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Free Entry to More than 45 National Parks in NSW on Sunday 8 Oct 2017


To celebrate NSW National Parks' 50th anniversary, NPWS is waiving park entry fees at more than 45 parks across the state all day Sunday 8 October 2017.

Where does the free entry offer apply on 8 October?
Motor vehicle entry fees will be waived at all 45 fee-collecting national parks across the state, on Sunday 8 October 2017.

Landing fees at The Basin, in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and Sydney Harbour National Park islands will also be waived. Why not pack a picnic, gather up your family and friends and enjoy a nature escape in a national park.

If you're heading to the following locations in northern NSW, you can also take advantage of free entry special offers:

Sea Acres Boardwalk, Sea Acres National Park
Trial Bay Gaol, Arakoon National Park
Halls Peak campground, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Riverside campground and picnic area, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Youdales campground, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park
Where do fees still apply?
Fees will still apply to:

NSW National Park guided tours
Exclusive use bookings such as picnic area group or venue bookings
Organised events
Self-guided and guided cave tours
Camping and accommodation
Visitors to Worimi Conservation Lands will still need to buy a vehicle permit for motor vehicle entry and beach driving at Stockton Beach. Permits are $30 for an annual permit; $10 for a 3-day permit. NPWS annual passes are not valid.

Need some inspiration on where to celebrate our 50th anniversary?
Why not visit Royal National Park, the world's second oldest national park, right on Sydney's doorstep. You'll be spoilt for choice at the largest park in NSW, Kosciuszko National Park, in the Snowy Mountains.

If you're looking for spine-tingling views, visit Australia's most easterly point at Cape Byron Lighthouse in Cape Byron State Conservation Area. It's the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. For an adventure closer to Sydney, take a day trip to beautiful Morton National Park to enjoy the walks and waterfall views at Fitzroy Falls.

Prefer a touch of history? Visit Hill End Historic Site to discover life during the gold rush, or step back in time at historic Roto House in Macquarie Nature Reserve. Get a taste of the outback without leaving NSW, and learn more about Aboriginal and pastoral history at unique Kinchega National Park, near Broken Hill.

We're hosting events and guided tours all over NSW to celebrate 50 years of proudly protecting our natural landscapes, wildlife, culture and heritage. Find out what 50th anniversary events and tours are happening near you.

Be sure to share your experiences on social media by tagging #50yearsNPWS.

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  • +12

    Challenge on - 45 in one day!

    • Too optimistic, mate! Aim 4 first, then 45.

  • +15

    How bloody generous of them. The government (at all levels) seems to forget that we, the taxpayers, own all of this already…all of these government fees and taxes just to support their ineptitude in budget management…a few less overseas jaunts and perks and maybe they would have more of our tax dollar left to spend on the basics of government.

    • What about the $49bn NBN disaster we and our grandkids will have to pay for…

    • Ben they have no intention of raining their perks or their waste of our money, so what they have decided to do is protect themselves against us, oh wait I mean the "terrorists". 2.5 metre high metal barricades around their house of bleat, mobile phone tracking, internet tracking, vehicle tracking, interpersonal tracking, finance transaction tracking, facial tracking… you get the picture.
      Btw it could be argued that those who most enjoy our parks should pay more to support them; at least they don't charge for cycling in them.

      @tightm8, that's almost nothing compared to the $2TRILLION debt Australians have got themselves in thanks to their policies.

  • +11

    We have to pay to go to our National parks? What the actual (profanity)?

  • Members of the RFS get a free annual national parks pass.

    • +4

      Imagine being in the RFS and getting charged for trying to save a fire in one of the parks…

      • +3

        Shhh! Don't give them ideas.

      • +1

        A national park in Sydney wanted to charge us entry on Clean Up Australia day — to pick up rubbish in their park. We left the car across the road…

        • +1

          Haha that is beyond ridiculous!

        • +1

          Should have left the rubbish at the park instead. ;)

    • +2
  • So any tours in the Royal National Park, link doesn't actually give details.

    Also any good caves near Sydney?

  • +2

    Bring your drone :P

  • -3

    Good discussion topic though: should we spend a lot of taxpayers' money on national parks? Personally I think that since not everyone visits national parks it makes more sense to charge those that actually enjoys them instead.

    • +2

      Are you joking! National Parks and our environment is one of the things the government should be spending the most on. Australia has incredible natural beauty but unfortunately many people who live here don't give a toss.

      • +1

        I agree with you entirely. I came to Australia two years ago and the natural heritage here has allowed me to experience wonders that I would not otherwise imagine possible. It makes perfect sense that the government should spend more money on NPs and environment. However I am talking about policy consideration. I am a law student, so I want the government to spend more money on legal aid. I am a student, so I want more funding for universities. I am an international student, so I want more funding for multicultural policies. The thing is that the budget is limited and how can we convince the general public, especially that those "don't give a toss" about Australia's natural beauty, that it deserves more tax money?

        • Haha I'm an international student too. The fees are ridiculous to be honest it's nearly double what it costs back in the UK and even in the UK it's considered expensive! Don't even get a student opal card!

    • +1

      I really cannot understand the logic of charging people (or technically their vehicles) for entry to parks as it acts as a disincentive to visit them which isn't necessarily in the state's interest. If more people visited parks more often, it's likely they'll go for a walk/hike and relax etc. which improves public health and potentially reducing healthcare costs to the state.
      Note that Victoria hasn't charged for entry to any national parks for a long time, so perhaps I'm somewhat biased.

  • +4

    Just to clarify, the post title really should say Free Entry to More than 225 National Parks in NSW on 8 Oct. The majority of NPs (and if I remember correctly over 500 reserves as well) have free entry all year round. It's just that 45 NPs that usually charge vehicle entry fees and/or boat landing fees won't be doing so on 8 Oct.

  • +2

    what is the most expensive park entry that I won't bothered to come if it's not free?

    • +3

      The most expensive vehicle entry fee is at Kosciuszko NP, $29 in ski season, $17 the rest of the year.

      Vehicle entries at most other NSW NPs are $8 a day, and two in the Sydney Metro area are $12 a day.

  • never realised if you live in NSW you have to pay for entry to a national park

    • -3

      It's pretty ridiculous. These should be classified as "global commons". I'm sure Indigenous people get the entry fee waived.

      • +4

        Wow… Not sure what to say here

    • I'm sure the entry fee (for vehicles only) goes towards the mismanagement of the parks

  • This is great - thank you OP!

  • +1

    This is actually perfect timing. Visiting Jindabyne at the moment, with the thought of going to check out the snow if the fishing sucks. Will wait til Sun so we can get in the park for free.

    • +1

      Snow is long gone

      • Plenty of snow still around on the resort mountains. It's just all the lifts closed on Sunday so no more skiing (well at Thredbo anyway). Check out the resort cams.
        Perisher has extended their season until this Sunday so you should go there!

        • We're not going to ski. It's more to find some snow, make a snowman, & just play (got 4yr & 7yr old). Perhaps hire a toboggan. Unsure. But plenty of snow on mountains still.