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5 in 1 Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet USD $0.50 (AU $0.66) Delivered @ Zapals


Another awesome deal from Zapals! Enjoy :)

Full detail below:
The Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet is essential for all camping, outdoor and wilderness adventures, which increases survival chances by providing resources readily available on you. It can be used as a flint / whistle / compass / rescue rope / scraper, an emergency kit or gear that you can take with you without packing heavy items or worrying about it getting lost as you have it on you at all times.

5 in 1 Multifunctional Survival Paracord Bracelet
Ideal accessory for camping, boating, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Flint / Fire Starter
Flint / Fire Starter It can start fires, in order to survive for boiling water, cooking game, etc.

It can be applied as a knife.

Accurately provide directional assistance.

Used for signalling help while in emergency.

Unraveled Paracord String
Essential for tying down and securing camping equipment or gear.

Bracelet Design
As stylish decoration wearing in daily life.


Name Survival Paracord Bracelet
Type Bracelet
Material Parachute Cord
Extra Functions Whistle, Compass, Fire Starter, Scaper, Paracord
Occasion Camping, Backpacking, Climbing, etc.
Unraveled Paracord Length 3.2m
Paracord Tensile Strength 200kg
Package Size 15 x 10 x 5cm
Package Weight 50g
Package 1 x Paracord Survival Bracelet

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  • +35

    For all of those Ozbargainers who actually go outside

    • +14

      It’s usually the people surviving in their moms basement who buy these

      • Could be fun for 12-14yo kids: old enough to not kill themselves, but young enough that they don't care that it looks silly and is largely pointless…

        …call me a dork, but I would have been pretty excited to get this for Christmas :)

        • +2

          Ok …you're a dork.
          (But I would have been happy with this around age 6+, despite the dangers of fires or garotting the family pet.)

        • +1


          Were you into murdering animals when you were 7?

        • @serpserpserp:
          We all start young😀
          Young boys seem intent on killing everything (small) that moves.

        • +1


          Not me, I had sex with anything that moved.

          Even copulated with stationary objects.

        • @Scab: it is more difficult when they are moving.

      • Yes , Americans buy these, for surviving in their mom's basement.
        My mum and I lol at people like that

    • +7

      Outside? What is the promo code to unlock the place called "outside"?

      :) :) :)

  • How many of these lie unravelled in a drawer/cupboard? I reckon it's a use-once-then-dispose item. Of course, most people that use it once realise it's probably better to have a proper kit with them than this.

    • 5 in 1 Toy Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet


      • The fire starter creates a lot of (high temperature) sparks. Not something you would give a children to play with.

    • They seem stupid but are really designed for those very unusual situations where you either (a) get lost without having your pack on (long toilet walk) or for some reason lose your pack (flood, fire, you dump it to avoid drowning crossing a stream or due to injured ankle or something). Sure its very unlikely, it is potentially a bit of survivalist paranoia. but there are situations where it could be useful and its not exactly expensive or that hard to carry around

      • +3

        Navigated for weeks once in remote area with a $2 compass and 1:4M map after the GPS charger died.

        • Nice.

        • +1

          This guy navigates.

  • Comes up as $2.50 with code

    • +2

      did you login?

    • You have to be logged in, and its one per customer to get the deal.

      Not logging in or adding more than one puts the price back to 2.50

      • Yeah I was logged in but it kept adding 2 instead of 1 every time I tried.

  • +2

    Spiderman, Spiderman
    Does whatever a spider can.

    Sorry, He's stuck in the bath.

    [Stolen from Alan Davies]

    • Spiderman, Spiderman
      Does whatever a spider can.

      Sees Tightarse, begins to sigh,

      Then he starts to unzip his fly.

  • What, no parachute?

  • +2

    The paracord couldn't qualify as a fully-fledged cord.

  • +1

    Take a phone, satellite if necessary, and a packet of matches.

    • Silver space blanket is one of the best things to have.

      • When you aren't using it for camping putting it on the outside of your window on a sunny day makes a good reflector.

    • +5

      And a bucket of KFC.

      • Do they sell the bucket without the chicken?

        • Yes, that is the dieting, healthy, and 100% vegan option

    • +1

      How would you take a satellite with you? Those things are huge.

      • just like a drone, fly it overhead

  • +1

    awesome, needed something else to add the the 10,000 other things i need for 2 days of camping 50kms from the city :) Ahhh, the great outdoors

  • Postage has reached a new high? 0—>0.2—>0.4—>0.66

    Not quite "free" anymore

    • There are things available for 0.40AUD as well, keeping the cheaper price alive.

  • +2

    For some reason I really want this. But do I really need this?

  • i dont know if I trust my survival on a 66 cent item

    • A simple coin can make you survive. Never underestimate life mate.

    • Go the 68 cent option just to be safe =) .
      Thats my 2 cents

  • Only colour left is ugly camo with white bits :P

    • But now they won't see you coming… at least not your hand

  • Actually more interesting and fun to make your own, than buy a pre-made one. Can also make different styles/weave, and quick deploy ones. (This one uses the Cobra weave, which is not quick deploy.)

  • I have one of these, the buckle is so large that it really struggles to be bent around my wrist… Then again maybe I have chicken wrists

  • This is back in stock as of 23rd for $.69aud

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