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Canon EFS 24mm F2.8mm STM Lens $159.80 @ Ted's on eBay


I had my eye on this lens since the 20% eBay sale started and this afternoon have noticed that they discounted it further by $50 making it ~$160.

Australian Stock
2 Year Canon Warranty

Original 20% off at selected sellers eBay Post

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  • Price in title

    • Yep just realised this when I posted it.

  • Would've loved to have this on my recent Japan trip, so many times my 50mm STM was simply far too close

    • How awesome is it though. Love the nifty fifty.

      I use the 18-135 now. So versatile.

      • Nifty fifty is pretty great, except when you're trying to get the temples in frame :P Had the 50-250mm too and left my 18-55mm at the hotel (awful decision)

        • I used a borrowed Sigma 10-20. That was the bomb for temples!

          I'm tempted to get this 24 as it seems like a decent, "just right" amount.

        • +1

          Used the 10-22 + 24-105 when taking temple pics in Kyoto. The wide angle stayed on the dslr most of the time :)

  • Is this for full frame?

    • +2

      EFS usually for APSC
      EF usually for full frame, but will fit APSC as well

      • Short answer: No :)

      • -4

        i have no idea what that means hahaha can I use it on my Micro 4/3?

        • +1

          No. You can only use it with some of the Canon DSLRs.

        • +1

          You need an adapter.

  • was looking for this in the past days. thanks op sadly no stock in my local shops. have to pay $10 for post. but anyway still good.

  • Brilliant, bought it. Love a cheap fast prime, and chuffed to have something under 50mm.

  • I can recommend this lens.
    Esp. at this price.

  • Nice! Just bought one to replace my kit lense. Thanks OP.

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