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$19 for Three 28-Day Renewals of amaysim Unlimited 5GB Mobile Plan [New amaysim Customers] (RRP $90) @ Groupon

  • Unlimited standard calls, text and voicemail in Australia
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Keep the existing mobile number or get a new one
  • Unlimited international standard talk and text to mobiles and landlines in 10 countries: China, UK, USA, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan
  • BYO phone
  • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network which covers 96.1% of Aussies
  • Enjoy unlimited standard talk and text in Australia
  • Get 5GB every 28 days
  • Price includes standard delivery of SIM card

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  • +9 votes

    (Don’t Pay $90)

    Don't worry, I won't

  • 28 days is not a month.

  • Valid for new amaysim customers only :(…
    Any coupon for renewals ?..

  • A pity the deal isnt for 6 months like the last one. 3 months is just too short.

  • I just had a livechat session with Amaysim's CS:

    Q: Will my sim card expire if I don't activate it once it's received?
    A: No it won't

    Zero faith in this answer.

    Edit: well damn. Decided to follow up with a phone call and got the same answer from someone else.

    • I guess the redemption period will expire and you won't get this deal then…you will still be able to activate the sim card for regular plans though… I might be wrong

    • I activated one Amaysim($30 bundle that time) after 9months of buying. It worked. In case if it doesn't work, you can ask Amaysim customer service, they will provide another sim with same bundle. They are very helpful. I'm with Amaysim from last 18months, I never faced any problem.

      • then what does the redemption date means?

        • Purchase at Groupon, get a voucher code. The code expires by the redemption date.
          Purchase the 5GB plan at amaysim or just use the link provided by Groupon.
          At the payment step, use the (purchased) code so you don't pay $30.
          After purchase, you have 3 months to activate it, as per 3.3.2 clause of the term.

        • @ashtyn:The Groupon has a redemption expiry date and end of the promo date jointly contracted with Amaysim. Amaysim company itself has its conditions(ref:3 months to activate). I have just had a LiveChat with Amaysim and the pertinent bit:

          myself "Could you explain what you mean by the promo being ongoing, this apparently determines the expiry of the promo"

          answer "It means that when you create the account and apply the promo code during the registration, the promo itself will be active to cover for 3 plan renewals. To illustrate, if you created the account now, apply the groupon, and decided to activate the sim a few months later, you may not get the complete 3 renewals as the promo may have already been expired. :)"

          Further comment to explain. Amaysim has general conditions of service,and a special individual promotion of their services has additional conditions; i.e. Groupon and Amaysim jointly agree upon the conditions of promotion, and these are the conditions that prevail for the promo.

  • Is this a promo code that could be put in when one has an existing service or do I need to stop that transfer the number, and then go back?

  • Unless you are a solid international caller and high data user, the Vaya deal is much better

    You still get same network and same crappy customer service

    • A few differences:
      Vaya: 1.5GB = 6GB (very low data)👎
      $9.95 for 4 Months👍
      billed per calender month👍,
      so activate on 1st of month👎
      Redeem by: 31 December 2017👎

      Amaysim: 5GB = 15GB (that's not high data) 👍
      But $19!👎
      for 3 x 28 days👎
      After redemption date, you have 3 months to activate👍

      • After redemption date, you have 3 months to activate

        This isn't true. Please check comments on other thread. In 6 renewals deals, many people faced the problem when they activated one or two months later after redeeming the Groupon deal. They could get only 4 or 5 renewals instead of 6.

  • So it's $6/month?

  • bought one

  • New customer? Does it mean I can't port my second number to my existing amaysim account?

  • I heard that the 28 days start from the day that you redeemed the voucher on Amaysim, while the shipping of SIM card takes up to 6 days. In another word, I lose 6 day monthly usage while waiting for the SIM.
    So if I purchase a $2 Amaysim SIM startup pack, technically can I transfer the redeemed number to the $2 SIM? If yes, how?

  • I just activated my 3x 28 day lycamobile sim today.
    Hopefully I can jump to this deal after!

  • Any idea/thoughts if amaysim extends this scheme on groupon or Can wait agroup to bring 6*28 days plan in action again.

  • Once you redeem voucher and the sim arrives how long have you got to switch old TPG sim to new Amaysim one and start the first 28 days.

  • Use coupon code SILLY to get further 10% off on it today.

  • Redeem by 15th December

  • So i got cash rewards tracking email for the Groupon purchase (with the 10% discount from the SILLY promo code) , then another cash rewards tracking email when i signed up with Amaysim ($15).

    Anyone actually got both cash reward trackings confirmed?

  • So I'm confused. How do you redeem the groupon but activate in 3 months time? Or is that impossible?