Suggestions: What to Do with 4 Litres of Milk and 2 Dozen Eggs?

I have 4 extra litres of fresh milk and 2 dozen extra eggs. I need to make something that will keep for at least a week with them. I have a well stocked drygoods pantry. Any suggestions would be great, surprisingly it is cheaper for me to have this excess regularly, I need to reduce waste and maximise flavour!


  • make yogurt out of milk.

  • Cereal eating comp

  • invite some vegan mates over for dinner

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      Q. How do you know which friends are vegan?
      A. Don't worry, they'll tell you

  • Add some flour and make pancakes!

  • keep in freezer

  • Make a few quiches. Freeze the quiches.

  • Crepes. My recipe requires 4 eggs and 600mL milk for every 2c flour.

    After you've cooked them they'll keep in the fridge for several days.

  • Custard.

  • Freeze the milk.

  • Pancakes!

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    Sounds like an invite for Carbonara and French toast at stormii's.

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    Boil the eggs for egg sandwiches.

    For the milk, rice pudding, simple to make and tasty.

    Scab recipe for rice pudding:

    Rinse some medium grain rice, then boil with the minimum amount of water needed.

    Once it's cooked gradually add cold milk as it's slowly boiling, then add some sultanas and sugar to taste.

    Turn off when it's thickened, can keep in the fridge for a while and great eaten hot or cold.

  • +1 for yogurt
    Easy homemade soft cheeses; ricotta, paneer & mozzarella


      I was considering mozzarella, then I remembered I'm pretty lazy.


    You can do GOMAD for a day….

  • Home made ice cream with the milk. Bodybuilders high protein diet with the eggs.

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    Looks like I will be making 2 litres of custard (so I can just store it back in the same bottle), some rice pudding and a batch of quiches. I run into this problem approximately once a month, I may just give yoghurt and cheese a go next time.

    • Once a month you have an extra 4L of milk and 2 dozen eggs? Odd problem to have. Refrigerated eggs will last six weeks if kept in their carton. Milk freezes just fine, so make some room in the freezer. Otherwise, find someone to do a swap with. As an Ozbargainer you should definitely aim for a good milk-for-bacon exchange.


        I need to be on the bacon end of a deal like that! it is an odd problem, brought about by frugal and bulk shopping habits, and i figured only Ozbargainers would understand a problem like that. I want to leverage my problem into saving even more money of course. I need more money, because I keep spending it >.< .

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    French toast.

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    Pickled eggs.


      I have no idea what they taste like, I'm afraid to try them, they just don't sound right.

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    Someone's been to Costco recently!

    Custard. If you separate the egg whites and yolk you can freeze them too (separately) [I know your freezer is full however perhaps defrost the lower-value/freezerburned items]


      I popped the leftover egg whites into the IceCube trays, maybe make a pavlova another day.

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  • Go to a uni and dare some uni student 5 bucks for them to eat all the eggs and drink all the milk in 5 minutes

    • Back at uni My friend got dared 5 bucks to eat a whole tube of wasabi…. didn't end up well lol

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        There was a time I would have done this just for an afternoons entertainment. Try supergluing a $2 coin outside a bottleshop and sitting across the street a while.

  • Make scotch eggs - yummy - you will need some extra ingredients though - sausage meat, bread crumbs ( you can process some old bread for them), herbs & spices for flavouring the bread crumbs.
    These are great for lunches & will easily keep for a week in the fridge.
    Also extremely expensive to buy but cheap & easy to make.

  • just boot up the computer-google search"what dishes can i make with 4lts of milk and 1 dozen fresh eggs that will last for a week in the fridge"you will be amazed of how many thousands of recipes that search will bring you,cheers


      How often do you cook an online recipe? People will write anything for a blog to post an ad on, and i simply didn't have the time to analyze a dozen recipes to make sure the ingredients measures were consistent, read the comments to find they are locked or half complain the recipe is flawed. The 4 extra litres needed to be used up immediately or be wasted, so I thought I would ask real people for their suggestions, because a forum is a place to do that, and telling people who ask valid and categorized questions in a forum meant for such to "google it" is ruder than my (usual, hi scotty >.<) reply.

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        So how come you end up with this excess every month? And if it happens that routinely, what do you normally do with it all?

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          It is a new trend I have discovered in my life, due to a few of my buying practices. I make crustless quiches, have bacon and eggs a lot and eat egg sandwiches. At first i was noticing eggs going bad, and having too much or too little milk, then I sorted my shiz out and now I have an almost predictable excess once per month. I just happened to have 4 litres of milk with 24hrs left of useby date and no freezer space. Rice Pudding was a smashing idea, because my recipe calls for 4 cups of milk to a half cup of rice. Making a 2l bottle of custard went down well with fam too.

      • Stormii,you say that all recipes from websites may be deliberate duds and you do not have the time to go through them,my question to you is if you were to receive 50 different recipes from the forum,how are you getting the time to sort them out and decide which recipe that is not a dud may be true or others have just sent to you deliberately to cause problems for you,my very quick thoughts would lead to maybe getting a recipe for vanilla slices and place 2 or 3 wrapped in the fridge as almost all the ingredients contain sugar and sugar is one of the first known natural preservative and the other natural preservative is salt, of cause you do not put salt into custard,


          Eggman, stop making new accounts and starting fights with strangers. I am not here to justify my actions you.

  • Here we go again.
    Stormii is asking for suggestions for this situation. Most give some constructive ideas.
    Then - out come the ugly attitude marauding,dogs, teeth bared - the OBs, whose only enjoyment on this site is to berate anyone asking for help & advise. Shame on you. Grow up. Leave the rest of us reasonable people alone to help each other with answers & suggestions .