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Comodo Positive SSL Certificate at USD $14.85 (~AUD $19.64) for 3 Years from Cheap SSL Shop


Comodo Positive SSL certificate provides cost-effective solution to secure connection of your single domain with 256-bit encryption technology and Move your website to HTTPS at cheapest Positive SSL certificate.

Comodo PositiveSSL Features:
- PositiveSSL will be issued within 10 Minutes (Paperwork is not needed)
- More than 99.9% desktop & mobile browser compatibility.
- USD $10,000 Warranty
- Free Comodo Site Seal
- Unlimited Server license
- Unlimited re-issuance during validity of your certificate

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  • No deal. SSL is free from Let's Encrypt.

    • thanks for your comment, I went down a rabbit hole of free SSL encryption and set it up on one of my sites. across all my sites will save ~$50/year!

  • What is the difference between Positive SSL certificate and normal SSL certificate?

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      Positive SSL certificate is will work as Normal SSL certificate, Positive SSL is owned by Comodo Certificate Authority, and It validates your domain authenticity before issuing a Positive SSL.

  • Wow..that's a whole 20c cheaper than cheapsslsecurity's normal price https://cheapsslsecurity.com.au/comodo/positivessl.html

  • Seems the OP has made multiple posts like this to try to promote these certs which are basically free from LetsEncrypt

    • The difference between Let's Encrypt and this is the automatic reissuance. Let's Encrypt certificates only last 90 days so you need to set up some type of automation to keep them current. We should encourage people to automate this stuff but some people would rather not bother.