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Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan Single Lever Sink Mixer 31188000 for $67 Shipped @ HomeClearance.com.au (Was $162, RRP $325)


Inject simplicity, style, and European quality to your kitchen at an unbeatable $67 including delivery!

Limited stock, 20 units available - don't miss out!

https://www.reece.com.au/ - $270

GROHE StarLight® chrome finish
Single Hole Installation
Metal Lever
GROHE SilkMove® 35 mm Ceramic Cartridge
Adjustable Flow rate limiter
Adjustable minimum flow rate approx. 2.5 l/min
Swivel area 140°
Swivel Tubular Spout
Mousseur (Aerator)
With side spray
Flexible Connection Hoses
Rapid Installation System

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  • Only available for delivery to NSW, VIC, ACT & QLD

    Can you deliver to Perth Metro?

    • Seconded, would like to buy and in Perth.

      • Thirded

      • +1

        Or in Tas. Jeez, what’s the big deal seller? Just bung on a few more dollars if you’re that fussed.

    • Thirded to Perth

      • -1

        So sorry guys, meant to say in the description we can only ship to the eastern seaboard. The product is located in Sydney that is why.

        • +8

          It’s called Australia Post for a reason!

        • @wfdTamar:

          I can understand WA is maybe too far away but geez they could've just chucked it across the pond to you in Tas.

  • Is this supposed to be installed in Kitchen or bath sinks?
    Yeah I know silly question but I am no expert! :)

    • +3

      Kitchen. although technically there's no reason you couldn't put it in a vanity, but it would look pretty odd.

      • +1

        I'm putting mine in my car!

        • Don't be a drip

    • +1

      Kitchen or laundry really - it's probably too big for a bathroom.

  • "Please note that 'free delivery' means that we will bring the product into your house, but will not unpack or connect"

    • +1

      Shoulda gone to appliances online. ROFL.

  • +1

    are these the Aust versions with the 1/2" tails or European 3/8" ?

  • ohhh. I have this in my kitchen actually. I had a (rather minor) issue but was under warranty. Grohe is meant to be high quality but spare parts also cost heaps.

    • how often do you need spare parts though?

      • depends on your luck I guess. Mine was new and leaked after first usage. Spare parts + plumber would cost a few hundreds.

  • +5

    From their website:

    Water Consumption 9L per hour

    Will take a few hours to do the dishes :)

    • +1

      Almost 12 minutes to fill my kettle, it'll feel like I'm saving water though!

  • Maybe put shipping to Eastern Seaboard only in title rather than all the price stuff. Wanted to get, in SA :/

    • +1

      Yeah our bad, will make sure we do next time, sorry captaincabinets :(

      • Ordered for delivery tomorrow to Brisbane and will pay on delivery. Is there any problems? Thanks… I didn't realise the stock is located in Sydney

  • All gone. :(

  • I have one of these in my kitchen and laundry and they are great! Appear to be quite good quality and have had no issues so far (12 months old).

  • +2

    Needs one but too slow :(

  • -2

    What you should be asking is it W approved, otherwise its not legal to fit them and a lics. plumber wont fit them,from Reece so i think should be ok

    Check on ebay, you can buy similar for 1/2 this price, around $30, gives you a idea how much profit somebody is making….

    • link?

      • -1


        W = WATERMARK, don;t get caught buying taps without

        • +2

          sorry, was asking for link to the similar item on ebay. are those W approved?

        • @PissLUR: That seemed obvious. I can't believe it wasn't picked up

        • From your own link, 8200:
          "Some experts argue that Australia would benefit from adopting the widely used equivalent European standard as this would immediately increase the range of tapware available to Australia and reduce costs - without a reduction in any quality or safety issues."

        • +1

          You mean highest quality German taps could not possibly compare with the crappiest Chinese ones that some importer paid the fee for having them approved under the W scam? Sure.

          I bought all of mine from Amazon.de and I choose to live life on the edge.

        • @Risto: Aren't our pipe sizes different?

        • @El Grande: $3 adaptors … 3/8 to 1/2 from memory. Very easy either way.

        • @Risto: Howmuch of a saving is it? I'm going to be building a house soon.

          We are 3/8th right?

        • +1

          @El Grande: I think they are 1/2 here. I can't remember, but it was definitely an easily available adaptor.

        • @Risto:

          They're identical anyway - I had the same Grohe taps from both Harvey Norman Commercial and Amazon.de and there is absolutely no way to tell which is which. Saved a lot by buying from Germany.

        • @hcca: I bought mine a few years ago along with some great showers. I'd have bought them locally at these prices also.

    • The Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan single lever mixer is Watermark certified according to this certificate (see page 4): https://tinyurl.com/y7etogba

      The only potential issue is if this was grey imported, but I doubt that. And even if you can buy "similar" for 1/2 the price, Grohe is a very reputable brand.

  • +2

    Damn need a tap for my kitchen reno, but too late now.

    OP, possibility of a similar deal some time soon? :)

  • Is this one made in Thailand or Germany?

  • +1

    Missed out! Interested of another similar deal comes out OP. Thanks 😊

  • Needs to be more renovation deals on OzBargain! Good work OP.

  • OP
    It seems like alot of WA ozbargainers was unable to purchase this deal.
    Perhaps consider Australia Post or a courier service in the future.
    Due to the bargain price, I would have happily paid an additional $10-12 dollars for postage (And this is coming from someone who rarely pays for postage.)

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