This was posted 4 years 9 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone 8 64GB $859 | iPhone 8 256GB $997 | iPhone 8+ 64GB $979 | Note 8 $999 | Shipped (SG) by DHL Express @ Shopmonk


Seems like a little competition is starting as these are cheaper than those posted at Kogan earlier. Deliveries start October 16th, and will be shipped free Australia wide by DHL Express. Enjoy :)

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      • Me too! Well, at least it’s shipped!

        • well I just got a tracking ID, seems legit now. Who's excited? haha just did my last exam for Uni. this phone will definitely start this holiday awesome.

          WHEN IS THE ETA of this? tomorrow or weekends?

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          @marseryy: I think I was done being excited two weeks ago. Now I’m just relieved lol.

  • Anyone else notice the dodgy "Date of Order" being 9/11/2017 in the shopmonk invoice? lmao I ordered mine Oct 15 MATE, some of you guys even ordered september

    • Yeah mine’s the same. 9/11/2017. But that means we get an additional 1 month warranty? :p

    • I mean it makes sense since our order got processed on the 9th of November (today).

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    Just received mine. Part Number is: MQ7G2X/A for those wondering. Also came with an AU Adaptor. Good Luck to those still waiting.

    • did you received your iphone a day early from the ETA from DHL tracking website?


      Estimated Delivery:
      Monday, November 13, 2017
      By End of Day

      reckon I'd get this Nov 13 or a day early?

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        I actually got it a day late, it was meant to arrive yesterday. On the tracking information there was a note to say there was an issue with the vehicle. Usually they are quite good and get there on the scheduled day.

  • For some reason, I have a strong feeling this will arrive on tuesday(a day late)

  • I got mine today! iphone 8 256gb space grey woohoo!

    • dayumm, good on ya! Jelly here

    • "5. Customs status updated SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA" did they just delivered it after that?

      • Well mine’s: “6 Arrived at Sort Facility SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA”.

        So probably not :p

        • HAHA my bad, just came from church. I got that as well "Arrived at Sort Facility SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA". Should be tomorrow then :)

    • Did you get the A1863 as promised by the rep here?

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        Took me awhile too find what you were talking about, but yes I got A1863

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          Excellent!! Enjoy your new phone mate.

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          @edward3600: I will! Frantically trying to transfer data over to new phone now… Took out the sim card in my old phone and it wouldn't start up properly for a good 4 hours. Really glad there's the new phone now! Hope yours arrive soon!

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          yes, ours is arriving tomorrow :)

          currently "Arrived at Delivery Facility in SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA" tomorrow it will be "With delivery courier" then "delivered"

          Enjoy your phone man

        • @marseryy: Have you gotten your phone yet?

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          @edward3600: yes :) haha, the delivery guy almost left since he came like 7:16am and I was at work.

          He called me and said he's in front of the front door. Called my mom 3 times, and my brother 3 times. no avail. but thank God mum got out of the shower!

          Over all pretty satisfied with the product(iphone 8 256gb space grey)

          But allowing people to place an order when they are not 'in stock' is quite annoying.

          Enjoy our iphone 8 guys, pretty worth it considering it's 256gb for $997 when it's $1329 in stores

        • @marseryy: I’m extremely happy for you mate. DHL messed up my delivery, apparently they had trouble locating my apartment, so they’ll attempt another delivery tomorrow. I took time off for work only to still remain phoneless :p

        • @edward3600: dayumm, I got mine tuesday 7:16am. got it at the house but i had to wait until 5:30pm to actually get a hold of it since that's the time it takes from me to get home from work.

          Man I really hope you get it soon. it's amazing coming from an iphone 5c 32gb

        • +1

          @marseryy: Hahaha I understand the agony you experienced — I’m feeling it now :p

          Thanks man, I’ll be coming from a BlackBerry :D

  • So I am guessing that every one is getting same model as Australia unlike the other mob (Kogan) who is shipping Japanese phones?

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    guess who just got a delivery!!!

    sealed package, model MQ7F2ZP/A

    • yes, that's A1863

  • lol, got a survey from Shopmonk today. It's not going to be pretty!

    • Lol if they’re smart, they wouldn’t have asked us :p

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