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Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Introductory Offer $129 +1 month +800 points via Spotlight


4 accounts for the price of 2 (or less…)

Must go through the Spotlight dashboard to get this introductory offer

Hi everyone,

Probably common knowledge about the new Gold Family packs but I saw on Spotlight the other day a bonus 1 month + 800 MS points only if you sign through that link, effectively making it $9.99/month for 4 accounts (or $2.50/month per person!) plus you get 800 points, which doesn't come in for about 4-6 weeks.

From my research (it's long, bear with me!), you can make this even cheaper if you can source cheap prepaid cards because you get credited ~$6.99 per month if you have existing months on your Live membership. If you have 20 months, the Family pack is FREE.

eg. 6 months left = 129-42 = $89.99 for 4 accounts

Note: they must round up the final figure because I ended up with exactly $89.99 somehow. 24 mth prepaid is ~$100 but I was too lazy.

In addition to that, the members you add to the family that have remaining months extend the overall subscription by a month for every two they have.

eg. 6 months left = 3 months extension, 5 months left = 2 months etc

To add family members, you have to recover all your friends Gamertags onto one Xbox, then add them to the family (I had to wait a few hrs), then they can recover them back on their own console, then voila…cheap Gold Live.

The only con for me doing it this way is that I am the account holder and I can control the content the rest can see and only I can purchase points, which I can allocate to the family.

I'm not sure how long the deal will stay on Spotlight, and it will only appear if your not currently apart of another promotion. Even without the bonus, if you can find a cheap deal on prepaid cards, this is by far the cheapest way to get Gold Live (…if you have 4 friends)

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  • +1 vote

    Great deal! But at my age, getting 3 other gaming friends that will use this service is the tricky bit.


      At first you have to add members on the same console but you can transfer the account to another console but the admin still the one control everythings, so no good with friends.


    so i can split the subscriptions to different consoles?
    like one for each of my two xbox's with different gamertags
    and then 2 other ones to my friends who live elsewhere?

    • -1 vote

      Family members OK, friends who live elsewhere not so good if they don't mind u control their account.


      Yes as long as your friends are in Australia!

      Not really a problem at all between mates, great gift to those on Silver…and its less than 30 bux each…where's the trust in the world gone!


    also are you saying that if you already have
    months left (like 6 months for example)
    they remove those remaining months from your
    current subscription but credit you for them?


    Dont use credit card as they remember your details when you subscribe online and keep debiting you 4 quartly membership,we are having a drama getting m/s to remove the card,worst company to deal with,

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