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Sony DSC-RX100 V for $1180 with Free Delivery + Bonus $150 Sony EFTPOS Gift Card @ digiDIRECT


Another enthusiast compact I've been watching. Can get non Aust stock < $1000 with current 10% ebay discount, but this is the cheapest Aust stock I've seen. Digidirect is authorised sony seller; I checked on the eftpos gift card redemption site.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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    Product in title would be useful

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    another good deal is https://www.digidirect.com.au/cameras/compact_cameras/panaso...

    panasonic lumix lx100. Getting old but still good. $673 is the cheapest I've seen. Current ebay -10% might get close but grey import



    Reckon this is worth it over the IV?

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    That depends. My choice is the V, but for many they can't justify the extra $. The V has Phase detect auto focus. This is traditionally the focus system used in dslr technology. It means it's generally faster to lock focus, and better at focus tracking. The only other compact digital I'm aware of that uses this system the the newly released canon g1x mark III. But that's a larger camera, more expensive, and still too new to comment on. The lens on the canon I suspect will be a let down.

    Other improvements (which may or may not bother you):
    1 24 fps in Continuous AF (vs 5.5)
    2 The RX100 V features an updated version of this sensor which includes a new front-end LSI chip that maximises the speed and expands the memory buffer as seen above. Coupled with the BIONZ X image processor, the LSI chip should also increase the image quality at high ISOs.
    3 Longer clip lengths in HFR mode - hfr, Higher Frame Rate. It means you can slow the video down (slow motion)
    4 focus magnification: I use this on my current larger camera setup. It makes it easier to lock focus on what you want, for example an eye (camera might focus on nose if it is closer). It's also a great feature if you're shooting macro where the dof (depth of field, or area of the picture that is in focus) is quite narrow.

    For me the main reason is the focus system, the newer better sensor, and the focus magnification.

    I pulled this info from https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/preview/sony-rx100-iv-vs-rx...


    After I've seen what you can do with the iphone X or pixel 2 XL, I thnik buying the 1" sensor camera is just waste of money.


      You're alone.

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      I'm surprised by some of the photos I see from these things; but I've only ever seen images displayed on the small screen of the phones themselves (small screen, high res image). You may be right.

      personally, I won't buy google or apple - google is incredibly intrusive and apple is just expensive and proprietary.

      After saying that, I do buy google (android) but then rebuild them with something like cyanogenmod.

      Despite all that, the phones still have small sensors. Enthusiast cameras have lots of manual control, image stabilisation, evf (a biggy for me) greater dynamic range etc etc. If you're happy with the camera on your phone though, your life is that much more simple :)


        I still take my full frame for photos if I can, but not all the time full frame is convenient. So I wanted to get 1" sensor camera for its mobility and stealth. But after I've seen the quality the phone camera now can offer, I've changed my mind. If we compare the sharpness, clarity and color, the phone camera aren't far behind and not even better in some cases. So I simply can't justify the $1000 throwing in the 1" sensor camera, I would rather spend that money on another full frame lens.


          Yeah, I can understand that. The google phone in particular is current best out of the ph cameras.


    Just had a look at the pixel 2 xl - it is image stabilised