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QLD Origin Energy- 21% off Electricity USAGE and SUPPLY Charges


Found this online today whilst comparing electricity plans. Called up Origin and they were able to change my existing plan to this one.
Ask for the Bill Saver Plus Plan which gives you 21% off both usage and supply.
Should make it cheaper than Alinta's 25% off usage.

9/1: You may need to use Edge browser if the form doesn't submit (thanks kamoi).

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      • They don't seem to supply in Queensland?

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    I know title says QLD but is there anything close to these rates and discount in NSW?

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      Hey lionh3art - recently went through this (3 months ago) and my research at the time was:

      • red energy (who I am with now)
      • energylocal (localenergy?)
      • powershop

      This origin deal didn't exist at the time (and not sure I could get it in NSW so.. not sure that it ranks/compares)

      I went with Red (as did my neighbour) because

      • they offered a flat discount on usage and supply
      • their rates were lower than others (except energylocal)
      • they offered a better price for a net meter install (which I needed)
      • their solar feed in tarriff wasn't exceptional (unlike powershop) but it was OK

      I was originally going to switch to powershop as I really like their service and their cost/pricing model (and a bunch of other things). I was with Red and they came back with an offer that was simply too good to ignore..

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        Do you mind saying what your Red Energy rates are?

        • I don't mind saying but it's public knowledge - if you go to Red's website they are required to publish all their rates (all energy retailers must do this).

          The only 'extra' that isn't published as such is the overall discount they can apply - 10% is what I'd expect.

          I should point out that Red make a significant point of being Australian owned - it was a factor in my decision (but by no means the primary factor).

  • So their rate is actually cheaper or same or expensive than Alinta? I just signed up with Alinta but my account is still with Energy Australia, not transferred to Alinta yet, can I still sign up this deal? Thanks.

    • I was with Origin and put in a change request to Alinta. They offered me this deal with 11c feed in tariff, which beat Alinta's offered rates only very slightly.

      By my calculations:

      Rate Origin Alinta
      Peak rate/kwh (incl) 0.2129919 0.2145
      Feed in rate/kwh 0.11 0.11
      Day fee/day 1.0481878 1.11925
  • I just did a quick calc on the Origin deal I am on - $0.14 for solar and 5% discount on usage. If I were to switch to the 21% deal I would be worse off. Worth doing a quick check if you have a solar system.

    • curious what calculations u did to reach that conclusion?

      • Looked at my last bill. They have a break down of how much solar was fed back into the grid. Exported 1761kwh last quarter. We have a 3 phase 5kw inverter with about 8kw worth of panels on a north facing roof.

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    In South Australia they do 21% off usage and supply too, but it actually just means they cut your power off for 21% of the time.

    • 😂

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    If you have solar panels, Alinta still works out better. Alinta gives you 11c where Origin gives 7c. Other benefits to Alinta as well such as no lock in contracts.

  • There was a post about power a while ago and some kind individual (Wololo Wombat) provided a spreadsheet to you could work it out using your own bill and entering all the charges if they were different to what s\he had found. Can be found right about here Just checked it is still available

    So with this deal I would save myself about $3.00 every a month on my usage. No solar in my equation

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    We moved into our new home ~2 years ago and signed up with an origin plan. The plan was similar to OP's in that it gave 18% off when you paid on time. Fast forward to a few months ago when we got a stupidly high bill for the same kWh usage…. Turns out, if you don't call Origin every year and re-confirm your plan, you'll get moved onto the most expensive one again….. After a strongly-worded phone call with Origin customer service (and being a long-time customer previously), we got our discount. But lesson learnt and now I have a recorruing calendar event to check our electricity plan every year.

    TL;DR: Plan's expire after 12 months (even if you dont move) and they will move you back to the default (expensive) plan. Always call them once a year to update your plan.

    I hope this comment helps someone.

    • Yep. They try and screw you in the long run. Tempt you with their seemingly "low" prices but then you are at their mercy. As soon as the contract period is up they can put you on whatever tariff they like.

  • Just signed up over the phone, cheers

  • Good deal! I'm already with Origin, on a 14% off plan. I applied for this one online, so I'm hoping they will change it. Anyone else have any luck changing their Origin plan?

    • Just rang Origin.

      They wont tell you about deal until you tell them bout seeing it online and they ask for the name of the plan— Bill Saver Plus.

      Immediate signing problems whatsoever and includes supply..

      Thank you op… a ripper deal for us as we use vast amounts of electricity..

    • Changed this morning on the phone from 14% to 21%. no issues.

  • amaysim currently have an offer of $125 bill credit for the first bill, and another $125 after 12 months. They have a 20% discount on both usage and supply charges but both are quite high even after the pay on time discount.

    I worked out over 12 months I'd save $10 over this origin deal. I think one could sign up to amaysim, get the first credit and move to origin after the first bill?

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    Thanks OP - managed to use this to renegotiate my rate with AGL. They offered 25% off usage only, which worked out comparable considering Origin charge a Visa processing fee (and I can use Amex Direct Debit with AGL). Might have to look at solar the way prices keep hiking up each July!!

    • How much of a discount on supply charges did you manage to get? I'm on the 25% off usage as well.

      • No discount on AGL supply unfortunately, wasn't an option (maybe their system can't do it?).
        Just spoke to a colleague who is getting 26% off (usage only) via AGL.. tempted to call back, but probably not worth the time.

    • How should I follow this one up?

      My response from the sales team….

      I have located your account and as per the records and as you mentioned you are getting 14% peak, off-peak, shoulder Guaranteed discount off amount payable and $50 once off credit.

      I would like to inform you, ##### actually you are getting 42% discount for the electricity usage.

      Let me explain that to you, you are receiving:
      14% Guaranteed discount off amount payable for peak usage
      14% Guaranteed discount off amount payable for off-peak usage
      14% Guaranteed discount off amount payable for shoulder usage.

      That doesn't seem right for the '42%' I read it as the 14% only counts towards the peak / off-peak times.

      • LOL… what a joke.

        They can't be serious adding the three amounts to get 42 %.

        You would have to be in 3 different time zones and cooking at the same time.

        • Haha I know IanC.

          I didn't post my response, but it was please explain so they tried to change me to the advanced team but it dropped out.

  • RED energy check my usage and charge me $250 a quarter with a 10% pay on time discount.. Origin Energy DOES not check my usage and charges me $450 AFTER 21% off discount
    ont fall for marking like this.. go with RED ENERGY ,, its 100% Australian and you pay for what you use. .. not just the AVERAGE COST in the area.. like origin charges.

    • Well this is a QLD deal - offers & conditions vary by State. Origin do check my meter & charge my limited usage. I have chatted with the meter reader. That won't change by changing plans.

      Since when do electricity retailers not charge by your consumption? You have bills showing this? Otherwise you could leave everything on 24/7 & pay no more. That's not in anyone's best interests.

      RED is said to be good for low consumption users.

  • Just upgraded 2 accounts at AGL from 12% to 25% off.. no hassles at all

    • What did you say to them? There literally telling me over and over that I'm on 14% x 3 so thats 42% discount…..

      • Called up and got 25% now.

        • Well done.

  • I got this same deal just by calling up, saying I was moving house and wanted a better deal. Got offered 12%, told them they were dreaming then got 21%. Quite concerning how easy it was to save that much off my bill.

  • +1

    Thanks for the info - re-registered a week or so ago with an offered a 10% discount, called today after reading your post was offered 13%. Mentioned Bill Saver Plus Plan immediately that went to 21% took 2 or 3 minutes

  • Well that was easy.
    I was already getting the 8% pay on time discount, and managed to up it to this 21% offer.

    Might celebrate a little and turn the air con on!

  • +3

    I added the plan to the Australian Electricity Prices Google Sheet:

    It compares quite favourably and would probably be cheaper than Atlinta for most (Atlinta was generally the previous cheapest).

  • Thanks just switched from maximiser to bill saver plus over the phone :)

  • why is everyone so fixated on percentage discount?

    PLEASE WAKE UP! - it is the actual daily usage / service charge and per KW/h rate which is important - heck most companies could charge double and then give a 50% discount and the unknowing public would swarm on it thinking it was an amazing deal.

    • +3

      As I noted above, when compared with other plans, and considering KWh rates, this is a very good deal.

  • +1

    Have an existing energy plan with them at 10% off, called them about this deal and had no problems with getting the 21% off thanks OP!

  • Hmm, currently on Solar Boost and just had time to do some maths. Based off my last quarter bill, Alinta Energy still works out to be cheaper for me so I guess I'm switching to them instead.

    Here's my calcs for anyone interested:

    • +1

      Origin will do 21% off supply & usage AND 11c FIT to keep you from going to Alinta. They offered it to me. Give it a try.

    • Your spreadsheet looks easy to understand. Any chance it is avaiable for others to try?

  • I just signed up online but I just had a thought - do I need to do anything extra if I am switching from Energy Australia or will this all be done behind the scenes for me? Thanks in advance!

  • Is there termination fee or exit fee with Origin?

  • I've just signed up to this, but I don't see how it's anywhere near 21% cheaper. The rate I'm given is 24.51 excl. for peak usage. That's the same rate as what I had previously on their FlexiChoice plan.

  • Click Opal is a 27% discount. The usage charges are higher than Origin, but the daily supply charge with Click is a lot lower so probably evens out. Almost impossible to make a proper comparison, but if someone smarter than me wants to have a crack at it:

    • Just multiply their rate by your usage and minus the discount. 100% accurate comparison.

      Adam's Spreadsheet even does it for you.

    • Just punch your last bill into and let it do the work for you!

  • If anyone is wanting to do a comparison, is a fantastic site, one of the few non-biased.
    For me with big 10kW solar PV, turns out Origin is better than Red by $100/qtr, plenty of reason to swap if Red does not give me a better deal (about to try).
    I'm NSW, anyone heard of Origin promotions like this QLD one?

  • Tried to sign up online but won't pass the first step? I clicked Continue and nothing happened. Do I miss something here?

    • click the "next" button, worked for me

  • In case anyone is curious, the linked terms I found were only for Time of Use rates however this plan is also available to flat rate or "peak" plan.

    Also you can't move to a time of use plan unless you pay a lot of money.. even with a compatible meter.

  • I am in QLD and currently with Origin 10 percent discount. I wonder if/how I can benefit from this?


    • The link still works. Just call them and ask for the Bill Saver Plus Plan which should get you the 21% off.

      I was on 14% discount before calling them.

      • Thanks. Do I need to allow them to direct debit me to be eligible for this?

  • Any new discounts for Origin ?

  • +1

    Just got email to select new Plan, as this 21% plan expires on 14/11 for me😞

    Deal link to 21% off Bill Saver Plus Plan
    Now shows Product not found.

    Options shown on site:

    Bill Saver
    12% Off electricity supply and usages charges
    (best shown for me)

    Origin Maximiser
    16% Off electricity usage charges

    Origin Saver
    14% Off electricity usage charge when you pay on time

    Solar Boost Plus
    7% Off electricity usage charges

    Solar Boost
    5% Off electricity usage charges

    Am low electricity only user in SEQld, no solar.
    Supply charge is more than use, so discount on only use is pretty useless for me!

    • +1

      Send them a message through their Facebook page, they agreed to renew with Bill Saver Plus for another 12 months.

      • +1

        I sent them a message on Facebook, and they just responded with a link to their "current plans". Their current plans also don't show that there is a 21% off usage plan available, so that was a useless response from them.

        If anyone has any suggestions for best provider in QLD I'd like to know, also a low energy user.

        • Yes, as commented above - Product not found😞
          There was no agreement to extend offer, & they won't do that when offer has been withdrawn.
          Offers are not attractive.

          • +1

            @Rather be Travelling: I forgot to update this, but I actually pressed the matter with them. After I got a bit more firm with that first message being unhelpful, one of them asked for my account information and checked. They offered to extend it for another year. I just got email to confirm extension for another year this morning.

            While I was looking around, Alinta did have a pretty good deal that I was going to change to if they didn't extend it.

            • +1

              @Antares: Thanks for the update - will use my best forceful voice / typing.
              Did you do 2nd contact through FB?

              Alinta has 26% off usage, from memory. That's not attractive for low energy users. Also need to consider the difference in rates.

              • +1

                @Rather be Travelling: I did it all through FB, then final confirmations were done via email.

                Alinta has 26% off usage, but I'm on a single tariff and it looked like their pricing for single tariff feed in was 99.(something) cents per day. On Origin I'm paying 112.(something)+GST and then getting 21% off. So for me personally it was almost the same price without the discount.

                I was going to contact Alinta to confirm that I would be paying this supply fee as their page is pretty confusing with a lot of different pricings listed.

                Getting Origin to extend the plan I was on was just significantly easier and I know it's a good price, so when they offered it I stuck with them.

        • +1

          Just called them and renewed the same plan. They just need to confirm my detail. Very smooth process. As Antares, I'm on single tariff as well. :)

  • +2

    Was able to renew my plan today over the phone too with no issues. They offered straight up to renew my plan for another 12 months with the 21% supply and usage discount.

    I put in the promo code "377" when prompted on the phone which was on the bottom of the renewal letter.

    • Thanks again jon. Just did the same by phone.
      Nice & easy to renew, starting at end date of current plan (next week).

      Nearly forgot to renew as on holidays - which would mean losing this 21% off deal😱

    • Thanks for the heads up Jon. Didn't know I had to renew over the phone!

  • In the process of renewing my plan (signed up to Bill Saver Plus a year ago) - The link goes to the Origin Maximiser plan now which is 21% Usage only. Has anyone been able to sign up to Bill Saver Plus recently? I spoke to Live Chat and they tend to think it's no longer on offer anymore.

    Edit: Just saw recent comments and renewed over phone! They offered the 16% at first but I just asked for the same plan and they just needed approval from their supervisor.

  • +2

    I rang up yesterday and was offered to extend the Bill Saver Plus Plan for 12 or 24 months. I went with 24 months given it has no lock-in or exit fees unless you disconnect your property. Figure they will eventually withdraw the plan so might as well get the most out of it. Obviously I'll still keep an eye out for any better plans.

    • Rang today only offered 12mths which I took, had to "talk" to supervisor…

  • I just rang up to renew an about to expire Bill saver plus plan. They tried to push me to their maximizer plan which is not competitive with Alinta. They went away, came back and offered me the same Energy Saver Plus plan for 12 or 24 months. I took the 24 month plan as there's no lock in/barrier to exit.

  • I had tried the Live Chat on the Origin Energy website and had no luck renewing my Bill Saver Plus plan. The rep said if the plan was not available online, they couldn't offer it to me.

    I turned to facebook chat and had success with the offer. However some technicality stopped me from doing it online.

    I rang Origin Energy again a day later. It was easy to get the plan renewed, however I was only offered 12 months. I said I had a friend who got offered 24 months and the rep asked their supervisor. After a bit of wait I was offered the 24 months option as a one off offer. It's going to be applied when my current plan expires.

  • Just did my calculations of existing bill saver plus at 21 % discount usage and supply, versus the 9 saver plus deal at 28 % discount usage only … at least in my case - I was better off with the 28% discount on usage!

    I use an average 23 kHW per day.
    Based on 90 day bill.

    pre-gst figures of tariff 11

    90*23 = 2070 kWH per bill

    service/supply charge pre-gst is 112.73 c/Day and usage charge pre-gst is 24.20 c/kWH

    2070 * 24.20 c/kWH = $500.94 usage charge per bill pre-gst
    90 * 112.73 c/Day = $101.45 supply charge per bill pre-gst

    9-saver plus deal with 28 % discount on usage = .28 * $500.94 = $140.26

    bill cost pre-gst with 9-saver plus then is 500 + 101 - 140 ~= $460 pre-gst;

    versus the bill saver plus 21 % ….

    bill-saver-plus 21 % discount usage = .21 * $500.94 = $105.19
    bill-saver-plus 21 % discount supplyservice = .21 * 101.45 = $21.30

    bill cost pre-gst with bill-saver-plus then is 500 + 101 - 105 - 21 ~= $475 pre-gst

    Hence I'm approximately $15 better off per 90 day billing cycle using the 28% 9-saver deal!

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