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Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones US $115 (AU $146) Shipped @ GearBest


Note: E-mail only deal, e-mail link added.

Zhiyun Smooth Q 3-axis brushless gimbal uses the 5th generation Honeycomb processor, which makes the gimbal more powerful - its torque range is 40 percent wider ( two times wider than DJI Osmo mobile ), and its response rate is 30 percent faster than before. This enables multiple accessories to work simultaneously, such as fisheye lens, microphone and etc. It also works well with 6 inch cell phones without counterweight. With 5V 2A output via USB port, the stabilizer can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile device.

Main Features:
- The fifth generation Honeycomb, 40 percent wider torque range, 30 percent faster response rate
- 12 hours' operating time provided by the two built-in high-capacity lithium-ion batteries
- Supports various add-ons and up to 6 inch smartphones without counterweight
- Real-time focus adjustment via the innovative switch on the operation panel
- Easy to switch between vertical shooting mode and horizontal shooting mode
- 5V 2000mA USB output allows your mobile device to be charged in shooting
- Powerful app, ZY PLAY enables face-tracking, panorama mode, time-lapse and so on

Input voltage: 6.8V - 12.6V
Working current: 80 - 6000mA
Operating time: 12 hours ( in balance )
Charge time: 2 hours
Weight: 450g ( excluding battery )
Range of motion: pitch: 320 degree; roll: 270 degree; pan: 360 degree
Controllable range: pitch: -135 to 185 degree; roll: -30 to 30 degree; pan: 360 degree
Compatibility: smartphone of 6 inch or less, GoPro 3 / 4 / 5
App download: Google Play, App Store
System requirement: Android 4.3 or later, iOS 8.0 or later

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    You've been hit by, you've been struck by a smooth gimbal

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    It's a shame the 20% off eBay sale just ended, could've snatched it up for $136!

    Can't recommend this gimbal enough, a lot of fun.


      bought one on the last deal but had not played with it yet - pretty much my "ozbargain" habit.
      when and what do you use it for?
      show the shape to my friend, find it a bit weird holding it in public. please enlighten.

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        Depends. I like taking short videos if I go on a hike or do some sort of outdoor activity. Makes looking back on some nice scenery really pleasant, especially with the feature to mount on a tripod (you can do some pretty cool panning timelapse shots). Also, really like using it to take videos of my dog.

        I wouldn't walk through the CBD holding it, that's a bit too much for me.

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        For me it makes me look like a pro. haha


        If you're not going to use it, perhaps you want to sell it?

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        1.I paired it with a screw in stand and use it as a phone holder :)
        2. I've used it for a group skype/messenger video calls, paired the gimbal with a separate phone for remote control.
        3. Taken it a few times to scenic locations to get that smooth pan/swivel effect.
        4. A few events to get that 'vibe' feeling.


      I myself bought it just an hour ago at TomTop for $124 - with Gearbest there is a big chance that I have to pay custom fees. TomTop has a warehouse in Germany therefor there is no tax/custom fees within EU, I'm definitely looking forward to receiving the gimbal and playing with it :)


        ? Tomtop for me is $139 us with shipping only available via china. Did you have a code?

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          Same. Tomtop says US$139. Also, why should there be custom fees if the price is less than $1000 or has that changed?


        I personally would not trust tomtop as far as I could throw them…..


    Should be said that the app for android is pretty crummy compared to the app for ios - so some features won't work well for android users. Still works great as a basic gimbal though.

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      Careful with that one. Despite the specs and description it’s really only suitable for point and shoot cameras. I tried one in store and it failed to balance a NEX with any lens other than the pancake and these were less than 500gm.


      Been looking at it from EGlobal's ebay store for a while, waiting for a good promo code,