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Logitech G810 Keyboard $108, COD WWII $54, KAMBROOK BLENDER $19, Google Home $146, Sony 70" UHD HDR SMART TV $2495 + More @ HN

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Are those Sony TV's some new budget line?

  • Use Amex paypal offer to get te G810 for $88!

  • Couldn't get Jb hifi to price match (had gift card for Jb) unfortunately as no stock in any Harvey Normans… :(

  • Hey Trent, the link for the Samsung 55” deal is here - it’s actually the MU6103 on sale.

  • Thanks OP - price beat Home at Officeworks…

    • what did you get? Cheers

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        Google Home…

  • Thanks, just bought myself the Blitz2Go.

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    If anyone's in Melbourne and doesn't have access to the AMEX deal, PM me.

  • Y'all will git me one hundred Nazi scalps, taken from the heads of one hundred dead Nazis. Or you will die tryin'.

  • What a mission to try and get JB to match the price.

    I called up 4 stores and 3 said no but luckily the last store said yeah why not. Guess it's just managers discretion.
    This was at Kotara JB btw if anyone was wondering.

    Anyway thanks op!

    edit: this was for the g810.

    • yea first Jb hifi i rang put me on hold while they rang HN stores to check for stock and then denied price match. Second store said yea why not and I went swiftly to pick it up with no issues!

  • My local store showed no stock for the Google Home Mini + Chromecast bundle.

    I bought a Google Home for full price on Saturday, so went to claim my difference refund and found they had plenty of mini + Chromecast stock.

    Staff were happy to sell the bundle for the online price even though it isn't advertised in store.

  • https://www.harveynorman.com.au/logitech-g910-orion-spectrum...

    Just got the logitech g910 from Harvey Norman for $128. Cheapest on eBay is around $180. If HN has no stock just go to JB hi-fi and price match :)

    • Hope you are happy with those key caps ;p

  • I just bought the G810 at this price. Its a decent price for a high-end gaming keyboard. Keep in mind that the G810 vs the G910 is primarily the missing wrist rest (plus some gaming keys), so its a matter of preference.

    I've never seen the price this low and my sturdy G19 workhorse was ready to retire to the pasture ^^.

  • Almost purchased the G810 at full price late last week, very glad I waited. Thanks OP!

  • Successfully got Jb hi-fi hoppers crossing to price match the logitech g810!

  • How is the LG monitor any good?

  • Bullshit about the G810. Out of stock in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane since the first day of sale (almost looks like it's never been available). Where you all buying it from?

    • I got mine price-matched at Jb hifi but for HN probably have to get it delivered.

  • Received keyboard, not sealed, not zip tied, finger prints on k/b and dodgy space bar. If there’s no stock when I return it, do they refund the shipping fee also?

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    Cod WWII is literally out of stock at every store around me. grr!

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