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iPhone 8 64GB $859 | iPhone 8 256GB $997 | iPhone 8+ 64GB $979 | Note 8 $999 | Shipped (SG) by DHL Express @ Shopmonk


Seems like a little competition is starting as these are cheaper than those posted at Kogan earlier. Deliveries start October 16th, and will be shipped free Australia wide by DHL Express. Enjoy :)

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      • Thats the one. Huahaha. Now crying out loud

    • Buy the iP8 and quickly sell it on eBay with the 10 free listing promotion while the phone is still new? The wife will love you even more! lol

  • 8 plus is 7 plus with new chip.

  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus ( Gold 64 GB) will be delivered to me!!! from shopmonk.com.au
    Estimated delivery: 25th September 2017 - 2nd October 2017 Cheers~~~~

    damn it, I forgot to check if this model support B28…
    If not, I am going to cancel this order

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      iphones are international models except for some us carrier locked models …… so their phones have had band 28 since iphone 5.

      xiaomi is playing catch up on bands for international phones .

  • Hi all, does anyone know if this worldwide 1 year warranty is the same if you purchase iPhone directly from Apple store in Australia? If there are any defects/issues relating to the iPhone itself, will we be able to return it to Apple store (with receipt from shopmonk)? I've read the warranty guidelines and return policies on Shopmonk but still not quite sure about it. Any help will be appreciated! Cheers.

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      Did some research, seems like no for iPhone and ipad.

      Apple may restrict warranty service for iPhone and iPad to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device.

      Source: https://www.apple.com/legal/warranty/products/ipad-english-a...

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        That usually happens when the device is not sold in that market/region as the components are different. Singapore and Australia are the same market/region so the devices should be identical. Check the model number.

        • So is it possible to buy AppleCare for iPhones from this seller? Thanks

        • Are you saying this is 100% covered by the warranty in Australia?

        • @sydracing: I believe that's a No. It's still a grey import.

          @victorheaven: You need to make sure that you're getting the same model that will be sold here, Apple has a global warranty, but it states that sometimes it may need to be sent back to the country of origin.

          If it's the same model, the parts will be the same, so they can cover it here.

          In saying that, there have been plenty of people that have been lucky and Apple just replace the phone. Unfortunately it looks like luck of the draw on who you deal with.

        • @victorheaven: I mean I want to buy extra AppleCare for that, it is an extended warranty based on normal 1 year warranty.

        • @biganthony10: thanks

        • Singapore and Australia are not the same region for iPHONE 8 this time

          please guys note that this model is not under warranty condition in AU


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    Any chance for a sale price on the Note 8 Dual Sim variant?

    • I am waiting for the dual sim model too.

  • Now we just need an OB deal on local Australian stock of iPhone 8/8+/..

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    Pls, deal for v30 (I know it's not out yet).

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    Amazing price on Note 8. Purchased today at $1200 On eBay including discount. Will cancel tomorroe and try this I think.

  • Hi rep, where is note 8 stock from? Confirmed not Exynos?

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      It's Asian stock
      Our stocks are not EXYNOS

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        It was mentioned on the listing that this is eligible for 1 year Apple worldwide warranty.

        However, iPhones and iPads seem to be exlucded based on Apple?


        Can you shed some lights?

      • Can you confirm if we will have to pay GST and import taxes if we order 2 different phones or additional items that push it over $1000 total?

        • Each item is processed and shipped separately. All GST and import taxes are paid by shopmonk (if any) in case it applies.

  • This Note 8 is the Snapdragon 835 version (USA/China market) with 1yr warranty (AU stock has 2yrs).
    Exynos-8995 single-core score 1984 & 6116 multi-core.
    Snapdragon835 single-cr score 1815 & 6066 respectively (based on S8 models)

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    I think the DS Ebay deal is better because you can get cashback from cashrewards, if my math is right, then DS deal is 1228 x 0.8 = $982.4, cashrewards 1.25% cashback = $12.28, then 982.4 - 12.28 = 970.12. So the ebay deal is about 9 dollars cheaper than this.

    • DS Estimated delivery is between 2nd November and 23rd of November.

      Shopmonk Delivery between 16 to 31 Oct.

      I pick shopmonk over DS due to delivery time
      and shopmonk use DHL.. faster

  • Looking at the product listings it seems they are selling the CDMA version of iPhone 8/8+. Would that be correct? I am travelling to America very soon and would actually prefer the flexibility of the CDMA model.

  • Hi rep, do you guys ship iphone8 to Hong Kong? It would be great if it happens! It costs 1k for the 64gb here. Cheers

  • These prices are very surprising. You pay almost the same price at Apple Singapore as you do Apple Australia. I don't get how they can sell these for so cheap with international shipping and stilll make a profit. Apple must be expecting low demand for these phones so is happy selling in bulk at a serious discount?

    • It's using VC money. Enjoy the discounts while it lasts I suppose. :)

      It's also possible as you say Apple has experienced lower demand and very keen to hit their performance targets so discounted it a little.

  • Peoples who brought iPhone 7 for 899 last week are crying right now…

  • Hi rep what bonuses come with the note 8. All around the world there have been the various bonuses such as bonus wireless chargers etc. Can you please confirm. Thanks.

  • any idea if shop monk provide invoice for TRS claim?

    • No. It's grey import

    • +1

      Even if they provide an invoice… U don't pay any gst on the item so there's nothing to claim here. U actually need to pay tax tomclaim tax. That's how the system works.. duh

  • Hoping for a good deal on LG G6+ some time from Shopmonk.

  • I need a good deal on iphone 8+ 128g or 256g. Otherwise i have to settle for a local iphone 7+ -_-

    • +1

      There is no 128GB model of iPhone 8. Only 64GB and 256GB.

      • Thanks, will keep an eye out for the 256GB

  • Bought a MacBook Air and a xiaomi robo Vac from Shopmonk. Incredibly fast shipping and great customer support via email. I also got a few friends onto Shopmonk and they had positive experiences too.

    Definitely a great company doing great things!

    Keep doing what you're doing! PS iPhone X!

  • Hope you guys do some V30 deals when it comes out!

  • so i phone 8 = just iphone 7 ?

    • No. iPhone 8 = iPhone 7S.

      • Not a lot changed though really. Nothing that I could see. iPhone 7 already runs super fast.

        • Similar to people comparing iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 (other than 7 losing the headphone jack). Apple's yearly update has always been incremental, nothing ground breaking, with the new iPhone X being a bit more different than usual.

          Personally I think people who have iPhone 7 it is not worth upgrading to iPhone 8. If they want more significant change, they have to go to iPhone X.

        • @edfoo:

          Ram was the big on imo in the 7.

  • If it's AU stock at that price, a lot of people will jump on it!

  • +3

    Note 8:
    It's not Australian stock, so there's no local support nor warranty.
    It's also not the dual-sim version that people would purchase from overseas.
    It won't work with (Australian) Samsung Pay.
    You don't get the Screen Assure.
    You don't get the Wireless Charger.
    You don't get the $250 voucher…

    • +2

      And the resale value when you want to sell it or upgrade is rock bottom..

  • Ordered this morning got estimated delivery date of 26th Sept - 3rd Oct, pretty good.

    • wow thats pretty fast..which phone is it for?
      says iPhone 8 delivery date is between 16 to 31 Oct which is super far away

      • Was for a 64gb 8+ so their estimated dates must be conservative.

  • Has b28 in note 8?

  • How can i cancel the DSE ebay orders? so i can place it here. quicker delivery

  • Hi OP, as asked previously in the thread - can you please confirm this will have AU warranty as part of the worldwide warranty?

    • All iPhone warranties are international.

      • What about this?

        Apple may restrict warranty service for iPhone and iPad to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the device.


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          iPhone 8 from Singapore is not same model as Australia sells.


          This model is not be able to get warranty due to the device model difference

        • @dittolee: Thank you very much - this helps in making the decision.

        • +2

          @dittolee: Are you certain about this? I can understand if it's not covered by the Australian Consumer Law but this product comes with a 1 year Apple Worldwide warranty? So as long as it's within warranty period any defects can be fixed anywhere?

      • NO.

    • 1 Year Worldwide Apple Warranty
      To view Apple's International Warranty
      Details, Click here

  • StoreRep,

    Please can you confirm the Model Number for IP8 64GB / IP8+ 64GB?


    • +4

      Model number for iPhone 8 is A1683 same as HKG/Australia
      Model number for iPhone 8+ is A1684 same as HKG/Australia

  • for some reason i thought shopmonk had iphone SE, its finally time for me to upgrade from my 5S to SE LOL
    i don't need anything fancy, like the cover of the case and SE is basically like the 5S but better specs :)
    and upgrade to 128GB :)

  • Can someone confirm that Shopmonk provide a proper tax invoice.. where we can claim TRS at airport?

    • No, it's grey import.

    • Need to check with ShopMonk. If they are trading as an foreign business then there's no GST. If they are trading as an Australian business who are registered for GST and charge you GST then yes, you can claim it back. You can't claim TRS for tax that you haven't paid.

      • i seee.

        has anyone brought anything from shopmonk to confirm what they received in the parcel - ie a tax invoice?
        i know they have been selling cheaper air pods then usual, i suspect some people would have started to receive to comment here?

  • +1

    When is shopmonk gonna post iphoneX? Guess when 8 goes out of stock first.

  • i doubt they will do anything above $1k as it will be hit with tax when it's sent in.. thus cutting either their margin or we end up paying more in the end

  • Samaung has no international warranty at all. So it would not be covered.

  • +1

    Ordered an iPhone 8, thank you! Cancelled my preorder for this.

  • +1

    Is the iPhone 8 from HK or Singapore?
    The Singapore iphone 8 has a different model number to Australia's according to this site:


    A1863 - Australia, HK, China, etc.
    A1905 - Singapore, UK, etc.

    Shopmonk, it would help if you could provide the model number?

    • +3

      If this iPhone 8 is from Singapore, cannot get any warranty in AU


      • it looks like A1863 is better as it supports CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900, 2100 MHz)

        TD-SCDMA 1900 (F), 2000 (A)

        • Better for some providers overseas (and in US), but didn't think CDMA was used in Australia.

    • +2

      Exactly what I am looking for!

      Shopmonk rep has been ignoring warranty questions I have raised multiple times in this thread.

      • +1

        It has been discussed multiple times in multiple deals. Shopmonk has one year warranty on all the products we sell through our website.
        Apple has one year limited warranty on their products. Please see the link below.


        • -1

          An update to this https://www.apple.com/legal/warranty/products/ios-warranty-r...

          It reads


          Apple may restrict warranty service for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV to the country where Apple or its Authorized Distributors originally sold the >device.

        • So does that mean if there is any defect with the phone, you have to deal directly with Shopmonk and you cannot deal directly with Apple, since Shopmonk provide the one year warranty through their website?

    • Model number for iPhone 8 is A1683 same as HKG/Australia
      Model number for iPhone 8+ is A1684 same as HKG/Australia

  • Damn, should have waited instead of jumping on the Kogan one yesterday!

    • With Cashrewards is cheaper through DS ebay. Looks like HK and AU has the same model so 1 year warranty won't be an issue, whereas Singapore version is different.

      • DS eBay is not guaranteed to be HK stock as well unless they have written it on their eBay listing. In the past Kogan has sourced from other countries as well and my iPhone 5S from them was US stock and not HK stock.

  • Wow seems like a great deal already?!

    Anyone going to wait for the iPhone X to compare first??

    • Yes don't pull the trigger on iPhone 8, wait for the iPhone X. I may buy either of iPhone X/V30/Note 8 next year when it gets more affordable to me. I am waiting for $4xx deal on V30 a and then I will. My nexus 6p is suffering from boot looping issues (will try to fix) but for now will get a Xiaomi Mi A1 (until next year).

    • I bought the iPhone 8 Plus from this guys for $979. Thats $600 off the start price of iPhone X which is $1579. I really don't believe there will be a huge discount on the X model when it is released as it will be well sought after. And seeing the $$$ I saved it is a excellent bargain. I can buy the Apple Watch 3 with the remaining money and some accessories if I liked.

  • Samsung and Apple both not provide local warranty, umh, for a phone close to 1k, bit hard to make decision.

    • +1

      Kogan has chances of being hk model which makes it more appealing with apple given the same model numbers

      But as others have said, no guarantees which model it is

  • +10

    Sorry TA, I may have to neg the deal to raise awareness of potentially misleading advertisement by Shopmonk.

    The 12 Apple warranty listed on Shopmonk may not be available.

    1. Apple has restricted warranty for iPhones and iPads to country of purchase.

    2. As dittolee as pointed out, Singapore version and the Australian version iPhones are different.

    3. Shopmonk rep has been actively avoiding warranty questions raised in this thread for some reason.

    I will withdraw my neg once these questions are answered.

    • the problem is they dont even provide the model they r selling at


      can not cancel order !!!!!!

      • Model number for iPhone 8 is A1683 same as HKG/Australia
        Model number for iPhone 8+ is A1684 same as HKG/Australia

        • I think you did a typo as the iphone 8 should be A1863 and iphone 8+ A1864.

    • Poor effort on part of Shopmonk, I've just read through the thread, you've clearly (and some others) have asked the question a few times - and it has just been ignored. Either they don't know, or they know and don't want to answer because potential loss of sales.

    • +6

      Sorry, not been avoiding the questions. I have been away from my computer and just saw this. (Thanks for the PM TA)

      • Shopmonk has one year warranty on all the products. Warranty can be claimed by sending item to our Yarraville VIC warehouse.
      • Apple is known to honor warranty in Australia for overseas stocks.

      Also, It took me a while to get the model numbers because its easier to get all these details if the stock is on hand.
      Model number for iPhone 8 is A1683 same as HKG/Australia
      Model number for iPhone 8+ is A1684 same as HKG/Australia

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