expired 10%-40% off Kogan Mobile Yearly Unlimited Plan $25.00/11GB, $26.50/16GB Equivalent Per Month for Existing Customers


I just received an email for existing customers:

1.5GB: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

6GB: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

11GB link: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

16GB link: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co...

Credit to saNine for the 1.5GB and 6GB links

Mod update: Removed 6GB from title of previous revision to avoid duplicate.

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    Plus vote. If only the voucher would expire end of Nov, rather than Oct. That's when my previous 12 month prepaid expires. :(

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      I'm pretty sure you can actually end your current 12 month prepaid plan as long as you contact kogan. They will refund the rest of the 12 months plan that you haven't used, I'm serious.

      Try to contact them (live chat/call them) and see if this is possible. That way, you can let your kogan mobile 12 months plan expire this month and buy another 12 months plan.

      Cheers mate,


        I'm pretty sure the renewal stack up. There are 2 types of vouchers, this one is for existing customers.

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        Really? If they are able to do this, that is amazing customer service!


          Well what happened with me was that about a month back, I ran out of my 14 GB Kogan XL data (this is before they upgraded the XL plan to 16GB of data).

          So I went to kogan website and recharged my plan with the Medium M Data option, which adds 5 GB data or something.

          At the time, I thought that means I will have an extra 5GB left to use and I will still have my unlimited call/sms service from the XL plan that I'm currently on.

          Welp, turns out I wasn't supposed to do that because the new Data M option invalidates my Kogan XL plan. I contacted (called) kogan customer service about it and they said that it's okay, they could easily just refund me the leftover of my 365 days XL plan and I can re-apply for another 365 days XL plan after that.

          So it's all good, I could apply for another 365 Days Xl plan and kogan refunded my money (the refund came through after about 15 days though, so had to wait a bit) .

          Cheers mate


        I can verify this because I've had to do it myself. I thought that the prepaid coupon would simply add itself to my existing prepaid, rather than just restart 12 months from when I active the new recharge.
        Surprisingly I called up and the whole difference was refunded in about 10 minutes. Was far easier than I was expecting. Obviously, your mileage may vary, so I cannot guarantee what happened to me will happen to you.


          Can I ask what Kogan number you called?
          I made the same mistake, emailed Kogan to complain and they replied that this was the way re-charge worked, without offering to refund me for the remaining month that was forfeited.


        If this is true, this means these "12 month" prepaid plans which are pretty much like a 12 month contract are really not like 12 month contracts on Kogan..!

        Albeit if you do "cancel" as you described it's effectively "Kogan store credit" which I assume you can use on their website for other stuff too though?


      Looks like it does expire at the end of November:
      "Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/11/2017"

      Unfortunately, our plan expires in April next year. We bought our discounted 12 year vouchers in January this year and those ones lasted for 6 months! I was hoping to find a voucher anytime from now, but it seems they've cut the expiry date down to only 2 months. We'll probably leave Kogan in April if a voucher doesn't come up with the appropriate expiry date.

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    Have I read it wrong but looks like end November. Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/11/2017.


    Yeah buy before end Oct. But use voucher before end Nov.

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    Hmm existing customers only? That's interesting. Good on Kogan for looking after existing customers though!

    So if you were a new customer and you wanted this, you'd just have to buy the cheapest available plan which would be using the current $4.90 deal, then buy this and recharge it afterwards?

    • +6 votes

      I'm not with Kogan but good to see deals for existing customers for a change.


      I gave them a call, you'd have to buy both vouchers before October 31st, activate the service and wait out the 30 days on the initial $4.90 offer then activate the yearly deal otherwise it gets overidden.

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    This works well; looks like I'll be staying on Kogan for another year.

    I don't know why anyone would buy the 11GB when 16GB is so little more.

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      They're trying to hook you with data that you don't need.


        90% of data for month used with a week left. I'm on the 16GB plan. For some people the data is needed, although I never imagined I'd use so much before I got it.

        It's 20x faster than my home connection (at 3am this morning I did a speed test, so no congested network) so I sometimes tether even my desktop to it if I want to download something quickly.


        its great if you're addicted to spotify


    So I've purchased the $4.90 deal and am just waiting for the SIM to arrive, from an OzBargainer's perspective, is it generally a good idea to lock yourself in for 365 days on a single plan? I'm moving away from Telstra post-paid because I've been stuck on a $95 plan with only 6GB and seeing new plans get released so often has convinced me I should never stay on a single plan again. Just wondering what other people's thoughts are!


      Depends on how you use your phone, I've basically all but ditched laptops/tablets for my phone and with hd streaming I now average about 27gb a month and that's on wifi most times at home.

      If you don't stream much video or anything else data intensive (I use a fair bit for work too) then don't worry, going from 6gb the 16gb pack should be more than enough for you in 12 months I would've thought.


      This https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333407 if you want to stay with telstra with more data


      As an intense ozbargainer, it's worth it.

      While I was trying out a $1 for a month with a heap of data, and again while I've been on this plan Kogan has increased the data allowance, and bumped up everyone automatically.

      I bought the plan with 14GB of data, and for the rest of my yearly plan I have 16GB for free, which is great!

      Also, keep in mind that compared to the standard $30 with optus for 1.5GB of data, this has over 10x as much data and is cheaper on a per month basis.

      Paying less for over 10x the data, and being given more data for the duration of my plan every time they increase data allowance, now that's a bargain!

      Just keep in mind the possibility of network congestion and/or a poor network signal. Once you get your sim and use your $5 code, you'll easily know in a month whether you have congestion or a poor connection though.


      Kogan uses the Vodafone network which is smaller than Telstra's, if you're out in woopwoop you might not get coverage but thats literally the only disadvantage I can think of.

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    I ended up getting the 11gb plan for about $19.50 per month, last month. Usually every month or so Coles or woolies have 10% off gift cards. $250 became $230. Glad to see Kogan looking after their own customers now with member only deals too. Once I started, mobile data would not work but called up and they sent me a code to get it to work through the Sony Xperia phone settings and now everything is fine. Good reception and no problems. Unbelievably great deal from these guys!


    How does roaming work with Kogan? I couldn't see anything in the terms. Does roaming work at all/is there any prepaid option for roaming before you leave?


      no Roaming with them…


        This is really the only downside I have experience with a previous Kogan deal.
        Coming over from Vodafone I am on the same network and everything else is much the same - but it was sometimes handy to have the $5 per day global roaming which you don't get with Kogan.


          yep, going overseas in a couple of month for 6 weeks and this will be inconvenient, but will try to ask if they put on hold my current plan…


    This is perfect timing, was just looking at moving away from Optus. I bought the $4.90 sim and will recharge with this 16GB voucher once I port over.

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    I called kogan mobile - they'll do a partial refund for the months not used - if you just go ahead and activate it'll overwrite your current plan and you'll lose those that time.


      Can confirm! Also called (not that i don't trust you) and was told that given a new voucher code they will refund the pro rated amount.

      EDIT: bought two. saved 53 bucks on each one over the last 2 I bought (they were 370 last year, and only 12GB back then!). have zero complaints with them. no they don't work out of urban areas, but eh, caveat emptor.

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    can apply the voucher to new mobile porting over?

  • +1 vote

    16gb is gone ?

  • +2 votes

    only if you click in the links under others, but if you click on go to deal, you get it.


    If I were to buy the $4.9 starter one of these, activate the phone then buy one of these deals would I qualify as an existing customer?


    16gb is back to full price? Bummer I left this as an open tab and forgot to check the deal. The 11gb seems to still be discounted.

    Reckon I'd have a chance with kogan chat?

    • +2 votes

      Click on "go to Deal". It's still discounted


        Weird! Thankyou.

        I normally click the photo (as I did here) and have assumed it always does the same thing as "Go to deal."

        Strangely not!

        Edit: that's made a liar of me…. Picture also works, link in main text does not.


    I called Kogan again and existing customers can only get a refund IF they are upgrading to a larger plan. If you are already on the XL plan you cannot get a refund and will simply lose any credit/plan you have left. They referred me to the T&Cs but when I pressed and asked them to direct me to the actual part which said that they said it was not in them but this is how the deal is.

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