Harry Potter - Complete Collection - 4k Dolby Vision - Digital - iTunes - $59.99 or (Free Upgrade if Purchased in HD before)

Harry Potter - Complete Collection - 4k Dolby Vision - Digital - iTunes - $59.99 or (Free Upgrade if Purchased in HD before)Affiliate

Hey guys - itunes are in the process of updating a lot of their back catalogue to 4k. The Harry Potter series just got the nod.
The upcoming price for physical media from JB-HIFI is $164 + shipping, releasing on the 22/11.

Let's be honest, we've all probably bought multiple versions of HP before but feel this deal is good enough for future proofing if you get in on the Apple 4K TV bandwagon at some point.

Good news if purchased from iTunes in HD before - you get the free upgrade and it will be automatically updated in your collection.

Thanks for looking!


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    Gonna hold out for a super special on this:


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    Not real 4k - http://realorfake4k.com/my-product/harry-potter-collection/ - you will see some improvement via HDR and an ever so slightly 'real' res of 2K over blu-ray - personally I wouldn't bother.

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    Worth noting that this is only streaming - which means the bitrate is lower and thus lower quality (15Mbit vs 50+Mbit). And you will be hitting your NBN bandwidth hard with 4K streaming.

    This guy says the difference isn't too significant to the eyes, but …


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      I have solid 25Mbps cable internet, but 4K streaming on Netflix is still not as good as 1080p blu-ray for me.

      Chances of this fake 4k, streamed, looking better than the blu-rays are probably a hard zero.



      Apple recommends a minimum speed of 25 Mbps for 4K streaming. Your Apple devices automatically switch the video quality to a lower quality version if your Internet connection isn't fast enough.


        Yeah, general recommendation is to have twice the bandwidth of the signal you want to stream, to ensure it works smoothly. So 25Mbps is good for 12.5Mbps of streamed signal.


    Sucks for most people with 4K tvs that have HDR10 if it only had Dolby vision. Wish they would include both if they truly wanted a definitive version. At least it has dolby atmos tracks.


      Most Apple 4K versions support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. I'm not sure about Harry Potter specifically but if it isn't supported then it's the studios decision as Apple seems to support both wherever available.


    lol all of the Harry Potter Blu-rays were like $6 or $7 each at JB on the weekend.