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AmEx Select + Pay with Points 30% More Value


Amex Select + Pay with points has 30% bonus for some transactions.

1000 points = $9.10 (normally 1000 points = $7)

For me it's valid for transaction made from 15/09.

Edit: add screenshot

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  • +1

    ooo nice

    been waiting for something like this

  • +1

    Noticed this too.. just waiting for some huge point balances to come out of pending and I’ll use them towards the $

  • How could you tell which transaction qualify for the extra 30% off? I can't see any indication on the "Select + Pay with points" list of transactions page

    • yeah still showing as normal rate at the moment…

      • same, i could not find anywhere mention extra 30% off or "Select + Pay with points"

      • same for me - im in the "Select + Pay" use points for charges screen, and it only shows the usual 1000 points = $7.41
        cant find the extra 30% off

    • It should have a discount text above those transactions on the pay with point page. I can't find the criteria of the discount yet, sorry.

      • Screenshot?

        • Added, or see u3g32's comment below.

    • +1

      It's in it's own section: https://imgur.com/Qjtye0t

      I only see it on one of my cards

  • +2

    Paid woolworths gift card (bought for 5% off - through cashrewards) with 30% off amex points…

  • +4

    Gift some ascent points to me and I'll gift $10/1000 points if you want :)

  • +1

    Normal rate only.

  • great! i see it for a few purchases

  • what's the going rates if one used their amex points for selling on classifieds or transferring to airlines then selling? Never done it and was curious how it compared to this - which is essentialy 9.1c/point. so $9.10 for 1,000 points. Just after someone with some frank numbers on alternative uses of the points, at the end i just want the best cash bang for buck.

    • 1c per point ($10 per 1000). Bear in mind trading or selling points is against the t’a and c’s and some people
      Have had accounts closed and points taken away

      • Amex points can be transferred but you are only allowed 50k whereas Qantas and Velocity transfers are different.

        • Only if you're in Ascent Premium (Platinum Charge). Else you get a fee for transferring

        • +1


          Transfer is free if both rewards program are the same. The only time it'll attract a fee is if you are transferring between two different programs.

        • @nightelves:@nightelves

          Ooo good to know as been wondering if it would cost anything to transfer from 2 of the same cards :)

    • There are some that buy Amex Ascent points for more than 1c/point! 😉

    • +2

      Your maths is wrong, it's 0.91c per point. If it is 9.1c per point, everyone would be paying off their bill with AMEX points rather than transferring to airline to maximise the value of those points.

    • Check your calculation again. Its $9.10/1000 points.
      The going rate for points actually depends on your lifestyle. If you use it on economy reward flights they are worth 1.35c/point. If you use it on business is around 4c per point. It's never worth it to spend your points on economy, it's better to sell at 1c per point considering that the people on classified. I guess that they would still need to earn a 15-25% margin.

  • +1

    Are bank issued Amex eligible for these kinds of offers from Amex Head Office?

  • i have amex Explorer and not seeing this offer. still same rate $7.41

    • I don't even know what this is. I have an explorer card and have about 100,000 points. Does this mean that I can cash out for about $900?

      • thats what i thought this deal is about

      • Essentially you can use your points to pay off your cc bill. 100,000 point will be good for taking off $741 off your cc bill.

  • Can someone please briefly explain what is the difference between Amex Selects & Amex connect and how do you qualify for each. I have got an Amex card from commonwealth… which one can I apply for? Or can I have both? I am completely lost on this

    • I'm not sure what Amex Select is, but maybe the title of this deal is confusing to you.
      This deal is for Amex issued card only, using their "Select + Pay with point", which you use Amex points to pay for transactions you made.

      Amex connect is the website showing special offers which gives cashback after next eligible purchases.
      Mostly they are available for both Amex issued cards and bank issued cards, depending on the deal.

  • When I log into my Amex app there's a section that says premium card : 69,658. Is that Amex points?

    • What Amex card do you hold?

  • Normal rate only with Amex Platinum Edge

  • Amazing stuff. Not for me though - Essentials

  • Thanks, been saving my points for this. Works with Essential

  • Not for AMEX CPA (used it to buy $500 book of mormon tickets :()

  • Checked yesterday without seeing this on portal, received email notification today, seems rolling out in batch

  • Anyone get this deal on their Amex Explorer card?

    • Got the deal a few days ago.

  • Oh just noticed this deal now. Although I have not bought much from the card!!

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