And REGULAR = medium at HJ/large at 7-11

    • I agree.. 2 is too much. Too oily and too salty. argh.

    • The 2 is a metaphor for the inevitable onset of type 2 diabetes

      • I don't think this meal is even high in sugar lol…

        • you do realise that carbohydrates are sugar right? and this meal is literally full of carbs… The bread (20g), the hash browns (2x 26g), the pikelets (probably ~30g) and to some extent the coffee (~6g). That's around 108g of sugar (more if you get sugar in your coffee).

          There is actually a fair bit of sugar in this

        • @BrainSand: Carbohydrates come in two varieties. Simple being sugar based, and complex being starch based.

          Now all these items would have a mixture of both simple and complex carbs, but majority would be complex.

          You are not eating 108g of sugar. You are eating 108g of carbs.

          Sugar content is listed as a sub-category of carbs for a reason.

          Edit: I can't believe I bothered to write this at 10:30pm when I start work at 5am.

        • @BrainSand:

          sugar is a carb

          but not all carbs are sugar

          according to Hungry jacks website

          1 x Hash brow - 0.5g sugar
          bacon egg mcmuffin - 2.7g sugar
          long black- 1g sugar lol pretty sure this is wrong..
          ham cheese toastie - 2.7g sugar
          pancake - with butter and syrup - 22.5g sugar

          and yknow syrup and sugar sachets are really up to you. umeasurable tbh

        • @BradH13: You do realise that starches and complex carbohydrates are just different configurations or sized chains of bonded glucose or other monsaccharides. Doesn't matter whether it's complex or simple it's still going to be broken down to glucose and elicit an insulin response. In biochemical terms, you're still consuming sugar… just in different arrangements. Even cellulose is just lots of sugars bound together, we just happen to lack an enzyme that can metabolise it in that form.

          why do you think bread tastes sweet as your eating it? It's because it's being broken down in to sugar molecules by enzymes in your mouth.

          I think this misunderstanding is why type 2 diabetic treatment is fast approaching the most profitable industry

  • If you're not really a pikelets fan but appreciate a larger coffee, then the free large upgrade voucher tends to provide better value.

    • Well when you get back from 1996 let us know

      • What happened in 1996?
        Afghanistan: Militant Taliban Forces Capture Kabul and declare Fundamentalist Islamic State of Afghanistan
        Sudan: Osama Bin Laden is expelled from Sudan and moves to Afghanistan
        France: France halts Nuclear testing in Pacific
        Egypt: Divers discover the ancient port of Alexandria
        Cuba: US eases sanctions against Cuba
        U.S.: Major snowstorm paralyzes Midwestern United States
        Scotland: The March 13th Dunblane Massacre Thomas Hamilton opened fire on a class of 5-6 year olds, killing or wounding every person present bar one pupil. Fifteen children and a teacher (Mrs Gwen Mayor) died at the scene.
        Worldwide: United Nations adopts the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

        • Australia: A cheese toastie, 2 x hash browns, small coffee, 4 x pikelets + maple syrup is at most $3.95.

          Pretty much up there with all those other things. Slightly below the Macarena being the number one song.

        • I was born

  • +3 votes

    Well that's one way to have half your daily calories before 8am!

  • Can you swap the coffee for OJ?

  • Immediately, when I read this
    Topic I got 10kg extra.


  • Do you have to present a voucher at the store to get this deal?
    Or does this offer just apply for every store from now on.

  • HJ Muffins don't come close to maccas. Nor do their hash browns.

  • why does it have to to be 2 hash browns, would prefer the ham/cheese/tomato toastie than the extra hash brown.

  • Have they started selling proper coffee or is it still the dark water coming out of the machine?

  • Does anyone know if we can swap the pikelets for something else?

  • Can you add free tomato to the cheese sandwich like a whopper?

  • Hi…Can I please get some carbs to go with my carbs that I'm getting along with my carbs which comes with a bonus side of carbs but don't forget the additional carbs to drizzle over the top….. oh year and black coffee too please.


    Cheap fast food = expensive health-care or early death,
    if you're lucky fatso

    • Why do health oriented people always find their way into the comments of fast food posts, shunning/mocking people who don't follow their life style?

      Last I checked, this is a bargain community; not a life style one.

  • Thank you for having some veg options

  • can we swap the pikelets for 2 hash browns?

  • It looks fantastic…. but nothing like what I got when I ordered it :(

    my toastie has been run over by a steam roller and the mini pancakes were stuck together in one lump.


  • The diabetes express. Disgusting.

  • If decaf was a coffee option my 10 yr old son would these deals for on the way to school .

  • Not available at the Yokine WA store this morning. I cant find an official ad for this deal but it looks like it might not be at all stores.

  • So after getting this once and being disappointed with the piklets, I decided to go the $3 voucher instead. Added an extra hash brown and got an OJ. I don't know what magic the cashier used, but came to only $4.18.

    I believe that would've been under $6.95 if I had stuck with coffee, so in future if I wanted something sweet, I'd probably go the $3 voucher route and maybe just order the $2 pancakes.

  • This offer still valid?