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[REFURB] APPLE iPod Touch 5th Gen | 16GB | Space Grey - $129 Shipped @ Aust IT Liquidator eBay


Are you looking for 2nd Apple iPod Touch 5th gen for using on Gym, Bus, Train, etc …

Here is the specs:

APPLE iPod Touch 5th Gen | 16GB | Space Grey

Good condition.
Working good.
Comes without box.
Not iCloud locked.
Unbranded USB cable, Earphones included.
Free postage.


24/11 Only: Further 10% off with PANTONE coupon

ABN 26 854 784 707

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  • +2 votes

    Are you locking looking for an 2nd Apple iPod Touch 5th gen… ?

    No, but thanks for asking…

    NB: postage is NOT free if you don’t live in major city metro areas. Says free postage on the listing and then found this further down the page hidden in the small print…

    Postage rates apply ONLY for metro SYDNEY/BRISBANE/MELBOURNE for all other areas please ask for a freight quote.

    Very shifty indeed.

  • +1 vote

    how have you refurbished it?

    have you swapped in a fresh battery?
    outer chassis?
    has it even been cleaned? (probably not, judging by those horrid fingerprints)
    do you provide a warranty of any sort?

    why would anyone bother buying a refurbed item from you instead of from Apple

    • -4 votes

      Apple do not necessarily swap out batteries and rarely swap out cases on Ipod's, its far to labour intensive. Most Apple refurbished products are customer returns either with a faulty part or refund. Apple do not take a used Ipod change the battery and the case then sell it at a discount. As for cleaning ….all refurbished products should be spotless and Apple comes with warranty but is more expensive. This is actually pretty good value.

      • +2 votes


        We test and certify all Apple refurbished products and include a 1-year warranty.
        All refurbished iPod models also include a brand new battery and outer shell.

        so Apple are flat-out lying?

        i'm more inclined to put faith in Apple than some random seller. if i wanted to take a gamble, i might as well go to the local Cash Converters, where i'd even get a 60 day warranty.

        lastly, $129 for a refurbed ipod touch of dubious quality, i'd expect a 6th gen.

        • -2 votes

          Ok I stand corrected. There is not a huge difference between the fifth and sixth generation. Mostly these are used for music. The Apple refurb is $219. 95%+ Ebay sellers are " random " as you put it. To each their own. I think don't think there is a problem with the value.

        • +1 vote


          There is not a huge difference between the fifth and sixth generation

          Well that's a flat out lie - they may look similar but the 6th Gen has:

          • a much better camera
          • newer chipset (single and multi core benchmarks put it at least 350% faster)
          • 1GB RAM (5th Gen has 512MB)
          • support for iOS 11 (5th Gen supports iOS 9)

          Benchmarks here

        • +1 vote


          big difference in the chips, for one thing — A5 for the 5th gen, A8 for the 6th gen, which it shared with the iphone 6 at the time. i've got every generation of ipod touch and i can tell you, it's a noticeable difference. even if you're just using multiple tabs in safari.

          they're used mostly for music now? that's a bit illogical and overkill buying what is essentially a handheld computer when a refurbed 16gb ipod nano would do the job for an even lower price ($98): https://ebgames.com.au/phones-160531-iPod-Nano-7-16GB-Refurb...
          lol 3 month guarantee, as well.
          i mean, i've seen some of EB's refurbed ipods and i wouldn't personally buy one, but at least you know who you're dealing with and can inspect what you're buying beforehand.

        • -2 votes

          @DrDuck: A flat out lie, gee mate get a handle. It's an Ipod not a a jet airliner. Do you think wedding photographers are using them. My daughter has a 5Th for video photos and music it's fine. It's not being used to mine bitcoin. Ok, your right you win the point. I won't stress to much on an Ipod.
          On most sites people do not communicate like this "Well that's a flat out lie " unless it's a pretty important matter, well at least in the circles I hang out in. Especially when I am not the seller.


          @tdw: I bought a refurb Iphone from EB, condition was sub standard. I'll take the touch for an extra 30 bucks and the PayPal six month guarantee any day.


          @gravel: hey, no one's gonna stop you from wasting your money or anything lol

        • -2 votes

          @tdw: Ozbargain is a great site, if your after a bargain. If you think a refurb Ipod Nano for $98 from EB is a better value, I think it's you who should worry about where the money is spent, good luck with the IPOD collection. P.S. The fifth gen is fine for video, Safari and Photos. As long as your not mining bitcoin the processor is fit for purpose. I wouldn't waste another $90 with Apple, not for this anyway.

        • +1 vote

          @gravel: ya don't say. and this ipod, from an unproven seller of unknown reputation, isn't a bargain.

          but look who i'm talking to — a person who is not only ignorant about the apple product range (or what is involved with "mining" bitcoin for that matter) but would allow themselves to be ripped off on an ipod touch to be used mostly for music.

          guess what, mate, you spout blatant lies, you're going to get called out.

          but keep lecturing us oh knowledgeable one!


          @tdw: Look who I am talking to. Someone who gets all worked up about the technical spec of a $129 Ipod. This in the context of an IPOD is not much different to an IPOD 6. You people sometimes just don't get it. My daughter has one, and just for the heck of it as I am involved in this puerile nonsense, where people choose to call others liars as if I thought deeply about this or any other IPOD, I tried her IPOd watched a video on youtube and it was fine. Let me explain, in the context of an IPOD this and the Gen 6 for most people are not much different. I didn't quote technical spec. I am not the seller.
          I bow to your great and powerful knowledge of products Apple, and wish you the best of luck with your EB refurb rubbish. For the record the seller has a feed back in excess of 5500, hardly unknown reputation, but I am sure you will have an argument for that to.

        • +1 vote

          @gravel: oh i'm the one who got all worked up? what's the story behind your verbose retort then? :D


          @tdw: Yes when you start calling people liars over an IPOD there is something wrong and clearly a response is in order. I have been involved with Apple products for 25 years. If it's a Mac Pro then yes I worry about processor etc. A 12 core E5-2697 V2 is worth getting of you need it and can afford it. When someone asks me for advice about what unit to buy the first question is what are you using it for? I try to advise them on the best value fit for purpose product. So I don't suggest an Iphone X for someone not taking many photos sending the occasional text on a tight budget and using a few apps. Fact is this IPOD might not be the bargain of the century but it is competitive on Ebay and the seller has a 99%+ rating over 5500+ implying more than 10,000 transactions. The so called reputable sellers gain that reputation in much the same way. Given Ebay's money back guarantee it's pretty low risk.


          @gravel: hey love, i'm not going to sugarcoat things for you so your delicate feelings aren't hurt. don't lie, then act all indignant about it. simples.


          @tdw: In fact it is you that is the liar, and in my world in would take considerably more to hurt my feelings. I live in the real world. That's a world where a liar is not someone who says there is not a lot of difference between two ipods. I do pity you, someday you might grow up.


          @gravel: and here you are still arguing and digging a deeper hole for yourself :D you really are the textbook internet ignoramus….a lot of hot air to cover up for a distinct lack of knowledge.


          @tdw: Oh dear, there are some people that will never get it, who's only way is pathetic insults, I will use your comments as a case study. Oh and I am ok on the education front, but hey I am not intimate with Ipod specs. So here I am faced with someone who judges people according to their knowledge of same. Good on you and you will learn that when you call someone a liar because they make an assertion about an Ipod, that in your view is incorrect it makes you a fool. Now back to your XBOX and enjoy the night.


          @gravel: Didn't stop you making blatantly incorrect statements you couldn't even back up, could you? You sure missed your calling as a politician.


          @tdw: You don't get it do you? Anyway your rambling insults have become boring now. Get back to the main game my friend. Oh and on politics I predict that you are a One Nation voter.