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Quota for iPhone and Quota for iPad Are on Sale This Weekend Only for $1.19


Quota allows you to easily monitor your Mobile Phone & ISP usage, Weather, News sites, Account Balances (Toll and Bank), FF and Loyalty cards.

Prices in the app store are still at their normal price, so guessing they'll drop over night.

Quota (iPhone/iPod touch) http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/quota/id305615751?mt=8

Quota for iPad http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/quota-for-ipad/id368020518?mt...


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  • great app!

  • +3

    Consume has most of the same functionality and is free, although there isn't an iPad version yet: http://bjango.com/apps/consume/

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    "Consume" is a free ap to monitor mobile phone, frequent flier, internet, loyalty cards etc as well.

  • Yep, just get Consume.

  • Consume is awesome. Only problem I have with it sometimes is that it doesnt download my Vodafone mobile usage over 3G consitantly. Not sure if this is a Vodafone issue or something else. Wifi is more reliable.

    The only thing that sux about Quota is the price. We're beyond parity and it's still $US .99c ($1.19 AUS) :-)

  • I use the iPhone version of Consume on my iPad and think it's great (and free!).
    It will be interesting to see how much the iPad version is when it is released.

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    same here, i use consume as well. it's just prefect! so i don't think it's a bargain.

  • Hardley a bargain…

  • Great Australian App, supporting local apps is a bargain.

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      Consume is created by Bjango, a small Melbourne-based company, so you're "supporting local apps" either way. :)

      • They were originally a paid app. I know, I bought them. I just want to try something different as Consume doesn't have an ipad app out yet and it doesn't do my virgin account or optus account. It "supports" them but with the right info it actually doesn't. Same with telstra ipad sim. Supports but nothing works.
        Maybe this other app will work

  • Quota gives more detailed viewings of your accounts.
    It also gives you a histogram so you can see at first glance your spending over the last month or so.

    There's a lot more detail in this than what Consume gives you.

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