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6.4kw - 20 Risen Panels 320w + 5kw ZeverSolar Inverter - Photovoltaic Solar System $4,322 after STC Rebate @ E-Solar (Perth, WA)


We are currently offering a great package for $4,322 (was $5,547)

The Package includes:

20 x 320w Risen Panels
5kw ZeverSolar Inverter
Fully installed


For over 30 years e-Solar has established a solid reputation for quality and delivery in the renewable energy market, making us one of the longest running solar companies in WA! We have managed to maintain our place in the market by offering great products and years of after sale service.

We pride ourselves on delivering a great service from beginning to end and our small, dedicated team means we are available at all times to answer your questions. Look for yourself at our reviews from happy customers at Solar Quotes

As government incentives decrease and green energy becomes the new way to save both money and the environment, there has never been a better time to join the solar revolution! e-Solar is a reliable and affordable choice with years of experience and great prices. So head to our website to find out what we are about.

Visit our Facebook page to see that we are up to.

Prices based on single phase electricity, single storey home in Perth Metro area. For a limited time only.

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  • This is probably a silly question but how can you have 6.4kw of panels on a 5kw inverter? Even with 20% loss it would still be over 5kw? Not having a go, just trying to understand the math.

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      Overloading your inverter is the best bang for buck. You wont be getting 5kwh for the whole day remember, only for a short period during the middle of the day when the sun is pumping. Adding more solar panels than the inverter will lead to more power produced on the sides of the middle of the day. If that makes sense….

      In regards to this deal, the panels are shit and the inverter is shit. Get a fronius inverter and canadian solar/LG panels. Do your research.

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        Hi Tybrisbane,

        Thanks for your comment, it helps to have people like you helping to explain.

        With regards to the second part of your comment; this offer is what we call an 'economy' offer. The LG panels and a Fronius inverter may be out of many peoples price range, so what we are offering is the best of what could be called the 'affordable' options, so those who would like to move to solar power can afford to. Risen and Zeversolar are not, as you say, "shit". Granted there are many "shit" products out there but I must disagree that these are in that catagory. Granted they are not the premium, but premium comes with a price.

        We do, however, also offer what is a more premium product range (see: should anybody require.

        p.s Canadian Solar are in no way comparable to LG. They are, by all accounts, in the same group as Risen.

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        Canadian Solar is a Chinese company (and WTF would the canucks know about solar? Or the sun ;-)

        I'm guessing this is a bait offer. They get you in with the cheap price then upsell you to a more expensive/better system fairly standard practice. not being critical of Op.

        I encourage anyone buying solar to have a squiz at the GreenTech-solar forums on Whirlpool. Then post you choices & ask for advice.

      • I have the Zeversolar (Zevolution) 5kw inverter and purchased the 5 years extended warranty for $150 which gives me 10 years, so not too worried for the price as considerably cheaper than the preferred Fronius.

        In the end it's all about pay back times for each individual's case, then balancing what you need and can afford, against what you would like, to achieve the given result.

        Also, I have heard that all new inverters are designed to "throttle back" if the street supply line voltage is too high (too many solar systems in the area) and you might find a 5Kwh inverter will only produce 4.5Kwh in the middle of the day, even if you have 6.5Kw of panels. The system will produce the >4.5Kwh for a longer period but still under performs - Energex get you again!

  • Don't forget to thank everyone that pays their taxes for the nice rebate.

  • How does this compare to the koala solar offer (6.5kw, 20x325w panels, 5kw Zever Inverter) @ $3699?

    It doesn't mention the brand of the solar panels of course.
    They also have another deal for the same price with 24x 270w panels - also no mention of brand.

    • No response from the Rep on this?

    • Hi Gaz,

      I think you answered your own question. No mention of brand at all.

      Also, with prices like that there must be costs being cut somewhere in order to turn a profit. These cost cuts are usually found in installation, meaning the system that started out cheap ends up costing the most when your roof leaks or the system isnt installed properly.

      Also Koala solar have not been around too long so I wouldn't abnk on them caring for you 10 years down the line.

  • This or tesla battery technology?

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