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[Preorder] Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S Dual USB Bluetooth Car Charger US $10.49 (~AU $13.44) Delivered @ Banggood


Banggood have beaten the Gearbest deal by US $0.50. Looks to be the cheapest post yet.

Description (thanks to Clear):

The ROIDMI 3S Car Charger allows you to connect a phone to your car's FM stereo system via Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit music. It has dual USB for charging two devices simultaneously up to 5V/3.4A and everything can be controlled using an app for Android and iOS. Unlike it's predecessor the ROIDMI 3S now has a universal plug which allows it to be use with any car without requiring the use of an adapter.

Ensure you change the currency on Banggood to USD as their AUD rate is inflated.

Update: Deal now showing as preorder for cheaper price. Banggood rep has informed us "It's preorder, it might be 1-2 weeks delay" for shipping.

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  • +2

    Yeah a new lens deal …. Wait a sec…

    • haha thought the same

  • Why do you need to control it via an app?

    • +10

      The app allows you to choose the broadcasting FM frequency and select the LED colour. After you've set those two things you do not need the app at all. The frequency is remembered on the device, as is the LED colour that you choose.

      • Thanks

      • I’m trying to think of a use for any of that stuff when I have an aux in already and unmetered Apple Music, sounds cool though

        • My car aint got aux. =[

      • +4

        If you travel, you'll want to keep the app to change the frequency. Different places use different frequencies for radio, and when your broadcasting frequency is near another frequency, there is a bit of noise, which is annoying.

    • You dont, I bought one for my GF, the default FM station is 96.9 FM from memory

  • When will it support quick charge.

  • Cheaper and better cashrewards. Thanks OP

    • 7% on TopCashBack currently (4.2% on CR)

  • -1

    Looks to be the cheapest post yet.

    it was cheap as $7.4

    • That was an old model, which only suited some makes of car. This is the newer 3S model, which has a universal plug and will suit all lighter sockets.

  • Does it require "genuine" xiaomi app with online authentication with xiaomi account to stream music from your phone to your device in your car?

    • No need for app, it works out of the box. But itll be set to a single frequency that you need the app for to change. That said, you dont even need to sign in or register or anything with the app, youll be assigned a set of numbers and just do whatever you need, set and forget.

      • Well, I recon I give it a go.

        Had bad experience with xiaomi smart cameras before. So xiaomi became no-no for me, but this one looks quite good.
        And… thank you

        • +1

          Same about Xiaomi for me, now I only get their devices that don't require being locked to a Mi account or that you can't turn off all the unnecessary permissions. On the app, all permissions are blocked except Bluetooth.

  • +5

    Might be worth noting that this one is on preorder with stock due to arrive 23 October . So you might be waiting a long time to recieve this.The GB one is in stock

    • +1

      Yeah during my check, Banggood was pretty much the same price as GB (a few cents cheaper, so they've dropped it since), but then I saw the October 23 part!

      The Gearbest wait alone is long enough lol

      Good deal for those who can wait though.

  • +1

    the most useful thing on a car charger is voltage display and current being used…. the former tells you how healthy your car battery is (in general). the latter tells how quick your phone is being charged.

  • +1

    The ROID 3S uses the phone's Microphone to record your voice right? The previous models sucked since it had onboard microphone that was too far away to pick up your voice.

    • +1

      I have this model and one of the features is, ironically, that it DOESN'T have a microphone. Previous versions of this and other similar models have tried to pick up your voice to make calls etc and they SUUUUCKED.

      The only issue I have with this model is that it only sometimes picks up my phone each time I get back in the car. It's not a big deal as I simply unplug and plug the device back in and my phone finds the device. The only issue with this work-around is that the Bluetooth connecting sounds (and there are two separate versions of them) are VERY LOUD compared to the volume level which most of my podcasts are set to.

      • +1

        Does it work well using the phones mic?

        • It works perfectly with the mics on the phone. Just position the phone reasonably close to you mouth.

  • +2

    I got one of these in the last deal, I've recently bought a new car that has the factory headunit so no aux and no bluetooth. This is super simple to setup and works well, definitely worth the money, I have found that the audio quality isn't amazing as CD's sound a lot better than this device. It's nice and small and just looks like a normal phone charger. I would recommend it as a temporary solution, if you don't have major concerns over audio quality then this could suit as a long term solution as well :)

  • +1

    Anyone have problems with radio interference with this?

    Bought one recently from gearbest but no matter what radio station I set it at the music quality is extremely poor. Sounds like a bootleg CD.

  • I have this, it's great. Don't need the android / ios app to operate. Can download the app if you want to change the default broadcast frequency, then uninstall afterwards. Audio quality is ok. This version has a different (better) adapter plug for the cigarette socket. Have never had any issues with phone connecting to it, it just automatically connects whenever I'm in the car, and the music (spotify) starts automatically at well.

  • Available soon Processing time:Pre-Order Stock due to arrive on October 23 2017

    A long time to wait.

  • I'm Queensland and it's so hard to connect to a station that's not static. It's always clipping and very annoying.

  • Cant add to cart

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