Anyone playing paperclips game? WARNING: Highly addictive!!

In case anyone doesn't know what I am talking about here is what it is

And here is where to play the game

I have been playing for last two days. Feel free to ask me if you need any tips : )


  • I am now! :/

  • Oh damn… I need to do an assignment today. Thanks @Anonymous101

    • I am sorry dude. Edited the post saying that it’s highly addictive. I have never played any clicking games before only because they were interesting but this is something totally different.

  • After 1 hr My operations have stopped at 9000.
    I think I am at the point of limited returns on marketing spend and auto clippers - so I have stopped investing in these

    I need to open up projects so I can increase my manufacturing capacity.

    Any tips?

    • How much memory you have ? Initially you only need few processors but invest more memory.

    • You're doing it wrong

      • Thanks.
        Now rolling in the money.
        I need to work on getting my memory up to 20.

        Where did everyone get up to?

        • Achieved universal paperclips in a little over 21 hours. 30,000 sexdecillion clips made, 100% universe exploration.

        • @dundy: Just the once? Did you refuse the offer?
          At work I went 3 rounds with the universe next door and at home with the sim universe. They both seemed to glitch out a little at the end of the 3rd run - the sim one didn't do anything when I made the selection. The universe next door is making me swap energy for clips and it's taking forever while the drift has too many combatants.

        • @bbox: Yeah just the once. Left it running at work overnight hence the long time.

          Couldn't work out how to replay, game seemed to not want to reset. Ended up needing to do some actual work…

          Been clean ever since!

  • Any tips for a prospective Ozbargainer wanting to make it in the paperclip market? ;-)

  • 800k paper clips made in 30 minutes, 2 bucks in the bank

  • What's the end goal?

  • “ full autonomy achieved in 2hrs…”. Does that mean I won?

  • So this looks like the End Goal.


    . Releasing the HypnoDrones
    . All of the resources of Earth are now available for clip production
    . Full autonomy attained in 2 hours 42 minutes 51 seconds

  • Full autonomy attained in 2 hours 14 minutes 44 seconds

    goddamnit, I liked watching the numbers go up.

  • Full autonomy attained in 2 hours 25 minutes 27 seconds

  • I'm making drones now???

    • So am I. Making harvester drones to find matter, wire drones to manufacture wire, factories to manufacture the clips, solar farms to produce electricity for the factories and drones and lastly battery towers to store excess electricity. Was producing 900 billion clips per second but it seems to have glitched now. Stuck at "next gift in 17s". All production has stopped 😐.

      • A similar thing happened to me late in the game. Had solar farms, batteries, factories, etc, and then the game glitched after an upgrade and all production stopped. Reloaded page, and still no good.

        • Yeah reload doesn't help. Mine glitched twice. Gave up and unlocked the cheats just to finish the game all while staying away from swarm computing to prevent it glitching again. Yes I know there is no fun in using cheats, but I wasn't gonna spend another 4+ hours hopping it wouldn't get stuck lol

        • Just tried again - 20 mins in and it has glitched out again - no production of paperclips. Using Firefox …. Might try Chrome ….

  • It only runs while the tab is active and it saves your progress if you close the tab.

    • If you have windows 10 you can press the Windows key + Tab, create another desktop and keep the paper clip game in a separate desktop. This way you can continue doing your life (Homework/work/ozb) and continue gaining those sweet clips!

  • I played this for… I don't know an hour, more, less, can't tell.
    It seems like its an infinite game, with no endgame in sight.
    I guess the game ends when your patience ends.

    For some reason this game made me think about Intel's monopoly on the CPU industry.

    I'm now at:
    $100,000 (+ plus investments)
    5 Mil paperclips produced
    Average Rev ~$400/sec ($0.40 per clip)
    1,000,000 paperclips in stock
    10,000,000 wire bought/stocked up
    with 100 Autoclippers
    and 100 MegaClippers
    Marketing Level 10
    Investment Level 2
    Trust Level 23

    …not sure how to proceed further in the Modelling Game/Yomi
    …and the Quantum Computing feature kind of sucks as after a certain point, it deducts your ops

    My next objective is to grind the game to make $1 Mil and do a Hostile Takeover of GlobalFasteners… which is basically Intel buying out AMD.

    Hints to play the game:
    - invest heavily into Memory (almost on a 2:1 ratio)
    - invest heavily into Clippers, max out around 50 then convert to MegaClippers as soon as possible
    - invest into Marketing (around 1 upgrade, to every 10 Clippers you buy)
    - always keep an eye out for Public Demand and Price and the rate at which your stocks decline/increase/stabilise
    - always keep lots of unsold paperclips in inventory, it allows you to control the Public Demand and make higher profits overall
    - buy lots of steel wire inches when your early/mid-game (I normally double the total paperclips you created), this way you can spam that button and buy them at very cheap (eg $14/roll) instead of really expensive ($40/roll)… It allows you to control spending, instead of your supplier becoming a monopoly and leeching from your profits. In the late game, it doesn't matter though and you can let it run out to 0 stock and let the WireBuyer do its thing and buy at an expensive ($90/roll) but you'll still make profit.

    • +7 votes

      That's just near the start, a lot more to do after that.

    • There are many other businesses which established monopoly. I think Monsanto is a better example in this case.

    • +3 votes

      Yeah I played for a few of hours between work yesterday, then an hour this morning

      It finished when I got 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 paperclips

    • Don't waste money on wire early in the game. Let it run out and spend your money on auto clippers instead. Once you run out of money and wire, HQ will gift you a spool for 1 trust.

  • TIP - do not get more than 10 processors… because you neeed 80 operations.

    I am stuck because I got 20/70 and need 80 operations to do any more projects

    • Just finished it, you should be fine with 20/70 because extra projects will come along. Also can use quantum processing to boost.

      • You need 68 memory, as you can get 68,000 Ops…. then use the Quantum Computing to add another 3,000… so you total just over 70,000 Ops to unlock one of the tiers.

        That way you can have 12 processor, to speed up the Creativity/Ops generation.

        Once you have big bucks, you can add +1 Trust, just throw them at processing.
        So you should finally end up with 32/68.
        You'll need the processing power to max your Ops at 68,000… then power through the Creativity Generation to hit the 25,000 mark for Theory of Mind and Auto-Tourney.

        PS I beat the game just under 2 hours. See my above tips for some help.
        Kind of entertaining, even with its low/no-graphic.
        +1 to the developers, and anonymous for the post.

        • Dang, it took me around 7 hrs, did you kill all the drifters + complete space exploration in 2 hrs?

        • How do you beat the game if it's infinite?

        • @Baebs: So space exploration.. you need that at 100% to win?
          Space Exploration = 0.000000028746% of universe explored :(

        • @Risser:the
          % rises really quickly on its own, I just kept speed and explore between 1 and 2.

        • @Baebs:
          I didn't get any space exploration options.
          I released the HypoDrones then finished, which finished the game.
          There were only 2 objectives left after that which was to get 25,000 and 50,000 Creativity for the Yomi game (Theory of Mind, and Auto-Tourney).

          Since my Processor was at a weak Level 10 it was going to take a very long time to build them up.
          I had 31 more Trust, just before I released the HypnoDrones, so if I had known, I could've increased my Processing Level to 41 (max is 42) before I finished the game. That way, I could've finished the Yomi sidequests quickly and then released the HypnoDrones/finished the game.

          Not sure why people are saying the game is infinite and has space/universe/time exploration.
          I didn't get any of that, it simply finished with the HynoDrones.

        • @John Kimble:

          Damn. Thanks for this.
          I wonder if the progress is saved?

          However, there was nothing left for me to do… all the objectives were done, no way to push forward.
          Maybe its a bug in the game… that you have to leave the HypnoDrones alone until you can get self-sustaining with the factories or space exploration or something.

        • @Kangal: yeah, should save unless you deleted your cookies I think.

        • @Kangal:

          The game only starts with HynoDrones. You begin a New stage soon after

    • Yep, I buggered this bit up…
      Have an almost even ratio of processors to Memory and now I'm in chug mode… just making clips until I can gain enough trust to build my memory to 68 minimum to buy more upgrades.

      • Got there in the end…
        But got sick of waiting to take over the universe…
        Making septiliion clips per second, killing lost drones everywhere, 200 processors and Memory pumping out the Yomi and hero points but getting nowhere in exploration.

  • It appears to be never ending! I've put the afternoon into it while doing other things. Paperclips 5,679,517,442,513,670,000,000,000,000
    Space Exploration

    • I must have missed something. Don't have any projects to do. Stuck at the clip factory, drone production. Not up to the probe section yet.

      • I think you have to run out of stuff to harvest

      • At your stage you'll want to have..

        50 factories at least, to get the Self-correcting Supply Chain project

        25K drones of each type (50K drones total) to unlock the Drone Flocking: Adversarial Cohesion project. This costs 12K yomi, which involves playing the Tournaments

        you'll want to to have around 30~50 processors and at least 120 Memory. You could have less memory, but will need to make up the shortfall by clicking on Quantum Computing. Otherwise, you won't be able to research projects.

        your Power, or Factory/Drone performance Power meter should continually rise from 100 percent to almost 1000 percent (making production much faster). You need the "momentum' project and you will also need a heap of energy production (to support 55 factories, 50k drones etc. try amassing at least 1250 solar farms and a few hundred battery towers. Battery towers are very cheap.

        if your production is bugged, try selling everything (there is no waste in selling, you get all clips back) and then rebuild from scratch. Make sure your solar farms are built first so that you have enough power for your drones.

        Once you've depleted all Matter, you can sell all your Harvesters and concentrate on Wire Drones to finish processing all your Acquired Matter.

      • There are certain triggers to get more objectives/upgrades. I think you need 100+ factories to trigger an upgrade.

        I'm not sure what I'm spose to do now. I have made a lot of Paperclips: 295,658,432,151,818,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

  • So I left it running overnight.

    Spoiler… (clicked "reject" here)

    There were a bunch of "dismantle" projects until I got to…

    Ending Credits…

    Thanks, this was more fun than a lot of high end games that need a fancy video card.

    • How long did it take you? It took me 9h45m.

      • Took me +18 hours :(

      • The first time, I left it running and slept. When I woke up, it was done.
        The 2nd time a few hours, maybe 5. Near the end, I put everything into self-replication and leave maybe 4-5 into protecting it from hazards. You can watch how fast "total" number goes up and pick the best number. The self-replication will do it all for you. I had just one spare to toggle between drone / factory production.

        And at the end, when it asks you to sell. Sell off the factories first or else the factories will continue to eat up the other resources.

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          I dont call it finished until you have this many paperclips (and no other options at all)


          Welcome to Universal Paperclips|

          Paperclips: 30,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

          Make Paperclip

    • Ok, I was just far too impatient… gave up with only a few million drones!

  • The first time I finished it I went to a simulated universe where I start with increased creativity. The second time I chose the other option where after I had exhausted all resources of the universe and dismantled everything to make clips until there was nothing left haha

    That was too fun

    • I played it once and went for the 2nd option. I really wasn't looking forward to wasting more time on doing the same thing again in a different universe.

  • My wife got angry at me for playing this all yesterday and not spending the weekend with her and my daughter.

    She also asked why I can't focus and devote time to fake paperclip making and not real world endeavours that would improve our financial position. :/

    Luckily I've finished it and no longer have the desire to play.

  • CPU running at 100% while playing this 'game'….. So its a bitcoin masked as a game?

  • I made a post like this about a riddle website I found and was temp banned for "sockpuppeting"…. so how's this any different? OP has only one other post on ozbargain and clearly is replying to comments in a way that makes me think they created the game.

    • Don't disagree, but Anonymous101 has been a Member Since 10/07/2015 which is a VERY long game to be playing……. Created the account 2 years to post today.

    • I wish I was this smart or had this much programming knowledge to be creating this kind of game :)

      I have no benefit from this game. I expected some people would have already played it before me and I wanted share my experience. But turns out I brought everyone here into this game even though it gained a lot of attention already

    • +3 votes

      The creator of the game is Frank Lantz, who is a well known American games academic and developer. No idea how he would profit from promoting his game on ozbargain.

  • What a timewaster. Marketing seems to be the key.

    • Marketing increases demand for your product. Youre going no where until you level up marketing

  • Why would you do this to me? I had plans for my Sunday…

  • ok i've had this going all arvo, and have just released the hypnodrones… not sure if i want to let it run overnight as someone upthread mentioned - big battery drain

  • Get stuck with 0.000000000000% of universe explored? what to do?

    • It's a big universe, takes a while to explore it all.

      I think you need 1 in speed and 1 in exploration before you start getting any, but you need a lot of probes to make progress. Focus on avoiding hazards and self replication at first