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Gerni Classic 125.2PDX Pressure Washer - 1820 PSI $199 (Was $399) + Bonus Hose and Extension Lead @ Supercheap Auto


Seems like a good deal, been waiting on a good pressure washer deal for awhile and I think I will pull the trigger on this one.
BONUS DEAL (valued at $31.94) includes:
* 12mm x 15m Hose
* 10m Extension lead

Sale starts on the 5th of October during the Bathingurst sale


The Gerni Classic 125.2PDX is designed and built for Australian conditions. With a non-corrosive metal pump, 8 metre hose and on-board storage for hose and accessories, the Gerni Classic 125.2PDX has everything you need for any type of occasional home cleaning task.

Included with this machine is the versatile Patio Plus cleaner, capable of cleaning large areas up to 10x faster than a standard nozzle, the Patio Plus is great for cleaning driveways, footpaths, pool fences, retaining walls and other vertical surfaces. The 8m Drain and Tube cleaner also included is very useful for clearing blocked drains and downpipes. When you want to gently clean painted surfaces, the soft bristles on the wash brush is your tool of choice, great for cleaning cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

* Power Input 240V
* Motor Power 1800W
* Pump Pressure 1820psi
* Water Flow 5.8-8.6 L/min
* Hose Length 8m on hose reel
* Weight 9kg

* Foam Sprayer
* Wire Nozzle Cleaning tool
* Tornado Nozzle for general cleaning
* Turbo Nozzle for heavy duty cleaning
* Patio Plus Cleaner
* Drain & Tube Cleaner 8m
* Washing Brush

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  • That's a great deal. Just in time for spring!

  • How to get it for $199?

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      Read the description. The sale doesn't start until the 5th of October

      • Thanks OP
        Definitely will buy one!

    • +3

      Well if you didn't know money can be exchanged for goods and services.

      • +1

        Tell me more.

  • +1

    Dunno read some reviews and most of them where pretty negative, can anyone back up the reliability and performance of these machines, or other machines like karcher or Bosch?

    • +2

      Gerni is the better of them.

      This is not the best water gurney but in the price range the only one with a metal pump. Which for me automatically makes it win.

      Karcher below 500 are rubbish and dont like hardwork or blow.

      • I have this Gerni and have had no problems with it. Had it for about 3 years now. Once you use it to wash your car you can never go back to using a normal hose.

      • +1

        metal pump ….. aluminium or brass …… the aluminium ones doe corrode over time …. at least in my karcher one where as brass doesn't.

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    Also on eBay, so hoping for some form of discount code at the same time.

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    The 8m Drain and Tube cleaner also included is very useful for clearing blocked drains and downpipes.

    Sounds interesting, any risk involved in trying to clear your pvc pipes with this?

    • None. It's quite week actually

  • Any chance of a Bunnings price match?

    • +3

      no, different SKU

  • Had issues with my gerni, enough that when it finally dies I'll be getting a petrol powered one .
    Even if it costs twice as much ,it's gotta be better than this plastic junk

    • +1

      What kind of issues do you have?
      What do you hope a petrol one will do better?

      *Interested as thinking about buying one.

      • +1

        The gun part started leaking so pulled it apart a dozen times, replaced o-rings ,no good so replace gun 100+ dollars
        Now the pressure switch doesn't work so to use on council water pressure I have to turn the tap off, then start spraying, turn tap on and if you let off the trigger off , repeat process, PITA.
        Petrol ones just work on their own, just hook up the hose
        They just seem to be better built not fancy plastic outer hiding cheap plastic parts

  • “….I think I will pull the trigger on this one.”

    The trigger on the Gerni?

    • Haha was hoping someone would notice the bathurst sale description :P oh wells

  • +1

    It's a good deal and a good kit, though I've never seen it for $399. I bought one at SCA when they had a 25% off day, at ~$226 ($299 list price). No hose or power cable then. Also bought the car head jet (reduces paint damage) and right angle adapter to get under my 4x4. Well worth it at this price still

  • Thanks OP. Combine with gift voucher offer from Entertainment Book and its $180.

    • Great idea! have done that

    • link? anywhere else you can get discounted gift vouchers?

  • Whats the warranty on these like?

  • +1

    I just noticed this catalog on their website and it starts tomorrow 27th Sept:

    Starts Wed, 27 Sep. 2017 - Ends Fri, 13 Oct. 2017

    • Ok - thats much better…

      If its live tomorrow ill jump on it.

      Literally just picked up the karchar k2 for 99 from bunnings last night, the 5th Oct was too long to wait , othrwise…

      Curious though how this model stacks up against the 199 bunnings equivalent, say ;

      Does it just come down to the attachments, as the delta in advertised pressure isnt huge?

      • Check out this comparison between similar models -

        • if there's a difference there, I'm missing it… :/
          in fact only more confusion;

          allegedly no lance or nozzles ( tornado ) implied on that comparison, the photo ( of the 125.2 ) has a lance… ?

          ah never mind - the SCA details whats included…

          If its available tomorrow ill take the trip up to SCA and take look at it…

  • 'been waiting on a good pressure washer deal for awhile and I think I will pull the trigger on this one' - this was satisfying.

  • Got this same kit and after a year the tank started leaking.

    • Did you get it replaced with the 2 year replacement warranty they have?

      • Lost receipt

        • +2

          Bunnings are very good when it comes to lost receipts - they keep all purchases online so all you need to do is tell them the day you purchased it and they will honor the warranty - all they need is a receipt so they can claim warranty themselves. I lost my receipt too and was easy as to get a replacement by telling them the day I purchased which I got from my credit card statement

        • +1

          @vk2him: Noice might try that.

  • +1

    It appears that the "BONUS DEAL (valued at $31.94)" is just for the Bosch pressure washers where it says purchase any of the below pressure washers.

    If you click on the items in the online catalogue the Bosch items are the only ones that list the bonus items. The way it's presented in the catalogue is a bit misleading.

    • hmm yeah only for the Bosch models. Are those 2 Bosch models comparable with the Gerni ones?

      • When you check out it adds the price of the lead to the total and those don't show up.

        • Wait until business hours and they should fix it.

    • +3

      Can confirm the 2 Bonus items are included. I bought it online, the system won't let me have the Bonus for free, so I just paid for the machine only, and they added the Bonus when I picked it up at store, but I had to ask for it, they have no idea.

      • Is that for the Bosch washers only, or the Gerni washer that you got the bonus items?

        • Of course the Gerni. Who buys stuff less than 50% off?

        • @living4music:

          Website is offering 10m extension lead with the Gerni, did you get that?

      • +1

        Can also confirm this exactly — the bonus is included and the store person was not aware of the bonus in the first place, and when I asked about it, they thought it would probably only be for the Bosch ones.

        They plugged it into the computer and confirmed it came up for free with the Gerni. Lead is super basic but the hose isn't actually that bad - looks at least as good if not marginally better than the sub-$20 ones you can get from Bunnings.

        • Thanks, I went in store and bought it, and showed them the online advert showing the hose and extension, so they gave me both for free. Got an extra $5 discount for being a member and a $20 voucher. Pretty good deal all round!

        • @ozbyau: I did the same and they rejected me saying you need to have added it on the online store..i told them heaps of other people had the same issue and when you added it online it had an extra cost….sigh

        • @wingy3181:

          I had the same experience and asked hem if I could return it and repurchase. They processed the return for me with thetwo items included. I thouht for a second they'd get cross though (the staff lokked a little midfed).

  • Can the water source be a bucket of water?

    • Yes, they try and sell an accessory for that.

  • I got mine through the ebay store $10 cheaper. Click and collect. Hope they give me the bonus hose & extension lead.

    • Looks like you got lucky on eBay. They have made that unavailable now.

      • +2

        Just got mine through eBay with an extra $10 off using PINCH5 code.

        Use this link:

        • Anybody bought via eBay and still got the extra's in store?

        • @ozbyau: I'm going to pick mine up probably tomorrow night, so will check then.

        • @ozbyau: Update time: I went in to pick up my eBay order, but the extras weren't included. The guy at the counter wasn't sure he could do a straight swap cause no managers were in store. I left empty-handed but will call tomorrow to ask if they can just include the extras.

          The trouble he said he had was that they had to get scanned through the one transaction. Will update tomorrow once I call them.

  • Went and grabbed it this morning at Carrum Downs store, no signs up, the extras didn't scan up correctly so had to override manually, 2 left on shelf.

  • Got one from penrith with hose and lead.staff marked down,few left

  • Thanks, Ordered mine yesterday! Along with Bardens Own Snow Job, this is going to be a handy tool to keep my 4 motorcycles and 3 cars clean!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Bought today in store at South Morang. They had two. One left. Customer service didn't think bonus hose and extension lead applied but put in computer and it did.

    This will replace my old sub—$100 karcher that has a very short hose and no patio cleaner (which will be this one's primary purpose).

  • Just grabbed one but had to settle for the display model. I'm assured all the bits are there!.

    I bought a $99 Aldi one a couple of weeks ago but figured this is worth the extra $ so the Aldi will be returned. I wasn't happy with it anyway after it gave me an electric shock.

    • "At Aldi, if our prices won't shock you, our appliances will!"

    • I've always wondered how safe these machines (pressure cleaners in general not the ALDI one specifically) are lol.

      I've always kept everything well away from each other.

  • So I picked one up. It they said hose and extension aren't available. Come back and get it in a month. This happen to anyone else?

    • I chose click and collect and when I called up I was told no stock (even though it says in stock online at that store) and then I was told to go to another store lol
      Which I did and luckily they had it in stock, this store was also a lot nicer

    • Bought mine through eBay pick up mine yesterday. No hose and extension available. Had to ordered it in. Will give me a call when it arrives.

  • So what are people's thoughts now that they have bought it?

    • Thoughts? I don't buy bargains to use them, I buy them for the feeling of satisfaction and superiority that comes with paying less. I returned mine the next day.

      But in all seriousness, I cleaned my concrete porch so much faster with the patio cleaner head vs the regular wedge shaped wand on my old Karcher. No more or less effective, just a massive time saver.

      On the negatives, the storage reel for the pressure hose is dumb. Really hard to wind and unwind because of the hose's memory and tendency to want to unwind itself, kink etc. I'm persisting for now but in time will probably just loop it up and not use the reel. You also seem to have to unwind the whole 8 metres even if you only want to do a spot a couple of metres away. This is not useful and again would be easier to probably just have the hose off the reel all the time.

      That's my only gripe. Very happy with the purchase.

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