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Xiaomi: Yeelight Smart Light Strip US $19.99/AU $26, Mi Power Bank 2 10,000mAh US $13.99/AU $19 Shipped (Priority) @ GearBest


Spotted these last night and they're still running so though I'd post it up, unsure of the uses for each code but they're great prices.

Ensure you use Priority Mail and purchase in AUD to get these prices.

Original Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip - RGB COLOR for 25.44 AUD with MISUPERDEAL1

Original Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Quick Charge 2.0 Mobile Power Bank 2 for $18.70 AUD with MISUPERDEAL2. Both Silver and Black are available at this price using the same coupon :)

Main Features:

  • Super large capacity 10000mAh portable power bank
  • Bidirectional quick charge, more effective, whether it is charging or discharging
  • Support small current discharging, suitable for Bluetooth headset and Millet bracelet
  • Aluminium alloy housing, round edge design
  • LED indicator lights show you the power status
  • Support charging and discharging simultaneously
  • Fashionable appearance outlook design, ultra slim body
  • Built-in multiple protections

If you get One of Each Colour of the Power Bank it will be $29.45 AUD, because shipping cost is the same for multiple items.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2 20,000mAh for $33.09AUD is also available HERE.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Got it… :) Thanks OP

  • +7

    The LED strip is Xiaomeh

    • how do you mean?

  • Thanks bought the powerbank.

  • Can these light strips be linked together? Good option for under cabinet lighting in the kitchen?

    • Apparently not, due to the power supply, but I'm tempted to buy another to try. Might just result in all lights being dimmer.

    • The wired controller looks very nice, enough for me to buy and do my own mod. Rewire the power supply to match the strips you're gonna use. Then put the controller somewhere in the kitchen top for a nice finish.

    • +1

      Technically the two strips can be connected together to make a 4m strip.
      But it will make your items lose the warranty. Also they claim to ship with the required countries power adapter.

    • No. And don’t bother thinking you can break the links at 50cm to solder them together and space them out either, you’ll stuff it up like I did…

      • Any recommendations for under cabinet lighting? Ikea has a great one, interlink-able with a wireless button to turn on and off. But not cheap.

        • No idea yet treading lightly…

      • I just did a quick google and looks like it can be cut just like other 'normal' LED strips though!?

        It's mentioned in this MakeUseOf article.

        This photo shows a 'line' at every 3-LED intervals. I'd think they can be modified!?

        • Yeah so the weird thing is the LED shows some colours but it’s like it’s throwing an error type colour… the bits soldered back together do not fade or change colour like it’s supposed to. I don’t know what could be causing it nor how to fix. Happy to take ideas from the OZB-verse…

        • +1

          @sqeeksqeek: NigelTufnel below suggested a great connector solution. I'd use those cos I can't solder too well.

          My guess is when you soldered the joints may have touched slightly since they are too close hence the stuff-up(!?)

          Edit: see Cheese510's reply below. WS2812 strip it is. No wonder conventional cut-n-rewire would not work.

        • @sky blu: yeah curious me decided to also see what would happen if I shorted some out too, and it goes from kinda working to not working at all, which makes me think that I haven’t got it shorted at the moment…

      • Couldn't you use a connector like this instead. If I had to solder it back together I'm sure I'd bust it.

    • +4

      No, and for good reason. These are using WS2812b (or similar) LED's, they rely on the controller sending data bits up the line. It only thinks theres x amount of LED's to control, when you throw more in, its going to freak out unless you reprogrammed it with the correct amount of LED's somehow.

      If you know a little arduino you can easily make these as long as you want (power supply depending) and make as many pretty patterns or colours as you want.

      • Here’s the interesting thing: I have introduced no new LEDs, just extra wiring. I would think any extra resistance would be negligible (just used Light Duty wire from Jaycar)

        • Interesting. I wonder if Cheese510 or any fellow ozb can explain this.

        • @sky blu: me too. The simple reason is I needed some extra space to sufficiently cover behind my tv, so I introduced some wiring on the corners…

          I have no doubt that the soldering could be better BUT I was careful enough that I believe I have not shorted any of them.

        • @sqeeksqeek: Since you stuff it up, have you tried cleaning the solder and touching the original contacts together to test if the whole 2-metre strip functions normally?

        • @sky blu: it’s been a week since I originally did it so maybe I should try that…

        • @sqeeksqeek: It'd be great if you could PM me the result of your test.

      • I couldn't seem to find info about the LEDs used on the Xiaomi Yeelight. Can I ask how you determined they are WS2812? The ads on Gearbest say they are "cuttable", yet some answers to the posted questions advise they are not, and that they cannot be connected with more than 2 strips.

        I have doubts about which type of LED that Xiaomi uses. I wonder why use WS2812 and not utilise the individually addressable functionality? I mean they got their own board, controller and developed the app, wouldn't that function add to be one of the main selling points, and potentially, price increase?

    • If you only need basic kitchen or cabinet lighting just buy the LED strips and basic connector components from like AliEx and build it yourself. Power it with the cheap 12V power pack like off Kogan/DSE of you have looooong runs to do.

      Pre-built basic lighting kits from Bunnings, IKEA, etc is mostly paying for convenience and neatness rather than components. Something like this Xiaomi one is much more capable ofcourse and overkill for basic lighting jobs.

  • Has anyone who bought the power bank recently get a USB-C adapter with it?

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      My one only came with a microusb cbale

      • +1

        Thanks, it might have been based on time or maybe just random, best to assume it won't be included.

  • so what is the best led strip for behind monitors and desks?

    • Lightpack.tv

      • lol the price can buy me a new tv

        • It's $100? A bargain really, it is (if I recall) also open source so with some tooling you could make it yourself but I'm not sure you'd save a lot.

        • @maxwellian: looking for under 10$. those cheapo chinese one should not cost taht much

  • "If you get 2 Power Banks it will be $29 AUD,"

    When I add 2 the price goes up to $42 aud?

    • +5

      Oh whoops I phrased that incorrectly, add one of each colour and then coupon and then it will be $29.02 Delivered.

      • Oh, got it. Thanks!

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    The POWER BANK, is it the best price guys, or it has been cheaper in the past? Also, do you reckon going for the 20,000mAh would be more 'worth' it?

    • +1

      I believe it's the cheapest so far when factoring in conversion rates, Tomtop had it for slightly cheaper but I don't think many ever arrived.

    • +1

      10,000 mAh is enough for a few full charges of my galaxy s7. Depends how long you are away for? But I'm happy with 10,000 if I go away for a day or so.
      Price is ballpark the best price I've seen within a $ or two.

    • +1

      Go for the 20mah
      A lot better i have both this one's good but
      The 20mah is perfect with the 2 usb ports and last for ever but takes a lot longer to charge

    • +2

      Depends on what you want it for.
      If you want a spare charger for occasionally charging your phone then 10,000 mAh if plenty
      If you have a bus load of kids and want a camping trip then 20,000 mAH

  • I paid $30 yesterday do you think i could contact support to get refunded $5 ?

    • +1

      Has your order been shipped yet for it? Maybe it's worth just asking Sunny otherwise to try and get a refund for the difference.

      • +1

        Who is Sunny?

        • Sorry, she's the gearbest Rep for OzB and internationally. Worth just chucking her a message about it.

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    I just noticed that the Australia Priority Mail option for the light strip is $0.76 AUD, definitely worth paying the little bit extra for it!

  • Yeelight Strip expired.. Can you get another offer from them please?

    • It still works for me? Have you got any orders that are unpaid for it? Otherwise use incognito or another browser.

      • yes , I cancelled it once by mistake, Gonna try incognito mode now tnx

        • +1

          That might be the issue, if incognito doesn't work it might just be worth making a new account if possible.

        • Expired for me too, nothing unpaid, incognito didn't work, way too much effort to create a new account haha.

        • Expired for me too … and no cancelled orders. Ah well … didn't need it anyhow. Saved some money.

  • Thanks mate! Wanted to get one from the deal yesterday, who knows there is a better deal! :)

  • waiting for indexable.

  • Expired yeelight strip as usual, can't buy

    • -2

      Try a private/incognito tab ?

      • +1

        How would that help? The code is expired.

  • +2

    MISUPERDEAL1 code for strip light expired

    • -1

      Try a private/incognito tab ?

      • I opened an Incognito tab, created new account, applied code, same result: The Code you entered has expired.

  • Anyone know the weight and thickness of the powerpack?

    • -2

      Anyone know the weight and thickness of the powerpack

      Sorry to disappoint you, but no you can't use it as s3x toy!

  • Damn missed on the strip :( Been waiting for it but got caught up in a meeting just now

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      Why are they pointless? Sounds like sour grapes to me. First in, best dressed.

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    Great price for the powerbank! Thanks OP!

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    Wow … must be the cheapest ever for the powerbank when you get 2 (one black and one silver) for 14.51 for one !!!

  • Code for powerbank now expired (552pm Aedt)

    • Working for me, just tested?

    • Also worked for me…

      • +1

        I keep getting "The Code you entered has expired.
        Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt"

        • Have you got an existing purchase which is unpaid in your account? If not, try and reset your cache or use incognito.

        • If you're trying to purchase more than one, try one silver and one black as @mini_wombat mentioned in the previous comment…this worked for me!

        • @ja72:

          Nope, just trying to buy one.

          Cleared cache and used incognito, still says coupon expired. So bizarre.

          Oh well. Will try again tomorrow perhaps. Thanks for advice anyway guys

        • @88silhouette:
          Yeah, definitely weird, hope you have better luck tomorrow…

        • @88silhouette: Mine also saying expired (for the powerbank!)

  • Thanks OP. Got the Power Bank - Cheers!!

  • Sigh, got two powerbanks also for no reason whatsoever :/

  • Thanks, OP. Bought one.