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[Refurbished] Asus UX303UA-C4037T INTEL i5 6200U Touch Screen Asus $749 Shipped @ CF Online


13.3" LED Full HD (1920x1080) Touchscreen
CPU i5 6200U

1 x HDMI
3 x USB 3.0
1 x mini Display Port
1 x Headphone-out & Audio-in Combo Jack
Multimedia Card Reader
ac Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.0
HD Webcam
50WHrs 3-cell Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack
Windows 10 (64bit)

  1. Tax invoice provided
  2. Australia stock and Australian Seller
  3. Quick Dispatch, shipped form Melbourne.
  4. Full 1 Year warranty (Asus Provide pickup and return).
  5. Refurbished by Asus Australia.
  6. Near new, may have slight blemishes, in full working order.

The Laptops have been fully refurbished by Asus to the highest possible standards. They are NOT refurbished by a third party. They have been resealed with the manufacturers sticker.
The laptops are in full working order and carry a full 1 Year Asus warranty.
As they are refurbished stock, there may be very minor surface marks on them and we have inspected several units and they look like new. These refurbished Notebook are re-packaged into brand new packaging (with a serial number and factory seal) , but the contents inside are in the highest possible condition.

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  • +6 votes

    The description is missing some quite basic specs and details.
    I don't even know how much ram or how big the screen is without clicking.
    The idea of Ozbargain is to make your customers interested. ATM I just see $749 for a 6th gen refurb, which I wouldn't exactly classify as a bargain.

    • +1 vote

      If the specs were impressive, nothing would be omitted.


      Yeah not really a bargain as a refurb, but to be fair the specs aren't that bad, it's also only ~1.5Kg and has a backlit KB.


    So is it a good buy?

    • +1 vote

      i5/8GB/256SSD @ $749 shipped isn't too bad, actually. Originally $1550.

      Look at what a "factory scoop" runs you at JB Hifi. i3-5th gen./4GB/128SSD, and that's a "special" @ $1099!

      I'd say if you were looking for something lightweight/decent specs/full warranty — and you need it now, you could do a lot worse.


        From what I have been looking at, yes Id say its a bargain… and it has a mini display port :)


        Everyone knows factory scoops for computers are such a rip off because any JB salesperson just doesn't have a margin to play with.

        I personally think the best deal recently has been the Acer Spin 5 from Bing Lee (eBay with C&C) for $675 - came new and with a 7th gen processor. Plus that was a 2 in 1.

        The thing that would worry me here is battery life. It doesn't really say and older laptops don't exactly have all day batteries in them..


          @Geekomatic: You do know that one has an i7 and 12gb of ram? I find it hard to imagine battery life would be the same there.

          Also a name like "trusted reviews" kinda implies anything but.



          Actually was including it as overall info on the line & build quality, which is quite well received. i5/8GB would = longer battery life, if anything. It's not a gaming rig, so the majority would likely be using it for things that wouldn't be impeded by i5/8GB & in fact, it would probably be overkill for a travel/work setting.

          To each, their own, I suppose.


          @Geekomatic: Yeah true, but idk $749 still seems like a lot to pay for what is most likely overkill as you said.

          Btw you can't compare random online computer stores to a well established brick and mortar store.
          That's like buying a MacBook Pro from apple and complaining its more expensive than other stores.


          @pennypincher98: Thought I'd chime in as I bought an Asus refurb from these guys last year (m3 CPU).

          It looks and performs like new, but they may have been demo units on store shelves as battery life on mine was nowhere near the advertised eight+ hours, it may be W10 and/or the 3200x1800 screen but it lasts ~4.5 hours doing nothing.

          Otherwise, this one is also quite unique having specs that others skimp on in the <$1000 range like touch, miniDP, backlit KB, <1.5Kg. But being a refurb it would probably be better received if it was ~$70 cheaper.


          @CH you really need to shop around more if you think you can't get a touch screen, backlit KB and under 1.5kg for <$1000.

          Yours has a 4.5 hour battery life doing nothing. It's not even worth taking anywhere like work, school or Uni, which kind of defeats the purpose of needing it to be light and touch screen.


    Can somebody tell me if this laptop has a Kensington lock slot?



      it does not have kensington slot. but i can get you a free USB lock with your order.
      just simply left a message to us.


    Why not ring the seller??


    can you get trs on refurbished