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Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System $449 USD Delivered = $573AUD from Oculus


I thought I'd give VR a shot and this is the cheapest I could find. I have used the 28 Degrees Mastercard exchange rates to get that price.

The new all-in-one bundle includes the Oculus Rift headset, Touch controllers, and 2 sensors.

Does this bundle include lucky’s tale, medium, toybox, quill, dead and buried, and robo recall?
Answer: Yes, the bundle includes those games.

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    It's cheaper directly from Oculus for $449USD (~$573.15 AUD), doesn't include the XB1 controller or remote anymore though :/

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    Good deal, would order the Pimax 8k if you have the extra cash. Looks more promising from what has been seen and reported by the prototypes.


    Probably a good idea and one I may well partake of.
    I was waiting for the Windows MR sets but Microsoft has decided to add a 33% + Australia tax, $449 usd became $799 aud for the Dell or HP sets where as their new Xbox is $499 usd and sells here for $649 aud. :(

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    I have my oculus for about 2 months now. It's such a polarizing product. On one hand there's quite a few limitations, being tethered, needing a beefy computer and most of all resolution. Resolution is definitely the big one. Saying that i can sit in vr for ages creating in tilt brush or just sitting there using google earth to look at places i've been to. Then there's eleven table tennis vr. I can play that for hours at a time just hitting table tennis balls against a ball machine. Oculus is truly an amazing piece of kit that's for sure!

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      I have the gear VR with S8. Technically it has great resolution but I just can't get over the screen door effect no matter what. So tempted to get the oculus, but looking at the specs, the resolution is not much better than what I currently have!

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        I think you'll find it is actually lower. The Oculus Rift has a per eye resolution of 1080 by 1200 vs the S8 with a per eye resolution of 1480 x 1440 (some may be lost due to the mounting hardware). Also people have said the upcoming Samsung Odyssey has both a higher resolution and better black levels (even thought the Rift and Vive use oled panels there are many reported issues with the black levels of their display). The Odyssey also uses 'inside out' tracking eliminating the need for base stations / light houses for the sensor setup. Price should be also at $399 U.S and we may see less 'Australia Tax'.


      Purchased a few months ago as well
      Also grabbed the summer pack with super hot
      The climb and apollo 11 and just grabbed artika1 all in all loving the rift so far

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      Limited movement sensing on the headset no motion controllers and vastly lower computer power.
      More like a self contained phone and viewer, good idea but different market.


    How does this compare to the HTC vive?
    Is this SteamVR ready?


    I also have the Oculus Rift bought it from amazon " for their warranty and the fact they are opening a store in melbourne " , absolutely love it and would highly recommend one i'm running mine on a i5-2500k Gtx 970 16gb it work's great.


    Regret getting the PSVR at $444.

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