This was posted 4 years 2 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LG V30+ $1199 (RRP) through JB Hi-Fi - Get Bang&Olufsen H3 Earphones (Valued at $230) if Ordered before Xmas Eve


Claim that JB will be offering a pair of B&O H3 earphones ($230 - not the ANC - noise cancelling version) if you purchase the LG V30+ before Xmas. Not clear if this is a redemption, or a bundle. These are a sweet pair of headgear, which would complement the quad-DAC sound that LG has outscored all other flagship phones…using a headphone jack as well…

"JB is the exclusive retailer" - hoping that this does not include Telco's stores!
(Personally, waiting to see what the Telco's will do to put the V30+ onto a plan, and maybe bundle it with something…)

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    Satisfyingly cabled <3 This phone looks sick though. Australia will only get the + version though which apparently has more storage. As soon as it drops below $1K im gonna jump on it. These headphones can be found for quite cheap so not sure how good this deal is though :)

    • Same. Price drop to $1000 and then a 20% eBay coupon and then this phone has my name on it.

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        there's a new warranty from LG, because they believe it won't happen again including the G6

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          But you lose everything on the phone. you can't just backup the phone everyday. It's painful and stressful when you know the phone might get bootlooped one day. I just experienced that…

        • @coolbbb888: Your phone doesn't automatically back up everything to "the cloud" every night?!

        • @abb: Not everything abb, especially some chatting app's history. I won't worry about photo, contacts, sms, etc.

      • 20% eBay coupon

        Care to share/elabaorate?

    • +6

      im gonna jump on it

      Absolutely not recommended, these aren't build to withstand a lot of weight.

  • I'm a little bummed out to find out the + doesn't have the extra 2gig (total 6GB) that all the reviewers said the + would have a month or so ago.
    Android does love it's RAM. That and an IR blaster would've made this phone damn near perfect. That and maybe a Snapdragon 845.
    Santa knows what to get me this year.

    • Looks like this is packing an SD 835.

    • 845 is not until next year and Samsung is going to take all the stock for at least 1 month, so don't expect 845 devices until march.

    • IR blaster would have been great. Do any phones still have them these days?

      • +1

        The Iphone X. :/
        A few still rock them though. Heaps of the cheaper Chinese brand phones. I was actually looking into whether you could just have an external USB IR Blaster or something. Turns out, you can buy little headphone jack adaptors for next to nothing that do the job (with varying success). Might be a good alternative.

        • +1

          The iPhone X has an IR camera for its facial recognition tech, but I wasn't aware it had an IR blaster (the kind that controls TVs and appliances).

        • @tmr3: You're spot on mate. Pays to read things properly.

      • The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is reported to have an IR blaster.

        • Right you are. The rest of the specs are a bit of a let down though.
          No exp storage or headphone jack, lower screen res and PPI.
          Also, in the 2 camera comparison videos I've watched, the Mate 10 Pro loses out pretty badly to other flagships. I.e. this review

        • +2

          @ToastySteve: True, I was tossing up between the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the V30+. I decided to go with the V30+. Camera is average for indoors on auto mode and I haven't tried it out in daylight. I had the S8 for a few months and the Auto mode of the S8 was definitely better, but the manual modes on both are comparable. I'm really happy with the V30+ though just went through all the settings and there's a surprising amount of customisation available.

        • @HeLisH: Awesome feedback, thanks for that. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, still waiting for the price to drop a little more and an overseas trip to TRS it. :)

  • +3

    This makes Aus V20 rather good value.

    • Just bought a v20 for my mum. $499, hopefully it was a good decision.

  • +14

    I'd rather eat glass than pay $1200 for a phone.

    • +1

      I'd rather drop and smash my phone than see it depreciate in value at the ridiculously fast rate that other V series phones have. Would be less painful.

      • But if you pay for it with a price guarantee credit card it means you end up paying significantly less for a flagship phone.

        • Well technically you would have to claim, providing the advertised brick and mortar store price, and within the time frame allowed which is probably 3 months. So there's much more depreciating to happen in the time beyond that. Consider the V20, on sale $350 a year on.

        • @chyawala:

          24 months for mine.

        • @thisispants:
          Interesting, which one is that?

        • @chyawala:

          Coles with price protection.

    • +1

      Lucky for you this is only $1199

  • +2

    LG phones now over $1000 ? The more expensive the top line phones get, the more expensive these average middle of the road things get.

    • +1

      Except this is a top of the line flagship, equivalent in many ways to the others. Plus headphone jack (with quad DAC!)

    • They start high and fall quickly. G6 is still $699 at Jb.

  • +3

    I literally just packed my V20 up after 3 months of usage. To be returned under warranty for bootlooping. What a hassle.

    Thats right, V20 and bootloop….no it hasn't been fixed.

    Back to my Galaxy Note 4.

    I would highly recommend not getting any LG phone until they are proven to be not part of the bootloop club.

    • +1

      Oh no, I have a v20.

    • This sucks to hear. My V20 is my first LG phone. It's crazy that one company can get it so wrong over and over.

      • I've been exclusively using LG phones for the last 4 years. The V20 is awesome. I have never had bootloop with G2,G3,G4, V20. I don't play games on them, that might be the reason why. Either way, very happy with the brand,

        • Also don't play games, I was happy until 12 months and 3 days in my G4 bootlooped. Mistakes happen, just look at note 7. But LG don't seem to be able to rectify their mistakes and with their phone dept bleeding money they will keep cutting corners. 4 different phones same issue, they have lost my trust. I loved LG too since my Nexuseses/Nexi - but this is just to close to the Lucky Goldstar of the 80's.

  • B&O earphone is part of v30+ bundle. Purchaser will get it regardless buy it before or after Christmas.

    • Not the H3s.

    • Sure these aren't included along with the ones in the box?

      • This is a pre-order (/early order) bonus. There are some lesser-specced ones in the box. Much like the Google Home Mini giveaway with the Pixels.

  • Beoplay H3 RRP is $230.. wut?

    nextminute, eGlobal sells them for $80

    • +1

      … and, your point is?

      List price (RRP): $229.00
      Price: $79.00
      You save: $150.00 (66%)

      This is also how eGlobal answer your calls if it's a warranty claim:

      "New phone, who dis?"

      • +1

        I'm assuming you haven't dealt with eGlobal before?

    • broken link…

  • +2

    Bad deal. The phone will be $600 soon enough

    • Exactly, no one pays over $500-$600 for an LG phone…

    • +1

      and then probs 300 soon after that.
      keep waiting

  • +3

    Wow… $1200 for an LG phone… I think these phone prices have gone a little apeshit as of late.

    • +4

      Imho a flagship unit shouldn't crack $800 considering what's in it, but I'm aware nobody seems to agree with me.

      • I vote for this comment just to make you happy.

  • So so reviews on the camera and the screens. I think it's budget mate 10 this year

    • +1

      Whaaa? The V30 has the best camera specs of any smart phone on the market, doesn't it?
      There are a few software issues with point and click photography on it, that're causing it some grief, but if you switch to manual mode it blows everything out of the water.
      It also has a pretty great screen from everything I read, and watched on it. Super bright at least.

      Possibly what you've seen in the reviews you've watched is a bit of disappointment over this phone that was heralded as the 2nd coming, only to be competitive or on a level with the other top tier phones.
      The MKBHD Review literally dotes the screen and the camera as the two best qualities of the phone.

      • I looked at the sample shots on gsmarena and the V20 camera looks better.

        Are there other sites that do a direct comparison of photos to play with? (It's certainly possible that gsmarena just got bad luck when taking their test image)

        • +1

          I'm not really sure of any other sites other than DXOmark. I've just watched a bunch of youtube vid comparisons vs the Pixel 2, Iphone 8/X etc.
          From everything I've seen and read the V30 SHOULD be the best.
          If you've got a bit of time, check out this video and this one
          Plenty of other positive reviews out there, just have to look.

        • @ToastySteve: Thanks, I don't much like videos but I'll have a look tonight.

          I was all motivated to buy the Pixel until I saw the blue shift thing, and now that I've seen the V20 for ~$400 it's getting hard to convince myself to pay $1k! Maybe having the best camera around will be enough motivation…

  • Will this phone having burn-in problem like pixel 2 xl?

    • It's the same tech in the screen, so there's that possibility.. But the phone has been in use by reviewers for longer than the Pixel 2 has, and we haven't heard any noise, so I don't believe so.
      I think it was just a bad batch of Pixels that were to blame, wasn't it?

    • Not only that, but a lot of V30 users have reported getting really bad OLED panels just like Pixel 2 XL ones have, with discoloration, light bleeding etc. Might be worth waiting a while before buying one of these, in hopes that later batches aren't affected as bad.

      • Have we heard anything about LG's warranty for this? Google's answer to the burn in issue was to increase the phone warranty to 2 years.
        If LG followed suit, I'd feel pretty confident going with them.

        • +1

          LG chat said 2 yrs warranty

  • So wanna get one of these v30 but I heard screen burning issue and blue color bleeding. Any true?

    • I don't think either of those are true for the v30…. that's the pixel xl you're thinking of.

      Some of the v30's have uneven lighting on the screen at very low brightness. I think it's also been called strangely grainy…. But it seems to vary unit to unit.

  • eglobal and dwi have them on pre order @969

    • +1

      Australian pre-order release, or marketed as such and using Korean configuration?

      • +1

        pretty sure they are imported grey units.

        • Without the details, bit of false advertising as "pre-orders"…

        • @randomchecker:
          EGL AU (eglobaldigitalcameras)
          Nov 3, 16:32 HKT

          Dear Johnny

          Thank you for your message. We are based in Hong Kong and deliver our orders directly from our warehouse located in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we do not have any stores/office within Australia.

          At the present moment, the expected stock arrival by End of November
          Best Regards,
          eGlobaL Digital Cameras

  • Seem like a good phone but LG prices drop quickly, likely will be below $700 in 3-6 months. Coupled with the bootloop issue which is now happening with V20, I personally will not buy this. I actually like the knock to awake the screen on the LG phones, a pity they can't seem to fix the bootloop issue.

    • +2

      just get it with coles MC, claim price protection if the price drops.

  • Looks like you need to apply and pay for that extra price protection on the Coles MC, 1% of the balance every month capped to $50.

    • Nope you won't have to pay for it if you settle your balance before the statement date.

      • you have my attention w/ the claim price protection

        can you explain a bit how it works plz

  • All stock sold out throughout JB!!!

    Internet orders getting reserved/priority. So many store sold out even before we stepped into the store this morning.

  • -1

    This might be slightly off-topic here, but the Mi Mix 2 is actually quite comparable to this phone and can be had for half the price. Perhaps worth considering as an alternative if you can't find stock or don't want to drop $1k+ for the V30+

    • Specswise maybe…reason ppl goin for lg v30+ is the extra value of the cam/vid and music…plus extra bonus b&o e.phones

    • where to get Mi Mix 2 best ?

  • +1

    With v20 a few months now, no issues at all.
    Went to JB store to try v30+, to my surprise it was dual sim model (LGH930DS), really love the cine mode and point zoom feature.

  • Anyone know when new stock is available at JB?

  • just wait for those Plan Deals … … 3… 2 ….1 …

    • still waiting…doesn't look like any telcos are picking up this phone…all quiet

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