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Xbox One X Console - $554.36 Delivered @ The Gamesman eBay (with 20% off Voucher)


Xbox One X, released today. Gamesman eBay have it at $554.36 delivered with 20% off code.

Original 20% off selected sellers @eBay Post

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  • Glad I waited

    • I almost pulled the trigger on this one 20 minutes ago. Decided to have hold off as it might get cheaper or bundled with games around Christmas. My current console can tide me over until then.

      • Honestly I'm not sure it's going to get much better than $100 off for a while. I might be totally wrong on that, but that's my gut feeling.

  • Will HN pricematch this? Then Amex -$100?

  • Would be good if you can price match with eb together with trade in to much to ask i would say :)

  • Microsoft Amex $100 off is a better deal isn't it?

  • $649 on Microsoft website what are they providing extra $50+ worth?

    • I would allow $15 for shipping but no more than that. Sure its about $30 or so over retail after accounting for that but maybe they figure some will miss out day 1. Can't complain too much with $100 off retail on launch.

    • Guess they're just factoring in eBay's 20% off. It's $649 on their website.

  • If they offered AC:O and Forza 7 for $39 each like JB then I might be tempted. Could probably sell the One S for $250 on Gumtree in a day.

  • Has anyone purchased from this shop before? I'm concerned about warranties and returns

  • Couldn't pass this up thx op

  • Not a bad deal considering this just got released

  • Thanks for the discount very happy, also picked up a steering wheel with the new console, all in all saved $215 on my purchase.

  • just pulled the trigger, thanks OP.

    More than 20 sold in the last hour, I assume it will be 'out of stock' soon;

    Personally I am not interested in the 39 per game bundle deal in JB, Forza 7 received many bad reviews and you can get ACO with some extra DLCs and a figurine for around 75 from EB near Christmas.

  • Just pulled the trigger.. Xmas work is paying off!!

  • What's the diff between Xbox One S and One X ?

    • Massively upgraded to push native 4K resolution in games. One S only plays video in 4K. One X is the most powerful console ever made, even more so than PS4 Pro.

      • IMO it's only worth it if you have got a "decent" 4K HDR10 TV or your first Xbox console.
        I would wait so all the bugs/issues are ironed out. Usually new tech has issues .. although it could be minor.
        If you can remember the XB1 day one editions had some duds.
        I reckon Boxing Day sales might be the way to go… although this is a very good price for day one.

  • Bugger I missed out. I was too eager day one! Ah well, these friggen Ebay deals are so erratic….

    • It's still available? They must've added more stock after your comment.

      • Already bought in store before the post :(

        • Oh my bad.. At least you can enjoy your console straight away!

        • How is it?

        • @vinni9284: in what sense? I've got tomb raider and assassins origins in terms of 4k and hdr enhanced games…hard to review yet since I've played so little, but is the same size console as XBox one s, no external power brick, ultra quiet fan even under heavy loads… You should expect to download a near 800mb updates out of box, so be pepped for THAT. Really happy with the texture on the console as well, so it's not a fingerprint magnet. Glad Microsoft kept the XOX design so simple. Design wise it destroys ps4

        • @roosta:
          Sorry I meant holistically.

          You covered mostly the aesthetics however I was more aiming for 4K HDR gaming, speed, fps, graphical detail.
          Is it THAT much of a difference?
          Have you moved from the original XB1 or a newbie?
          What TV make and model do you have?


        • @vinni9284: I have a LG 65" UHD C7 OLED 2017 model; which has pretty sweet response times for input lag on the latest software. Yes, I have moved on from XB1 to this…To be honest, after tweaking my screen settings, brightness and changing to "game mode", I can't say I am as impressed as I had hoped to be after playing; that is, as far as the first 1 hour of gameplay goes with Assassin's Creed Origins. From my limited experience, the jitter and dipping framrates is still obvious…but Ubisoft are well known for their glitches, especially when they release AC Unity. I'll have to give other games a crack before I can safely judge.

        • @roosta:
          Thanks for the feedback.

          That TV is awesome and if you're saying that you are not really that impressed, then I will stick to my 4K Gaming PC LOL.


        • @vinni9284: No probs. Not sure why you'd consider an inferior console or 4K gaming vs a 4K gaming PC anyway. PC will win in most cases with the right setup.

        • @ro0sta:

          Many reasons;

          • Gaming library diversity… exclusives etc.
          • Some games play better using a controller.
          • More comfort whilst sitting back using a controller.
          • Using a controller rather than a keyboard all the time (well not all games on PC are controller friendly/optimised)
          • Can get used games (Discs) off Gumtree after a while for dirt cheap and widely available. Not into downloading PC e-games using GB of data. …. as I'm with Telstra LOL (enough said)
          • Use (more easily) as a network media player via controller from a distance.

          I know I emphasised graphics on my previous post but I thought for a "dedicated" machine that 4K will be significantly better in res. … and tbh, no TV imo is better than yours for the monitor … hence …from that standpoint, I'll just wait a few months and get it cheaper with some extra games thrown in:-)


        • @vinni9284: Fair enough. Agreed on games library sometimes being a bit of a concern, but Sony are ahead of Microsoft there for the games I like….but I thought most if not all games these days can use a wired or a BT controller of your choice, no? I'm not a PC gamer as you can probably tell… Bandwith and downloads can certainly become an issue. I personally think the playing and visual experience is what makes palying games worthwhile and proper built PC (with controller and enough bandwith) will deliver in spades. I love my new TV, but was a bit let down by AC Origins playthrough. I'm gonna cline and swap the mechanical drive for a 1TB SSD and see if that helps in anyway. Loading times are OK, not worth a huge boast, though.

        • @ro0sta:

          " Agreed on games library sometimes being a bit of a concern, but Sony are ahead of Microsoft there for the games I like"

          Yes, I also have the PS3/4,XB360/1 in my man cave :-)

          "if not all games these days can use a wired or a BT controller of your choice, no? "

          Some PC games are not optimised for controllers. For example, the last Need for Speed was designed for Xbox and revamped for PC with little or no change. It was imo a bit of lazy development (obviously cost cutting); i.e. stuck on 30fps and also I had to use an Playstation 3 emulator program coupled with the controller to get it going. It was a headache. I had a Logitech PC rumblepad2 controller and it wouldn't recognise it.

          Well .. after going crazy online with Forza Horizon 3 … i forgot about Need for Speed LOL. When FH4 is released, I will have a 4K HDR projector ready :-) nothing beats 120" gaming!

          "I personally think the playing and visual experience is what makes palying games worthwhile and proper built PC (with controller and enough bandwith) will deliver in spades."


          The only game that I love is Just Cause 3 & Witcher 3. I run it on 4K @ 60fps on my LG55UH770T. This TV has a 120Hz refresh rate, HDR10 (8 + 2), Dolby Vision and it looks fantastic. Although it suffers from DSE, but still worth it as it doesn't bother me. (Half price of OLED C7 equivalent). I have the GTX1080 but still I have to turn down some extra features (AA/AF … shadows from full to moderate). The negs are that some of these games aren't optimised for SLI. otherwise I'll slap in another 1080.

          "I love my new TV"

          Not surprised here! Congrats and enjoy … but .. they offer a paltry 1 year warranty for a $5K TV LOL … well you can use ACL if things go pear shape after a year.
          My next TV … will be possibly the C8.


  • I'm not interested but two people in my workplace managed to get in before it was sold out. Thanks OP!

  • Does it play xbox one games?

    • Yes. Everything the regular xbox one does - difference being some games are optimised to run with better graphics and or frame rates. Some also at 4K. Its basically Microsofts answer to the ps4 pro.

    • Yes, its not a replacement for the XBOX ONE,Its an upgrade, just like u putting in a new processor, graphics card and extra Ram in your PC.

  • All gone!

  • Still not sure that i need this over the original x1

    • If you're not currently doing 4K and/or not really interested in getting towards PC-level visuals then you probably don't need one. I'm still on the orig xbox but I might be moving to 4K soon (damn Bravia stopped turning on!) so should I upgrade the TV then I reckon I'll upgrade to the 1X as well..

      • I'm on a 1080p tv, but my gear is also connected to 4k monitor. I've also got a pc (980ti). I think the trouble is that there aren't enough exclusives on xbox (a good thing, really), and i much prefer the kb+m or PS4 controller

  • missed out :(

  • Damn business must be going great for Gamesmen with Ebay forking out the 20% on all their consoles

    • They sold hundreds of consoles today between PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Switch. A good day on the books, I'd say.

      Logistically however, I can't imagine shipping 100+ consoles for a small local business was/is at all fun.

    • Ebay isn't paying 20%.. If previous comments are to be believed, it was 5%. Surely they've adjusted it somewhat by now otherwise gamesmen etc would go broke

      It probably hasn't been adjusted enough, hence price jacking to stop gamesmen going under

      Now would be such a great time for sellers on eBay to refuse to be a part of sales under these terms, ruining eBay's new '20% sale' marketing strategy and sending eBay up shiv creek just prior to Amazon

  • Great deal

  • splashed the cash. Thanks OP
    Its irritating how they mark up the price to $692 instead of leaving it at $649. Never the less, still a saving for crazy DAY 1 Fanatics

    • In defence of them, $692 was always the list price, they didn't increase the price for the sale (not saying that that's what you're suggesting). Minus shipping and eBay gouging fees, it's kind of understandable.

  • Mine has been shipped should get it tomorrow

  • I just won an Xbox One X! Excited :D