expired USB 3.0 Male to Type-C 3.1 Female Adapter Converter $0.30 US (~$0.39 AU) Shipped @ Zapals


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This USB 3.0 Male to Type-C 3.1 Female Converter has been designed into mini size and super lightweight, you can carry this product easily, put it in your purse, bag, wallet or any other boxes. It helps users get a type-C Port via USB3.0 port. You can sync, charge and transfer data from your USB-A devices by using a USB-C cable, which enables you to connect phones, tablets, flash drives, mouse, hubs and other USB-C peripherals to your laptops and chargers.

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    Thanks Clear

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    What would you use this for?
    This looks like it's against USB spec, female type C should only ever be on a cable that has male type C at the other end
    If you plug an A-C cable into this you've got a male to male type A-A cable which is great for blowing stuff up



    When you want to connect a Type-C external USB memory or HDD into an old computer, you can use this little converter to convert it back to a Type-A plug.

    But I don't see why it can blow stuff up? Could you please further explain?


      Ignoring type-C for the moment
      Cables should have a host at one end and a slave/peripheral at the other.
      Type-A male plugs into hosts, Type-B (micro, mini or full size) male plugs into peripherals.
      The host will always supply 5V to the peripheral.
      In the case of an A-A cable, both ends are hosts so both are supplying power, and neither is designed to have power coming in, which is when the smoke can come out.

      Now with type-c they've included protections that mean plugging two hosts into each other doesn't cause these problems.

      Type-c flash drive is a good point, I don't know how you're meant to use that on devices with no type-c, maybe you'd need to go through a hub not a passive adaptor.


    Bought one. Thanks OP!

    Wait, what is this for?