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[Lease] Google Pixel 2 -Free Calls/Texts + 20 GB + Bonus Google Home Mini + 12 Months Foxtel $99/Month @ Telstra


t’s here! Order the Google Pixel 2™ with Telstra, the exclusive telco partner, and receive the Google Home Mini as a bonus gift, while stock lasts.

When you sign up to a 24 month $99 Go Mobile Swap Lease Plan, you’ll get a massive 20GB of data to use in Australia. Plus, enjoy the Pixel 2, stuffed full of the hottest entertainment with 1 Foxtel Now Starter Pack included in a 12-month Foxtel Now subscription. Min cost $2,376 over 24 months when you return the phone in good working order.

Only on Australia’s fastest mobile network (based on national average combined 3G/4G mobile speeds).

Min cost $2,376 over 24 months when handset returned
in good working order.
20GB data (12GB + 8GB bonus data)
To use in Australia. If you go over your monthly data allowance, extra data auto added ($10/GB) to use that month.
Unlimited national talk and text
To standard Australian numbers. For use in Australia.
Unlimited international talk and text from Australia to 15 selected destinations
Applies to standard fixed and mobile numbers in eligible countries. Countries included: Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, UK, USA and Vietnam. To use in Australia.
12 Month Foxtel Now subscription with 1 Starter Pack
Choose a Foxtel Now Starter Pack, with choices from Pop, Dramas, Docos, Kids, and Lifestyle – there’s something for everyone. Data charges apply.
Get $12.50 movie tickets
Access exclusive movies, music, sport and arts offers like this one, just for being with us.

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  • leasing a phone yuck!

    • Phones are lasting less and less these days, starting to make a bit of sense.

      • I disagree, it's quite the opposite.

        • Maybe I'm bias because my MotoG 3rd Gen just died after 18 months with 12 month warranty. Before that a LG G3 died (boot loop) within 6 months but warranty void because of cracked screen. I got a good run out of my Note II until I dropped it (so my fault on that). But in general even high price ticket phones are not designed to last past the warranty period. They don't build 'em like they used to.

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          But in general even high price ticket phones are not designed to last past the warranty period. They don't build 'em like they used to.

          Where's your proof on this? If anything smartphones are lasting longer because of constant improvements in technology.

        • @Lorindor: why would they build them to last if the design spec if the warranty period, and they fail plenty within warranty as it is

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          Why wouldn't they design them to last?

          I think your experience with older tech has clouded your view of the smartphone industry.

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          Good news.. If you still have your moto, Motorola offers 2 year warranty on their locally sold phones. Give them a call, they will help you out.

        • @The Land of Smeg: There is no such thing as a warranty period in Australia. ACCC law states 'reasonable amount of time' For a phone, you can easily get a repair at 3 years by stating this law and the phone has been looked after (no signs of water damage or physical damage) but 100% has to have a minimum of two years in this country. Source> Was the store manager of a Telstra Shop for 7 years.

        • @ONEMariachi: I'm sure you can - but not "easily". Trust me. Been through this with a Nexus 9 and Nexus 6P. In the case of the 6P, I never made it work from JB (the retailer), Huawei (manufacturer), or Google themselves.

          The e-mail I got from Consumer Affairs says you are absolutely correct, but the work you have to do is not "easy".

          Written letters, phone calls, talking to managers, etc. etc. etc.

          It is absolutely possible and within your rights to get the unit fixed under warranty but be prepared to put in a bit of work. Make sure it's worth it…..

        • @Ramrunner:

          One simple task if they do not do it under threat of the ACCC fine. You give them a letter of demands, stating you will take it to the small claims court if the matter is not resolved within 10 business days. I have never, at any point not received a full refund straight away when presenting this. I've done it on 4 occasions. 2 phones(a Samsung and a Nokia), a Sony TV and an iPod classic (this was 4 years old at the time, but in perfect condition, just had a software glitch on the screen).

          If you do it in the right way, providing the written law to them and let them know they will be paying up to 5 times more than the item is worth. they buckle pretty quick. I've never had an issue personally

      • In what way?? I never understand people who seem to constantly have cracked screens. I have NEVER experienced that with any of my phones. Take care of them and use a decent case and you won't have a problem. I am still using my Galaxy S6 and feel no reason to upgrade at all. It has a good camera, NFC and a nice display. These new phones are ludicrously priced and after the novelty wears off you realize it is just a phone and you wasted a good chunk of coin..

        • The LG G3 drop was not my fault :( Note II lasted 4 years, had a good run with that one. iPhones are constantly failing within 2 years. Note 7, well that didn't last long.

          I would trust them more if they had 3+ year warranties. If they were so reliable then that should not be problem, right?

        • @The Land of Smeg: never had an iPhone fail on me, even after two years. My hand me downs to family members are still going strong after 4+ years.

        • @ihavecentsnotsense: But which iPhone was it? If it was a newer one then it would be different :)

        • @The Land of Smeg: an iPhone 5 I have to my mum is still working great as her main phone. My iPhone 6 worked perfectly for over 2.5 years before I sold it - not sure how it’s going now obviously. Those are the newest phones I’ve handed down, other earlier ones lasted just as long (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4).

        • well actually its an extension of my hand and brain so it is worth it.
          Not worth it if you dont use a phone often, but if you are using it more than 4 hours a day like most people than why not have the best extension of your brain that you can have.

        • @The Land of Smeg: If an iPhone fails within two years you get it remedied at an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider at no cost to you.

          Some people, geez.

        • @tp0: it's the 2.1, 2.5, 3.0 etc. year mark that they fail.

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          But which iPhone was it? If it was a newer one then it would be different :)

          Hold on, you said earlier that newer phones don't last as long, so which one is it?

        • @Lorindor: the ones in the last 3 years

        • Never dropped and never had a case for my phones (personal choice I think phones look and fit in my mounts better without them). My phones always look 100% when I sell them.

          It's just a case of how you look after them, how you travel with them, and very importantly what your job is (my brother MUST have a case in his line of work)

        • @The Land of Smeg:

          Yeah, calling bullshit on this. I worked for a Telstra shop from 2009- end 2016. I saw the release of the iphone 3G all the way to the iphone 7, and all other brands. I worked in an area of insanely high traffic(50 plus phone sales a day) and next to 3 retirement homes as well, sso we got a lot of old people, getting hand me downs of 2+3+ year old phones, that were always working well. We kept records of failure rates(as well as transparancy on every single other Telstra store in the nation). So we are talking about tens of thousands of phones being sold a month here. Very few phones had a higher failure rate of more than 3% within a 2 year period at least (The HTC Mozart, Samsung S4 mini and S4, and a couple ZTE phones were the only ones I could say were higher than is an acceptable rate for electronics failure.).

          Plus the amount of iphones, samsungs, HTCs that were 2-3-4-5 years old coming in the get new sims, or for us to help oldies write texts for, was very high. I'm sure your experience of owning maybe around 10 smartphones, and your 8 family members and friends with phones over the years gives you a unique perspective on the industry as a whole. But I assure you, in a single month I saw more phones than you have in your life. So no, you are wrong on this, and living in a conspiracy world.

        • @ONEMariachi: Great response. Mirrors my experience with older iPhones.

          As someone who works in government IT I can second the failure rate of Galaxy S4 devices. We wouldn't have had more than a few dozen in total yet I would see fairly frequent total failures of the units.

        • @tp0: Yeah S4 was a pain in the arse. S4 mini had a tendency to burn at the charging point, I'm quite surprised that one never got out into the public- especially considering the whole Note saga recently. To be honest, Samsung is just a brand I struggle to trust overall. Everyone of their phones had some sort of annoyance, even if it wasn't as bad as the outright failure of the 4's.
          S3 had a sim card tray issue, S5 had the annoyance of the water proof seal falling off. S5 mini, note 3 had really poor battery(although the note was a pretty decent phone outside of the battery.) note 4 had software issues that took them 6 months to fix. The note Edge had burn in screen issues that took them a few months to software patch. S6 was fine, but the edge had camera problems for the first 3-4 months until they fixed that too. Note 8 looks good so far, but man, running a store for as long as I did, Samsung are difficult to trust.

        • @ONEMariachi: Thanks for your perspective.. you're probably right.. just been in an unlucky circle

      • No problems with any my last phones:
        Sony Ericsson M600i
        Motorola RAZR
        HTC M7
        HTC 10

        I only change because of the consumerism, which makes me want something with more technology every two years or so.

        Now I am waiting for the announcement/release of the new HTC U11 Plus, but it is really hard to find a reason to discard my HTC 10, which is working perfectly.

        I've never broken a phone in my life and I could probably still use my M7 or even my ugly M600i (this one was not even considered a smartphone I suppose).

    • Couldn't you buy the phone for just as much…with a resale value at the end too

  • "…when handset returned in good working order"

    I hate these lease plans. I'm far too likely to drop the phone for it to be considered "good working order"

    • Good working order surely just means everything works. I'm sure a few scratches are fine as they're unavoidable.

      • We used to only check for major damage, and that the buttons all work, and the touch screen all works. Basic wear and tear is fine.

        • ex store manager.
        • What happens to the ex-lease phones?

        • @eug: Not certain as they never told us but my guess, is they refurbish them and use them for the Stay Connected(insurance) claims. The paper work for that specifically says they will replace with 'like new' phones, not actually new phones. So my money would be there.

        • @ONEMariachi: Ahhh ok. Do you know if they still swap faulty Samsung and HTC phones with refurbed ones instead of repairing them, even for outright-purchased phones? That was a great service.

        • @eug: If it is Manufacturer fault they do. Early Life Failure (ELF) process, so faulty within the first 30 days is an immediate swap in store for every phone except Apple, which is 3 business days for them. Outside that it got sent to the manufacturer/our repair centre and they would either credit our account and we give a new phone once the credit is applied, or if it is a minor issue they repaired it.
          They only swapped for refurbed ones with customer damaged ones (Water/physical).

          I haven't worked there in a year now, so it is possible some of the processes have changed now, but this is how it worked when I was there.

        • @ONEMariachi: Hmm ok. There was a different process that only some stores could do… they could only do it with Samsung and HTC phones from memory. Any time within the 2-year warranty, if the phone develops a problem that the tech bar can confirm, they'll just get a replacement phone in. I got two different outright-purchased phones swapped due to camera issues. Another friend got his 22-month-old contracted Note 2 swapped because of a usb port problem. The first smaller Telstra shop he went to couldn't do it.

          CrazyCS on WP confirmed the arrangement.

          It was a great way to get Apple-like warranty swaps with Samsung/HTC phones.

        • @eug: Yeah, that is the standard repair process, worked for any phone. If we can guarantee the fault, we tick a box in the repair order and a new phone gets sent in the next day if it was before 2pm, or the day after that if after 2pm.

        • @ONEMariachi: Good to know it works with any phone. I've been telling my friends to buy outright from Telstra if they want easy warranty service. I'm surprised more people don't know about it … I've seen lots of people say they love iPhones because of the quick swapping process (as opposed to sending it in and waiting a week). With Telstra, it can be done with any phone!

  • this new Leasing model is appearing far too often for my liking

  • Is this a 'bargain' given its the standard offer you can get from any Telstra reseller?

  • There needs to be a MUCH larger gap in price between buying and leasing for it to be at all tempting.

  • Lets Burn-inG

  • JB hi-fi is $97/month for 20gb, with the google home mini and $200 jb giftcard.

  • Definitely not a good deal

  • $1200 just to lease a phone?

  • This is not a deal!

  • I prefer to trade mine in and get the latest each year so leasing is great for some of us. The $150 cost to upgrade is my only grind but it's a small price to pay to get the new device and more inclusions. I'd do the same with a car but that's a whole lot more money.

  • Gtfo Telstra. April fools is over for this year.

  • So is this bargain because of the 12 month foxtel?

  • Leasing is also cheaper to cancel the contract earlier and not just exchange for a new phone and renew it. Good option

  • Pair the earlier Amway deal (it's still available) with the pixel 2 xl and own it for 103.20 per month (before welcome credit) on the XXL plan (so that's 60gb data a month) with the 295 welcome credit it's more like $91 a month

  • Shame on ya Telstra.

  • check google us, you will not think about buying here. American got cheaper price, even attractive finance. google pixel is over priced here. also a big fault to pick telstra. It was my dream phone, not now no more.

  • Note Telstra charges you for things that you can't think of. For example SMS delivery report is extra 5c per SMS and it's not included. So you will pay more than $99.