expired Walking Dead Season 1-7 Blu Ray £53.58 (AU $93.60) Delivered + More @ Amazon UK


Black Friday sales, zombies. Need I say more?

Exchange rate done with google

S01 of walking dead everywhere except Germany and US is not uncut. I have the US Anchor bay release that is uncut however region A locked. Germany release is region B and uncut, think it has different music though

Comparison AU Prices

Some More Deals

Feel free to post more and I will add them here and possibly buy myself

Price history at CamelCamelCamel.

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    Good deal but I honestly dont know why people would buy an incomplete series box set


      I usually sell my old set and put the money towards new set, if someone wants to watch a series in the best quality then this is cheapest option. I know there is netflix but the quality of a disc is still imo much better

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        You misplaced 'a little bit' for 'much'. 4K via fibre to premises means blu ray not as necessary any more. And believe me I have collected my fair share of blu ray sets.


          7.1 channel audio?

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          Like I said, a little bit.. I don't disagree that it is better but it's negligible for 90% of people depending on their hardware. And give it a year or 2 and 7.1 audio will be there. And for $17 a month, I'll certainly deal with its 2 channel offering.


          That's an awesome option for people who have fibre to the premises PLUS decent bandwidth.

          AKA not me. AKA not a lot of people.

          I'm all for streaming. I'm pumped I just recently enabled decent streaming to work in my household (via a wireless network). It just gets a bit tiring that every DVD and blu ray deal here has someone come in and go 'pfft who buys dvd's? who buys blu rays? pfffft'.


          @DonaldDr4per: the audio codec is compressed & hence poor by comparison


          Not saying everyone has fibre to premises, I get that. All I'm saying is quality on a good connection is getting mighty close. It is no longer ''much" better is all.



          But also the bitrate on 4K video in NF isn't as good as UHD Blu Rays, imo there will always be a market for physical media, I would rather pay $20 or whatever for a movie The is probably a 40-50GB stream then to stream it


          And you will most certainly enjoy the experience.



          Well in 1080p streams case have seen most Netflix streams are around 6-8 Mbps whereas most Blu Ray discs are at least 20 Mbps with trueHD, Atmos etc audio and bitrates even go higher then 30 Mbps

          That's just my opinion, NF does look good and will be fine for the average user and even videophiles

          I am a serious movie buff, you can see that just from my deals I have posted

          Physical Media FTW



          I hope I'm not coming accross as rude at all lol not every day I get to talk video quality, everyone in my house thinks dvd's and Blu Rays look the same lmfao


          One last thing I have no idea how to set it up and we will probably have it in Aus soon anyway but if data isn't an issue then you should look into Amazon Video, much better quality then NF


    I tried to buy something off Amazon UK with a credit card and it said I need a card from a local provider. Never used to be a problem. How are you guys getting around this?


    Also everyone check out the Dick Smith price!


    It shows £99, am I doing something wrong?

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