expired Valvoline Engine Oil Armour Diesel 5W40 10L Engine $10.99 @ Autobarn


Same product from Autobarn but only 5L is $54.99:
Big sale? Price error?

Valvoline Engine Armour Diesel 5W-40 Synthetic Technology Engine Oil
Suitable for passenger, LPG, SUV, 4WD and light duty diesel vehicles.*
Promotes soot control, engine durability and engine cleanliness.
Provides maximum start up and cold weather protection.

The rigours of day to day driving can cause damage to vital components in any car engine. Engine Armour is specially formulated to minimise engine wear and extend the life of your car. Valvoline Engine Armour Diesel 5W-40 is a synthetic technology engine oil formulated to meet the latest API CJ-4/SN service classification. *Refer to owner's manual for recommended oil grade and change interval.

Approvals and Performance: API CJ-4/SN, ACEA A3/B4, ACEA E9/E7.

Note: Deal expired, appears to be a price error but it was honoured for some orders at least.

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