expired Refurbished HP Probook 650 G1 - 4th Gen Core i5, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, HD Graphics $331 Shipped @ laptopbazarmelbourne (eBay)


Long time ozbargainer. Just started my own laptop business at ebay and though to share my store details with ozbargainers. Ozbargainers will receive free shipping with their order. Just send me a message(at ebay) after placing order and I will send an invoice with free shipping. Internally, those laptop are in very good condition and may have marks in top. Also offering options to upgrade RAM and Hard Drive.

Open to feedbacks.


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Laptop Bazar Melbourne

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    Price in title - & why is this a bargain?

    By the way it’s AU $349.00 on eBay….

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    Seems like a reasonable price if they are clean mostly undamaged units in 100% working order.

    Agree that the 30 day warranty is a bit short, 60 to 90 days would be better.

    On the plus side, the upgrade prices for larger HHD is pretty low and cheap for matching docking station if that $30 is delivered too.

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    Based on HP manual the weight is starting at 5.10 lb / 2.32 kg. Upgrading warranty to 60 days.

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    Good luck. Good to see you are trying. Up vote as support.


      That is i3 processor

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      I'd get that one if I was giving a laptop to a kid and I was worried they were going to break it, if I wanted a cheap laptop for myself, I'd get the HP in this deal. Due to the significantly faster CPU and faster iGPU. But then I'd want to spend the $40 to get the additional 4GB RAM and I'd stick in the cheapest SSD I could get… pushing the price up, but also the comfort factor.


    All the best to you in your new business Skymstr.

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    Upon receiving, thrash laptop using bench marking tools for a couple of hours. Then test DVD-Drive, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, each USB port, headphone ports, each key on keyboard and mousepad. Then once fully charged, leave unplugged to see how long the battery lasts doing simple tasks (no video watching), 2 hours is good for an older machine.

    If everything works, 60 warranty is fine and your laptop should last a good long while as long as it doesn't get an impact or doesn't overheat.


    "HD" Screen so only 720p on a 15.6"? Probably not enough for most people.


      It's marginally better than that, 720p is 1280 x 720 (921,600 pixels) while this laptop is 1366 x 768 (1,049,088 pixels). This laptop has 127,488 more pixels, or 13% more!


        Yep. Amd also what you get for most local new laptops up to 15.6" for under $600 -$800, only 1366 x 768 unless lucky or really patient.

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