This was posted 3 years 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Hudson Sunout Roller Blinds All Sizes $20 Each @ Spotlight


Was in my way to Ikea as I needed a blockout blind. I decided to stop at spotlight for the convenience factor. All sizes of Hudson blinds $20 each. Plenty of stock. This was Bondi Junction NSW store.

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Spotlight Australia
Spotlight Australia

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  • Wish they have a vary size of 10cm incremental, otherwise can easily fit a lot of windows.

  • nationwide ?

    can i retro fit this to balcony sliding doors ?

  • Was checking some blind as well, found something similar price in Lincraft, might worth checking out as well, was surprise to find out Bunnings also in the price range.

  • posted a month or so ago….looks like its on again

    theyre pretty good quality and a bargain at the price. i bought 8x roller blinds for the price of 2x… ;)
    …very happy with ours. the only mod id recommend is adding some weight at the bottom. i used threaded rod i had lying around and it fit in snugly into the lower seam

    • What? Don't these come with a rod?

      • no you misunderstand my post…i inserted some threaded rod (could be any rod) into the bottom seam to act as an added weight as the wind kept moving them around to much…

        • No, I mean a bottom rod which keeps the material from curling and gives it that little extra weight as you say (they still crash around with wind). This is standard for (most) pre-made roller blinds.

        • @Possumbly: the answer is yes they come with the bottom weight…i found it wasnt sufficient on bigger widows such as my bathroom so added more weight (a rod) and that seems to have helped

        • @franco cozzo: Thx but I'm none the wiser. They have a "weight" but not a rod? Spotlight pic doesn't show a bottom rod, unlike on the Caprice for example:

          Caprice is more standard from what I've seen (and similar to the day/night blinds we have on a few windows).

        • @Possumbly: bit different to the one you posted…
          seam is about 1 inch from bottom and has a heavy plastic strip 'weight' which keeps the blind in shape inserted into it…none of the plastic is visible its in the seam

          i found there was about 3mm or so in which i could add some metal rodding to add more weight…left the plastic strip in there as is….this may not apply to every situation just larger windows where you want more rigidity to counter wind

        • @franco cozzo: Yep, got it now thx.

  • Is this easy to install yourself (as in, comes with wall bracket?)

    • yep…brackets screws everything you need. can be fitted within or outside the window recess and they can be cut/trimmed back (havent tried this yet)

  • Just installed. Didn’t even have to cut. Took 20 mins. Comes with brackets and all screws needed for install.

  • Wanted one for shed but the space between the bricks is 206cm :(

  • blockout blind should be better in what color ? light or dark ?

    • Depends on what color of your wall or surrounding, like if you have a white wall match black color blind seems different "taste"

  • Hi. Could i use this as an outdoor shade blind for my balcony. I assume you could create tie down inserts at the base. Do they give complete privacy or let some sun in. Thx.

  • I suspect, the measurement provided is width x height (where 2.1m is the height for all?)

    I have small long window (2.76m width x 0.56m height), what do you think will fit mine?

    • yes….always W x H

      none will really fit…largest being 210x210…probably need to go custom being such an unusual dimension & shape?

      • :'(
        Yea, need to go custom from the looks of it

        • thinking creatively here
          you 'could'…get 2 150x210cm blinds and cut off 12cm on each to make them equal widths for that window space….im thinking of doing that for my kitchens sliding door

          would still pretty good as 2x separate halves i reckon (as long as you fit within the recess) and at $20 a blind its worth a punt and some of your time…

          all you need to do is roll it out mark it up cut with sharp blade and rule then hacksaw the aluminium inner tube then a 15 minute fit.

  • FYI you can stack with the $40 off $100 spend VIP deal

    • …great idea. went down and grabbed another 4x, want to do the sliding door now as well and have a couple spares…i think they worked out to be $12.50 each and got some bedding while i was there all for ~$60. fine with me… :D