This was posted 4 years 3 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$49/Month (Save $10/Month) for 20GB/Month & Unlim Calls/SMS with Telstra + Bonus $100 Gift Card (12 Month Contract) @ JB Hi-Fi


Port your non Telstra number to telstra.

$49p/m for 12 months
Unlimited calls
Unlimited Text
20gb Data Share

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    Should probably have a better description in title, no idea what the deal is just by looking. I thought it was a gift card…

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    protip: Might wanna have the item named in title, otherwise JB itself is $49 :)

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    I was hoping for $300 or at least same as last time ($200)

    • I was hoping they do the last time deal of $200 + $10/ month bonus for a few more days. I was going to switch from optus but they only did it for a single day and I couldn't make it.

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        The last deal was 3 days. Friday to Sunday

        • Oh my Bad I meant $300 one with a phone plan. I think they only did it for 1 day

      • Aye me too but was stuck in bed after surgery

  • will it work if you port out then port back in?

    • Check the picture, only if it's been 30 days or more

      • There's no way Siebel will be able to tell if it has been 30 days or not.

  • Haha I just tried to get the
    deal and I was denied 🙅‍♂️ now this pops up

    • Any idea why you were denied. Away from Telstra for less than 30 days maybe??

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        I must have miss read it but they said it was only for Telstra customers as loyalty bonus $ 10 off and then the porting no $ 10 off.

        I'm not a Telstra customer so I was only eligible for $49 for 15gb 12m contract.

        Anyone got a great deal, I want about 15-30gb on good network for $20-35 ?

        • Unless you constantly sim swap/slut, you would not get 20-30GB for under $30-$35 me thinks.

          Unless you have a friend who works for a telco that is lol.

      • I was also denied for the bonus data. And now this come up :)

  • Did you get this poster from the store and I believe you can't see this online ??

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      It starts tomorrow

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    I said the pretty much same thing in the past two deals, one was voted up and the other was voted down.

    The inclusions are very good and Telstra does have some advantages, but despite this $50 per month still feels very high for a SIM only service. I'd be much more attracted to something with half the cost and half the inclusion: $25-30 per month with 10GB.

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      Yeah you can get that.. With optus that is.

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      Aldi will give you 8gb for $35 with rollover

    • Doesn't work that way (linear pricing). Its not just the data costs but also support, sales, infrastructure etc. which forms a base price before data costs.

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    Will the price go back to $59 after 12 months?

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      Nope, the credit is UNTIL RECONTRACT (that is, until you change the plan). :)

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    Snoozed and missed out on this deal:

    Ah well would wait for a better one.

  • does Telstra roll unused data over to the next month for this deal? If not then $40 pm (12 months) for 15GB which rolls over on Virgin is pretty sweet…

  • I did this in JB hifi one day after $200 promotion, do you think I can come back and ask for the $100 gift card?

  • any non-contract deals?

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    I'm just disappointed that I can't get the deal being a current telstra customer.

    • Same. Tried but no dice with Telstra chat.

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        Mmm.. wonder if I could've scored a better deal if I waited. I just recontracted with Telstra a few days ago.. this deal wasn't available but was able to price match to the Optus $40 for 15GB.. and get 15GB for $39 ($49 plan with $10 credit).

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          Great price. I don't need more than 10gb. I'll try for that. Thanks mate.

  • Can you use jb gift cards to buy other gift cards? Like Google play?

    • You can buy whatever you want from the store even another gift card

      • Do they sell prepaid visa?

        • No not that i know of, just the usual apple/google and majority gaming cards. Just wait till someone you know needs stuff from jb and asks for cash swap haha

  • So is this 20gb per month or 20gb over 12 months?

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      Per month

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    I have a feeling there will be better deals when the iPhone x comes out.

  • Does Aldi count as on the telstra network?

  • Still no international inclusions.. :(

    • $10pm international unlimited call + SMS pack available, check website or see in store for countries included.

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    I wonder if Apple Music is included when signing up to a Telstra plan ?

    • Looks like 6 months and no data counted.

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    Currently on Optus 10GB for $50 including free Spotify
    Switch to Telstra and get 20gb for $50 with no Spotify


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      I think 10gb every month would give you a lot of Spotify!

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    Currently on Woolworths mobile prepaid, am I eligible for this deal? Woolworths mobile use Telstra’s networks

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      I was in the same situation and got onto the $200 jb voucher deal no worries. It was Boost that wasn’t eligible.

    • Good question and answer lol.

  • Anyone had luck getting Telstra rep for existing users? I upgraded a month ago to sim only plan lol :(

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    The ad says it's for outright handset purchases.

    Has anyone gotten the deal without purchasing a new phone from JB?

    • Available WITHOUT an outright purchase (definitely, as long as it's a new PORT IN 12 month BYO Plan).

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        Cool - thanks for that. Now I need to con VF into letting me out of my current plan without penalty… :)

      • Can you confirm whether the 1 month requirement is a verbal one, or one that is actually checked/limiting?

        • Checked and limiting, as we can see previous billing history with Telstra accounts etc.

        • @Chiselhendrix:
          Well that sucks, off I go to Optus for 15gb then.

  • Is this using the full Telstra network or just a section (like Aldi)

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      Full - it's just JB Hifi selling an actual Telstra service.

  • I signed up yesterday at the store - ported from Virgin to Telstra - no $100 voucher - was extremely angry - called the JB store today and they have honored me the $100 gift card. Winning ;) - can confirm this is the $59 hero plan with Telstra. Full Telstra service and rewards.

    • How come they didn't give you the $100 voucher at first?

      • The deal started today - i called them and said what was going on? The manager apologized and said to come in and receive the gift card.

  • I know it says not for existing customers on the telstra network for 30 days prior to 05/10/17, but has anyone ported from telstra postpaid to another service, and then gotten this deal? I doubt JB staff could know

    • Give them a call to find out.

    • Very tempted to do this and find out. Currently on a Telstra BYO month to month deal, $40 for 8gb and not unlimited calls, so makes sense.

      Would port out to Optus, and then rock up and try this?

      • Yes get a $2 sim port your number over. Next morning you should good to go

  • Anyone have a website link - this one doesn't have the gift card or the discount -

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      You need to go in store

  • I got the deal from JB today. They were advertising it in store. It took about 20 minutes? to process all the information needed.
    Funny thing was when I opened Optus app to check Account number, it took forever. The rep then told me it's normal because I'm not with Telstra then he let me access his phone's hotspot and it worked right away.

    Anyway I got the $100 gift card and I'm happy. Thanks!

    • Sweet! Did they do anything to check if you had not been with Telstra within the last 30 days from their end?

      • Got the deal in store today as well, not sure if they checked because they asked for my ID, date of birth and secondary ID (for credit check purposes, but not sure if they can look up if you had an account through that?).

        The customer rep also asked if I had been with Telstra before, but I wasn't.

        Hope this helps.

      • They might automatically do it. Because when they asked me if I was with Telstra before, I said no. Then when they typed in my information, it said I'm an existing customer. Turns out my information was saved there when I used Telstra mobile broadband(prepaid) 2 years ago. Then there was nothing else they asked about that.

  • Hope the $200 deal comes back… probably not

  • Thanks OP.

    I've got this deal and used the gift card to get SNES Classic Mini :).

    I can confirm that the contract says $49 after the $10 discount however Telstra app is showing that I am only getting 15GB. I gotta try to rectify this.

  • I signed up to this on Sunday, porting from Optus.

    About 27 hours now and port hasn't gone through yet - anyone else who signed up to this seeing delays in port process?
    Have confirmed details with Telstra.

    JB rep also stated that data usage on Telstra Air is unlimited. Is that accurate?

    • Putting through a couple of these for customers on Sunday, the ports were still provisioning. There must just be a backlog of ports on Telstra's end to process. Should be right by tomorrow, will be checking mine by Wednesday.

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        Thanks. I'll keep waiting (impatiently).
        Not that big a deal just means carrying a pin and a simcard around everywhere.

    • I signed up yesterday at 5pm (From Optus) and ported 3AM today.

      It's pretty quick for me.

    • Yeah I signed up Sunday… I ended up getting frustrated and logged an activation request online. Called twice today and told it would be another 24 hours. WTF. Next step will be transferring my actual number over from boost and ditching my optus burner number. Worth the hassle I think.

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