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AmEx Statement Credit: Spend $75 at 1 of 43 Online Stores, Get $25 Back (Menulog, TM Lewin etc)


Registrations Capped (aka no more signups). For those who signed up for the deal, it is valid until 12/12

New AmEx offer - spend $75 in one or more transactions at one participating store listed below, and get $25 back. A few notable stores, including Booktopia, Kathmandu, Menulog, Sunglass Hut, Sony, T.M. Lewin, Under Armour and more.

Enrolment Link

Save the offer to your eligible American Express Card and spend $75 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at one participating Online Multi Brand retailer by 12/12/2017 to receive one $25 credit. Limited to 35,000 Cards.

The following are not Eligible Cards: Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesaler partner, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and the David Jones Storecard.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer valid online only at one participating Online Multi Brand retailer found here.
  • Spend at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm & Williams-Sonoma excludes gift cards
  • Only valid at the participating retailer's Australian website for items shipped within Australia, and paid for in Australian Dollars, before the offer end date.
  • Not valid at non-Australian website versions (such as tmlewin.co.uk or underarmour.com), even where items are shipped to Australia or paid for in Australian Dollars.
  • Excludes payments made via phone or in-store.
  • Offer is limited to one credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly online at the participating retailer's website, for example purchases made through a third party payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.


Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (16)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Great.Keep them coming..

  • timeberland won't let me use AMEX. There's paypal express which allows me to use AMEX, but unsure if I'll get statement credit that way. Can anyone verify?

    • My understanding is if you use PayPal, Amex won’t recognise it as a card spend.

    • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly online at the participating retailer's website, for example purchases made through a third party payment processor.

      So that would include PayPal. Amex credits NEVER work via PayPal.

    • That's BS (not aimed at you)… why would a retailer participate in an AMEX offer and not accept it?

      • Happened to me once with shopsmall. After arguing, they let me use it.

        • Same - Restaurants register themselves on ShopSmall just to get you in the door and then force you to pay MC/Visa/Cash. Now I ask them upfront before ordering if they take amex just to make sure.

        • @Pab23q: It's really annoying isn't it!
          I just sent my wife away first so I could stay there arguing until they gave up.

          Won't be a problem anymore with Android Pay. This helps me duck the surcharges for Amex too. Simply say "I'll pay on card", have the Amex as your default payment, and tap your phone.

        • @idonotknowwhy:

          Haha nice tip =)

        • @Pab23q: same here with Shop small. Shop wants me to pay non amex.

        • I had the same issue where a business would only accept cash despite claiming to accept Amex. I just chatted to the Amex Chat support afterwards (Live chat option), was issued with a $10 credit, and shortly thereafter the business was removed from the Shop Small map

        • @Pab23q:

          Restaurants register themselves on ShopSmall just to get you in the door and then force you to pay MC/Visa/Cash

          That's exactly what I used to think and it used to annoy me so much (that they opted in just to get people through the door).

          But.. merchants do not manually "opt-in" to be part of Shop Small.

          Their participation is actually a somewhat automatic process.


          Haha I've done this several times!

        • @illumination: That's right. They're automatically registered (based off a few requirements), but if they don't actually want the free advertising and marketing, then they can login to their merchant account at AmEx and remove themselves from the promotion.
          So the only way they appeared on the map was via an automatic process :)

        • @idonotknowwhy:

          Won't paying with Android Pay count as not spending directly with the retailer?

    • timeberland won't let me use AMEX

      How do you mean? They have Amex listed as accepted payment method on their website!

  • Thanks J^2

  • No Oxfam this year

  • 2 dinners sorted, thanks OP

  • +4 votes

    Can stack with this deal at sunglass hut https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/340530
    Offer ends tomorrow 15th Nov 2017

  • Stupid question but can I spend $75 each at two separate retailers and get two cashbacks …?

  • So I could buy $75 in Kathmandu gift cards online and get $25 back?
    "Spend at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm & Williams-Sonoma excludes gift cards" this seems to imply that the other stores are exempt?

    • Read as, amex can actually tell if they are gift card purchases at those retailers, and can't else where.

      • So I should be good to redeem the $25 cash back purchasing gift cards from Kathmandu?

        • Yea the general consensus on here seems to be that for the most part even when they explicitly say you can't get the credit on gift cards, they just can't tell the difference with most retailers and so can't enforce it.
          That being said I haven't tried it with Kathmandu Gift Cards.
          Let us know how you go if you do try it

        • @alecator: dont bother with kathmandu. Their payment system will stop u if u buy more than 1.

        • @ChaseTheSun:

          Are you referring to buying them all in one go? It would be best to split the spend over multiple cards

          I purchased 5x$75 kathmandu gift cards and they all come through instantly and credit applied soon after

        • @peter05: yeh. I did but their pay gateway flags you if you buy a few over a few days. Just be aware.

  • 'spend $75 or more, in one or more transactions'

    Does this mean I can buy several meals via menulog for around let's say $15 each, and once I hit $75 spent over a couple of meals I will get $25?

  • Can't switch cards on the new Amex website any more.

    I have two cards with different numbers on the same name, but I can only register this offer on one card.

    I can register other amex offers on multiple cards. But not this one.

    • I access via the AmEx mobile app. That still works!

    • I have a separate user id for my supplementary card on the same account. Can save offers on both cards but have to log in separately

    • Click on the link in the OP, it will open the main page for the deal. Click on Save Offer to Card —> Once you have registered one card, close that tab / window and go back to the same deal page and click again on Save Offer to Card, a new tab will open with blank fields.

      Hope this helps.

  • Thats gonna be one big order with Menulog. Its time to unbutton those jeans…

  • 4 shirts for $75 should bring that down to $50 here https://www.tmlewin.com.au/shirts/

    • I think they mean that each shirt comes down to $75 if you buy 4 or more, not that the total is $75!

      • You're right. The OMG what a deal blinded me to logic…
        If only i could downvote myself for my own ridiculous comment…

  • Gone…..can't enrol anymore

  • Offers out of stocks from now!!!

  • Enrolments are now full. Need to change heading. Done - thanks :)

  • 35,000 cards already enrolled ?! Damn.

    • I can't believe it's already been filled.
      Having said that I don't think I'd buy at any of those retailers.
      However I thought that last year…and made some fairly good use out of it!

    • Wow, never missed out before, surprised 35k gone so quick!


    Cheers op, managed to enrol and also make use of the offer. Shame that it was only limited to 35k cards considering the amount of participating stores

  • Missed out on $45 off a $100 pair of Vans… DAMMIT!

  • Unfortunately the maximum number of Card Members have already enrolled in this offer. Please visit http://www.amexoffers.com.au for other fabulous offers

  • Cheers OP. Managed to enroll and use on two AMEX cards and club with Click frenzy for some crazy prices.

  • hardtofind.com.au is also on shopsmall! and they have $15 off $99+ with code GIFTFRENZY

  • Maximum number of registered cards was reached

  • awesome! i got a pair of sunnies at Sunglass Hut for a gift. 50% off plus 10% cashrewards + $25 off AMEX

    thanks OP

  • I am late :-(

  • Has anyone purchased anything from Sheridan outlet and got the credit back?

  • Has anyone purchased something from TM Lewin and triggered the cash back? Made a purchase last week - haven't got an email and the offer is still sitting in my saved offers :\

    • In the same boat here, hopefully it comes through soon, I had the same thing for Woolworths spend $40 get $10 back offer, the offer stayed in my saved section even after use, got no email about the offer activated, however 10 days later, I got the credit and the offer became redeemed.

    • Same. No email no cash back yet.

    • you guys got your cashback yet?

  • Just purchased a fat lunch from MenuLog. Cheers.

  • Made a purchase from Sony on the 14th and got my $25 cashback on the 16th.

  • Anyone know if there is a way to see what Amex offers you have enrolled in?

    I can't remember which ones I have registered for and I cleaned my emails recently which accidentally included the Amex ones.

  • Looks expired - I get the message:
    "Unfortunately the maximum number of Card Members have already enrolled in this offer. Please visit http://www.amexoffers.com.au for other fabulous offers."

    • It does say Registrations Capped in the title before you posted your comment …

      • True, but the post is not tagged as "Expired" or "Sold out". I came here from another deal that directly linked to this one so I assumed it was current.

        • I just received a clarification ozb - it makes sense now:

          (registration capped) is how we mark Amex credit deals as having limit reached but still redeemable by Amex user if they activated the offer. When the offer expires the system will mark it as expired automatically

  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to get $25 back on the PlayStation store? Or is it only the Sony website?

  • i got my $25 cashback from TM lewin spend today :)

  • any luck with hypedc.com? it says payment rejected contact bank…

    • I'm having the same trouble with hardtofind.com.au too. It says "Gateway Rejected: fraud"….

      • I contacted amex on chat yesterday, but response was negative. They were saying my card is fine, must be the merchant side, then merchant saying contact bank or use another card…

        • Same thing here mate… I don't know what to do, here's my understanding:

          • The merchant has a payment processor (Square, Stripe, Braintree, etc)

          • These payment processors have certain settings

          • The current settings must be so that AmEx cards don't go through

          • The error messages, I've researched, are the result of the payment processor settings not allowing the particular payment method. So AmEx doesn't even see a request for the charge to come through, as the payment processor is blocking it

          • The merchant is saying use PayPal, but we know that's not an eligible spend…

          I'm stuck too, and nobody knows what the hell is going on :( I'm getting the same "Card is fine, contact Merchant, Merchant says contact bank" and we're running in circles and time is running out