This was posted 4 years 4 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPhone 8 64GB $859 | iPhone 8 256GB $997 | iPhone 8+ 64GB $979 | Note 8 $999 | Shipped (SG) by DHL Express @ Shopmonk


Seems like a little competition is starting as these are cheaper than those posted at Kogan earlier. Deliveries start October 16th, and will be shipped free Australia wide by DHL Express. Enjoy :)

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    Thanks for firing up the price war

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        I will wait until I'm old enough for IPhone XXX.

  • Plus import tax?

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      Nope, prices from shopmonk are all final prices and include any taxes payable.

      • Where did you find that info?

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          The shopmonk rep confirmed it when I asked them regarding the mavic pro and taxes that may have been payable on entry.

        • @doweyy:
          If they said that, wouldn't we be able to ask for a tax invoice with GST showing so we can claim back?

          Do you have a link to where they said that?
          They probably don't do it for items under $1000 so if someone orders 2 phones or additional items that push the total over $1000, I think they will get charged GST and import taxes before they can receive the items

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          I don't believe so, I'm not 100% sure unfortunately. This is the direct reponse I received by the Shopmonk Rep last week when asking if the Mavic Pro has additional costs on import.

          "$1099 is what you pay while ordering. nothing else- All custom clearance and duties are included in the price."

          Hope that helps a bit.

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        The phone comes from Singapore, why would Shopmonk pay GST/taxes/import costs for orders over $1000?

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          The commenter is referring to import taxes over $1000, however they are included in the pricing on their website.

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          Where does it say that?

          Looking at the $1400 surface, I can't see GST/taxes included or anything of the sort.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Refer to my comment above, it's just what the rep explained to me when I messaged them regarding a Mavic Pro.

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      Does not exceed AUD 1000 so no.

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      Religious organisations are tax-exempt.

      • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Can't seem to find the link to the iphone 8 plus

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      It's now in the OP :)

  • Thanks mate.

  • Nicely done :)

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    are you kidding me with that Note 8? Man that's a $1500 phone with a 33% discount that is still in pre-order! (I know it's grey imports, but still!)

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      BUt when warranty calls, you stuffed mate.

      • Usually I'd not care too much, but my 6P is having issues a bit over a year after buying from Kogan… spent $280 on a G5 Plus to last me until the end of the year, could've just spent another $200 or so on a local 6P and kept it for another year or more.

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          Bootloop issues? My phone isn't working since yesterday. I need to get this fixed. My phone just keeps boot looping. DAMN!

        • @TurkishDelight: good luck. "12/15 month warranty"

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          Yes I would pay a bit more and get a warranty that is easy to understand. This one requires a lawyer to decipher.

  • How reliable are these guys to deal with?

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      Personal experience…ordered two Motorola G5 Plus's last Thursday. Shipped from Singapore same day, received them today. Both brand new with the seal still in tact.

      Haven't dealt with them for warranty (hope I won't have to) but in terms of ordering it was a fantastic experience.

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      Bought google home from them but didn't come with Australian plug or an adapter and so far they haven't replied to my email I sent them couple of days ago

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      Personal experience.. ordered an iPhone last Thursday (14th) - nothing yet in regards to shipping. Did state 14-21 days so not too worried yet..

  • Delivery between 21 to 30 days for the Note 8 :(

  • What about the Bonus wireless charger?? I couldn't find any info on shopmonk??
    Very tempting price for Note 8.

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    Remember to use no international fee credit card for this! Ebay still works out cheaper with Cashback for Plus 64GB ;)

    Hope DS start delivery for iPhone's around the same date

    • Are these not charged in AUD?!

      • there was a mention there might be a cc transaction fee

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          There is no CC fee with Shopmonk as long as its AUD card

        • @shopmonk:

          Thanks for the confirmation.

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          it will still depend on your specific card… based off the comments it is processed overseas and certain cards will treat this as an "overseas transaction"
          safest option per the previous thread is to use 28 degrees or equivalent to ensure you don't get hit with an overseas transaction fee

        • @reno:

          Thanks Reno, didn't know that.

          I guess it's better to confirm with the bank or financial institution if it would be charged. I don't have a 28 degree card yet (I know, very unprofessional) and I'd like to earn points if I can.

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          yep all ozb want to get those extra points! i do too! haha
          alternative atm would be to buy off dse/kogan ebay to get cashrewards and use a rewards card via paypal (the times i've bought off kogan directly i haven't been charged any overseas transaction fee so i would assume ebay wouldn't be any different)

        • @reno: No cc fee, it doesn't matter what card you use as long as its Australian dollars card. Price is in AUD.

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          Some banks charge fee if the merchant is based overseas, even if the currency is aud.

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          I think the rep is referring to their own policy in regards to cc/ merchant fees. Like when a business will tack on an extra % for credit cards.

          As you stated, some banks will charge their own fee (international fee/ foreign transaction fee which is different to what you're trying to correct.

          The standard fare, 28 degrees card or more recently the CBA Diamond Amex card!! :)

        • @PissLUR: Who does that?

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          @jazoom: my westpac card does just that

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          @cubiq4: Ewww. Thanks for the info. That's a card I would avoid.

        • Citibank Signature Credit Card also charges extra as it will be treated as overseas transaction…

        • @cubiq4:

          my westpac card does just that

          And St George Bank Mastercard. I'm pretty sure most of the major banks are doing it now.

        • +1

          @jazoom: I generally only use it for car rental as it has automatic insurance included even in same state. However I recently used it to book flights using eDreams to avoid their cred card surcharge, great until Westpac charged me around the same amount!

        • @shopmonk:

          I've placed an order in good faith, and will update others to see what the outcomes are too =)

        • @reno:

          just wanted to let others know that with a stg amplify card, haven't been hit with any extra overseas transaction fee
          usually if there was an extra charge, would have shown up by now

  • Anyone else disappointed with the ip8 retaining the giant forehead and chin? looks like a mirror image of the 7.

    • Same as the iphone 6. Nothing new and special

    • +1

      Thanks to the iPhone X, Samsung S8 has a big forehead & chin

    • Uses the same case as Ip7 and 7+ so yeah mirror image.

  • +1

    Best price on note 8 so far?

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    Would prefer the dual SIM 128 gig variant of the note. Samsung usually pimp those models out that are intended for Korea

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      Also waiting to see how much the dual sim models come down to.

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    Very tempting but I would wait for AU stock, but paranoid about spending $1k on an item which won't be covered by Apple.

    A word of advice for those who are buying, it might be better to buy from Kogan than Shopmonk as Kogan at least has some AU repo. My 2 cents!

    • +10

      So does Shopmonk. They're based in Yarraville VIC.

    • +2

      Shopmonk have built up a great reputation here pretty damn quickly. I would estimate they've been around for ~1 month (that's how long I've noticed them on ozbargain) and they've had plenty of great deals and lots of positive comments.

    • Applecare would cover you

  • amazing. they can make the price today, sure they can do it better the other day. would like to see what will happen when iphone x is on the stage.

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    Ah! I just bought the ebay Dicksmith one. I guess, the dicksmith one is 8$ cheaper with cashback rewards…but it IS 1 month later in terms of estimated shipping …

    • +1

      I hope DS will start shipping around the same time as these Shopmonk folks.

      • I hope so too.

        In all honesty, it seems the cheapest time to buy an apple product is when it's first released. I waited almost 9 months for the iphone 7 to get a good deal (i.e. better than the 20% off when it was first released) — never happened! hoping DSE ships around the same time too.

    • Me too! When I saw the deal from Shopmonk yesterday, almost wanted to cancel my order from DS!! Actually, can we cancel the order?

  • Great price on the Note8, just remember it's a Snapdragon 835 model, which means you probably can't flash XSA firmware (Aussie firmware) onto it, so you won't get very specific features like VoLTE working.

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    Any indication of prices for the iPhone X yet with shopmonk or kogan or is it too soon?

    • I would guess we will have very little chance of getting an X at a discounted rate anytime soon. I read today that supply issues will continue into 2018.

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        They say that every year.

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    Can you get TRS with this?

    • There's an ABN and business name in the whois: SYDNEY CLOUD SERVICE PTY. LTD., 98168567388. ABN/ACN registered in 2014. Registered for GST. No idea if this business is for the site or simply this is a hosting service that middle manned the domain name purchase.

      They have au site so ask them.

    • +3

      Pretty sure you actually have to pay tax to claim tax. These guys don't charge gst unless u paid it on import to customs so I would say TRS is not applicable

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    Is there any cashrewards with shopmonk? Otherwise the eBay deal is better

  • Wait for iphone x

  • better than eBay.
    bought the ebay DS one.
    how to cancel it

  • -2

    iPhone 8 is better than X, price says it all.

  • When are Shopmonk & CR going to hook up together?

    • +7

      The request has already been sent to them. The ball's in their court :)

    • +13

      Don't know why they would, already have a great reputation and traffic on OZB. Posting great deals. IMO doesn't make sense to give CR commission when they can just keep it to themselves or offer us cheaper deals.

      • +4

        I agree. I find cumbersome. Sorry TA.

    • +5

      Please no join to CR - instead keep the discounts and keep the great deals around 😊

    • +4

      Please don't join CR. keep doing what you're doing.

  • Looks like 256gb iPhone 8 is available in silver only

  • IPhone 8 is faster than iPhone X


    • 8 Plus should be the one leading the way. Surprised 8 came out tops

      • +2

        probably faster as it's driving less pixels yeah?

        • probably faster as it's driving less pixels yeah

          Possibly, but the geekbench compare CPU speed not GPU…

    • +1

      How far ahead is Apple over any Android!!!!
      But you knew that anyway.

  • See iphone 8 price, now i feel bad bought iphone 7 for wife 11/2 months ago. Thought it was a good deal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • πŸ˜… same here I bought it one week ago when I saw PICNIC ebay code πŸ˜–

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