When Your Neighbours Use Your Bins without Asking

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone here has experienced their neighbours using their bins without asking and dumping things into the wrong bins.

I am getting fed up with our neighbours, I'm not sure which neighbour it is - but I'm planning to ask around or even get my Xiaomi camera to film this (if I can actually get it to work -_-")!!

(rant) - I am totally fine if they have the courtesy to ask me but they obviously don't! To make matters worst they seem to be dumping wooden planks with screws into my recycling bin - its like the got lazy etc (they even wheeled our green/tree bin out a few weeks ago and filled it to the rim). Also last night my husband went to check our bins and took all the things that weren't in the correct bin out and chucked it next to the bin. Today as we woke up and went out to check our bins - everything was gone! (end rant)

Do you guys have any strategies to deter your rude neighbours from doing this?

Thanks for reading :)


  • Contaminating the recycle bin, that's a no no!!
    Bikies ?:)

  • the trauma……….

    you could put a lock on your bins and unlock them 10 mins before garbo comes along

  • One of the things we do as human beings is talk to each other.

    • haha in a perfect world, it would be nice if they asked us and also sort out the rubbish in the correct bin opposed to dumping things into any bin that is empty and letting us take the fall -_-

    • You will find them unreasonable, inhuman, and probably would rob you or take advantage of you after having a chat.

      You can't choose your neighbours, it is possible relationships with them turn sour and they do even worse things to you.

      1) Most people who just dump rubbish in your bins is either they have too many people living at their premise, generate too much rubbish don;t want to pay a higher fee for another bin

      2) illegal boarding houses, taking advantage of neighbours. Over occupied with students and tenants

      3) Neighbours who feel like it is all fair game when its out on the kerb. Can't be bother arranging council cleanup. Laziness or being a cheapstake

      4) Possible bargain hunters in this fashion to not purchase or have a bin at all under council fees and just make sure of other peoples bins for their own sakes.

    • Yes because someone who dumps crap in your recycle bin is just the sort of person to listen to reason and see the error of their ways. Everyone is perfectly reasonable and they are probably not aware of what they are doing lol! Which planet is this again?

      I would try dog poop, oil, paint etc under the lid handles

  • Bring up the issue at your next strata meeting.

    • Hi, I live in a house so its going to be neighbours that surround my place x

      • I see, makes sense. In that case you've just got to catch them once, then tell them if their bin is too small they have to upgrade theirs (and pay the higher garbage disposal fees). .

        If you're lucky that your neighbours are honest people that are open to discussion they might agree to stop being Rubbish Santa Clauses and putting un-recyclable crap into your bins, if unlucky you'll need a physical deterrent such as a bicycle lock and chain or some other deterrent. Some discussion here

        If you need help with setting up Xiaomi cameras I could probably assist you

        • Thanks for that I shall read that.

          Do you install security cameras (in Sydney)? I'm thinking its probably a better idea to invest in a few real ones now haha..

        • don't want to hijack the thread, but are xiaomi IP cameras any good for outdoor security?

        • they're mostly indoor cameras, however Xiaomi is going to release a outdoor / weatherproof version.

          However, someone else has suggested Gravity locks, which seems like a more suitable deterrent.

        • @ssx:

          Hi there - all good, I bought a xiaomi to leave on my window sill to point outside. So far I cannot work it lol…

        • @debe:

          lol - thanks for letting me know. Going by your and Domingo's comments, I'll probably steer clear.
          Thanks :)

        • @ssx: Yeh im currently looking for a wireless camera where I can charge/stick it around my place now. If you know of any, please recommend it to me xx

        • @debe: what's your budget for security cameras? I'm a security technician in Sydney. Can help you out.

  • we need xiaomi smart mi bin

  • This thread is a load of rubbish.

  • Put a padlock on it…

  • sh!ts me

  • or even get my Xiaomi camera to film this (if I can actually get it to work -_-")!!

    I feel you. Got my xiaofang yesterday, some sort of wizardry must be required to get that thing working. It is currently a tiny box that shouts at me in Chinese.

    • haha i know hey, what are you planning to do with it? I'm hoping my friend can help me work it. If not - i'll just invest in good cameras around my place :)

  • Set their house on fire.

  • HAHAHHA at first when I just read the title of this post, I was thinking geesh OP is so uptight (as I sometimes sneak a rubbish bag into my neighbours bins), however while reading the actual post this enrages me, I hate it when the wrong rubbish goes in the wrong bins and they even went to the effort to wheel out your green waste bin for you and fill it with non green waste!?

    Is there any way for you to keep bins locked in an area until the last minute/super late at night and then ? Have you had a look at the bins around you are they all filled with random crap too?

    • HAHAH nah, i'm fine with sharing our bins. We are only a family of two - we dont have much rubbish. What erks me is how inconsiderate they are to put wooden planks with nails out in our recycling bin and old badmintons etc also random things in the green bin when its suppose to be for tree branches and grass.

      My husband has to go into our bins and sort it out as we do not want to get into trouble with the council :(

      • Badmington….hmmm…Whichever neighbour is of Asian descent please tell them to stop putting rubbish in your bins.

    • Try strata living. Our big recycling bin is constantly contaminated (there's only 15 units). Putting up signs and pretty pictures has failed. Some people are simply selfish tools.

      • When i was in an apartment block of 26 units, there was always other stuff in the recycling bins, but the worst was people deciding it was ok to just dump stuff on the floor of the bin room. Whole lounges, broken tv's all dumped in there.

      • vigilante

  • If you really wanted to you could try this product: Gravity opening bin lock

    • that looks so cool - I'm thinking of installing cameras around my perimeter. Good deterrence for those pesky neighbors haha

      Thanks so much for that link!

      • I did this at first to confirm who was dumping in my bins… but some people are absolutely shameless. Might not do enough to deter.
        Good idea to have security cameras regardless anyway.

    • Nice solution right there!

    • This is exactly what I did
      I had an issue for a while where the apartment next door were dumping stuff into our bins.
      We had to go a private waste disposal company (like Suez, Remondis or Bingo) to get the gravity locks; but the cost for regular bins was only 10% higher (due to GST)
      The recycling bins were cheaper (because their own recycling plants are more efficient according to them), though. So it ended up about the same.
      We called the council and cancelled the waste service through them and just went private after that.
      Pick-up times are different though. So you might look a bit funny rolling your bins out on a separate day.

      • oh wow, was yours that bad to actually get a private company?

        People should just mind their own rubbish. You shouldnt have to go that far to deter people -_- whats wrong with people these days?

        I dont think I want to go that far as its only been happening for 3 weeks. I think cameras around the house will be fun so I can see what these pesky neighbours get up to while I'm at work :P

        • Yeah. It shat me to absolutely no end.
          They basically filled our bins almost completely so there wasn't much left for us.
          And when the red bins were full they'd start dumping into our recycling and green bins.
          The tipping point was when I found fish guts(or something to that effect) in our recycling bins. I had to clean it our or it just stunk the whole place… I should have scraped it together and chucked it at their building haha.
          The problem was/is that the apartment next door doesn't have enough bins for all the tenants. There's 8 units (going by their mailboxes… I don't know how many are actually squeezed in) and only 3 rubbish and 2 recycling.
          I tried raising the point with the council, with the cops, with their strata (non-existent) and with the agents who lease the site. Absolutely got nowhere.

      • Wait so why did you go to all this trouble when you could have just made two holes in your existing bin and stuck a padlock on there?

        • Because the garbage man isn't going to open the padlock to empty your bin.

          The rubbish is also being thrown into the bin prior to collection.

        • @Shwayne:

          Fair enough, I guess its all being thrown in in the 6-8 hours its on the street on rubbish day?

        • @samfisher5986: Which is all well and fine if they put it in the right bins.

        • @Shwayne:

          Oops. Didn't notice the replies here.

          It was two fold: our bins are on the side of our building and they would stroll into our yard and chuck things in when we weren't home. There's not really room to move them elsewhere and it's a major hassle trying to get them into the backyard.
          Then after the bins are rolled onto the street, others would throw more in.

          And I could probably have hacked it if not that they threw things into the wrong bins.

  • I put stuff in council bins left in the street.

  • I sometimes put a bag of rubbish in my neighbour's general waste bin.
    I don't put out my own bin because I only have one small bag full.
    Space is tight on my cul de sac, and my neighbour puts their bins in front of my footpath,
    so I think it is fair enough for me to add one bag to their bin.

    • From my understanding if you dump things in the wrong bin you as the homeowner can get into trouble from the council.

      So once you bring out the bins and a random happen to put things into your bin, wouldnt you be responsible too?

      • As mentioned, if their behaviour is causing problems with respect to your rubbish collection, then by all means take action to prevent these problems.

        As ever, the context is all important here. If a "random happen to put things into your bin" it will be difficult for the council to enforce any real sanction on you, other than not collecting your bin on the occasion in question. After all, you can't control what randoms do to your bin between you putting it out and it being collected.

        Let's be honest, the bloke collecting your rubbish is either going to take it, or he's not … it's highly unlikely that the contents of your bin are going to be reported. Issues arise when rubbish is left outside a property for days/weeks on end (i.e. dumped), but this does not seem to be the issue here. Even if some sort of report is made, it's a long way from that single report being made to the council doing anything other than sending you a basic letter. This would then be your opportunity to raise the issue with your council and take things from there.

        • My council puts large orange stickers on bins with incorrect items and refuse to empty them until the issue is rectified.

          Occasionally I do see these stickers on random bins so it is being enforced.

  • You should lock up your bin inside the house.

  • Stop using the council rubbish disposal and start exclusively paying to dump everything at the tip. That'll show 'em!

  • Fill your bin with guts and body parts. I guarantee they will avoid it in the future.