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(MFI) Tronsmart 6ft/1.8m 19AWG Double Braided Nylon Lightning Cable for US $7.99 (~AU $10.27) Delivered @ GeekBuying


Tronsmart 6ft/1.8m 19AWG Double Braided Nylon Lightning Cable for $10.27 delivered. Don’t forget the cash rewards:)

Gray and white only. I have been using this cable and it is one of the best braided cables I have ever used, still going strong after 6 months of rough use.

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  • Nice to see that the cable appears on Apple's MFI search for brand Tronsmart. https://mfi.apple.com/MFiWeb/getAPS

    • how'd you find it? It's no result for me

      • That search was working two weeks ago. I tried today and it's not working. I also checked other MFI certified brands like Belken and every search is coming up "No result". All I can suggest is that Apple has screwed up its MFI database in the past couple of weeks. These companies pay $4 per connector to be part of the certification program. A search for model "lightning" is also coming up dry. All I can say is that it worked before. It's also extremely slow now…


    if you really want the red one, it's $us8.85 on the Blitzwolf Aliexpress store on the app (inc registered post)

  • Thanks. Just bought two coz my belkin cable is about to die.

  • Ordered three since the original ones are starting to break up (lighting cables are not as durable as the iPhones or iPads although they are still pricey). Hopefully these ones will last longer. Thanks for posting.

  • cable looks nice. ordered one in true "sucked in to buying unnecessary stuff because its an ozbargain deal" style.
    Still have packs of eneloops unopened from years ago…

  • Are these used to charge iPhone 8? Still using a 5s and have been told it's a different cable now ?

    • iPhone 8 and X still use lightning.

      The only difference is if you want fast charging you need a USB-C to Lightning cable (only Apple make a proper one currently) and a USB-PD compliant charger (different to Qualcomm QuickCharge).

      For normal speed charging these are fine.

  • I'd personally spend a few $ more and get Anker cables. I went through so many shitty cheap cables off eBay through the years and my Anker ones have lasted over a year at this stage with no issues at all. Where before I was going through a crap cable once every 3-5 months.

  • How would these compare to the Blitzwolf Ampcore Turbo MF-10 cables (https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-Ampcore-Turbo-MF10-Braide...)? I ordered a couple last week from the Blitzwolf Banggood sale (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333266)

  • thanks op bought one. now the anxious wait for the next 3 months