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New Customers $9.95 for 4 Months of Vaya Unlimited 1.5GB Mobile Plan (~$2.49 per Month) @ Groupon


Same as last time. Combine with 20% off code to gain 4 months with Vaya for just under $8.

Their billing cycle is based on the calendar month, so the best time to activate is at the start of a month.

UPDATE: Ok, so I've just been told by Vaya Support that the charge incurred when requesting a SIM acts as a deposit, which is then applied as a credit on the final bill.

So after you activate, if you cancel your plan during the 4th month (currently March), there are no additional costs.

  • No refunds for change of mind
  • Valid for new Vaya customers only.
  • Redeem by: 31 December 2017
  • Apply voucher code during redemption or offer will be invalid
  • Unlimited standard calls, text & voicemail in Australia.
  • 1.5GB of data to use monthly.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • BYO existing number or get a new one.
  • Powered by Optus 4G Plus network.
  • Free standard delivery of SIM card.

5% off ($9.45 after cashback) with Cashrewards.

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  • Nice, my free 6 month Amaysim account is due to expire around Xmas so this will be perfect for another 4 months.

  • Where do I get a SIM Card from?

  • There was a problem submitting your order. :(

  • Anyone had experience with Vaya recently? What's reception like? Is this deal worth getting? Have an Amaysim deal at the moment which is due to expire soon. All I would be missing out on with this deal would be international calls/txt I think.

    • Vaya's reception should be exact same as amaysim

    • They're both Optus MVNO's, and Amaysim bought Vaya (last year, I believe).

      Given that their value for money is virtually identical, I'd suggest that you can effectively treat them as the same service.

    • +2 votes

      Slow to update usage, hard to know how much you’ve used. $10 if you go over.

      • Is this automatic? Do they not allow you to switch this off so you only pay the $10 if you wish to or you can wait for the renewal?

        • The same as optus, automatically charges you whether you like it or not while making it almost impossible to know how much you have used, must be a huge money maker for optus.

    • Their auto-payment system failed and they charged me a $15 dishonor fee and refused to undo it on the phone, so i left them this week.

    • Used Vaya for about 3 years (2 years ago) and rarely had any problem. Vaya customer service though very inflexible. I needed a new SIM and they wanted to charge me $20 whereas new customers get one free. told them Kogan only charges 5c (now free) and then told them where to go.
      Very important! Vaya is a post paid service so they can lump you with a whole lot of extra charges. Same as any other post paid service. Thats why I prefer prepaid services.
      Anyway going back to Vaya for this unbeatable deal as my Kogan 365 day prepaid plan is about to expire.
      Meanwhile Im waiting for Kogan to drop thier "Small" plan back to $10 like the way the others are going.

      • Even I was hoping that they would reduce and waited for few months. You can order a dominos pizza and if you are lucky then you might get the Kogan $30 voucher. I used that to buy the pack this week.

  • Does anyone know with Vaya, if you reach the data limit, will it auto-renew or can you turn this off?

    Edit: looks like already asked while I was typing.

    • Their whole business model is based on charging you for going over your limit. I was with these guys, internet was very slow. I had my phone handset data limit set 200mb under my 1500mb limit yet I'd still somehow exceed my allowance according to Vaya. Plus there is a 48 hour delay when viewing your data usage. I recommend not using VAYA.

      • How long ago were you with them? After the Amaysim takeover? From what I have read here and elsewhere, they appear to have improved after being bought by Amaysim.

        • I bought the 3GB for 3 months plan for $15 recently, they didn't seem to improve at all. Coverage is poor in Sydney Inner West. Phone support is some idiot who spelt B for Begetable and E for Elpha. Only their live chat is partly intelligible partly because they probably use google translate.

          Their billing period is stupid. Borderline a scam. You only get to use what left of the calendar month in the first month. So if you end up activating on the 31st of december you only get 3 months use out of this plan.

          My 3 months plan was set to end on the 31st december even though i started mid-way through october. I left 2 weeks ago even though i still have a month and a half left cause the service is just bad.

        • @highdealer:

          You only get to use what left of the calendar month in the first month.

          What? That's stupid! My Amaysim is set to expire on the 16 Dec -_- Did you try to resolve it through chat? Couldn't they do anything about it? Like at least give you credit or something?

        • @highdealer:

          Geez! I dunno what to do then. Leave Amaysim 16 days early or lose 16 days on Vaya? Maybe there's a better option :/

          Edit: Didn't you say they would refund the unused days pro-rata?

        • @CVonC: Man its only $2 per month. I mean - stop complaining. Just switch over on the day amaysim expires. Im in exactly the same boat.
          Mind you the advertising is bordering on "Misleading and deceptive". Should read "up to 4 months"

        • @Amayzingone:

          Lol it's even less for me cos I've got $5 groupon credit to waste. But yeah just the inherent OzBargainer in me that wants to maximise the value ^^

    • there is an option to disable data once you hit the limit. I have done so with mine so i don't get hit with the $10

    • Its a post-paid plan so same rules as any other post paid plan.

  • Add 5% cashrewards, thnx op

  • Vaya? No thanks.

  • Sounds like a good deal for a 4-month term. I've almost finished my Kogan XL deal so the timing works for me.

    Not likely to be usurped by anyone else?

  • Id rather put $7.96 in the bin.

  • Vaya are absolute crooks. Your data usage report on your phone is around 15% lower than what they report you have used. 48 hour delay in your data usage report when viewing online through your Vaya account. The whole business model of Vaya is to over charge you by exceeding your data limit when you know you haven't. Do not use Vaya.

    • I'm not exactly sure how usage is counted on android, but if it skips TCP/IP overhead or UDP entirely, then one or both of these plus additional overhead from network routing would account for the discrepancy you're describing.

      In general, always set your data cap to 80% of the allocated amount and then wait for a usage update.

  • +1 vote

    moved from vaya to kogan

    best decision ever. vaya are pure scumbags

  • Can i remove my card details once activated?

  • "Their billing cycle is based on the calendar month, so the best time to sign up is at the start of a month."

    Do you mean, best time to activate is at the start of a month? How do you do that with activation expiry date 31/12?

    • Friday is the first of December?

      But yes, I meant activate. I've amended the post.

    • +3 votes

      Redeem the offer on Groupon around 20th December and then activate the SIM early Jan

      Remember the expiry date is to redeem the offer on Groupon not activating the SIM

  • Know this.
    Your SIM card will automatically activate within a couple of days of them sending your simcard to you… Whether you want it to activate on that day or not.
    You are in for one heck of a fight to overturn that.
    I will never use Vaya again.
    Their csos all have different answers to the same question.
    If you try to tell them that when getting them to uphold what they've said, they want you to provide PROOF that it was said. Shonky.
    Their lame, lame, supercrap service is so normal for them, they act like you're asking for the world when you request info or try to get anywhere with them.
    Could even be worse than Optus..

    • Your SIM card will automatically activate within a couple of days of them sending your simcard to you… Whether you want it to activate on that day or not.

      Even if porting?

    • Damn, so if I wanted to activate this plan on 1st Jan, I would have to order the card near end of Dec?

      • Yes, if the special was on at that time.
        I spent a considerable amount of time talking with a cso and their supervisor. I advised them that their condescending attitude would go into my report to the TIO.

        They refused to give me a refund as I bought my Sims via Groupon. I told them I'd go to Groupon to get my money back and I'd also be going to the TIO to let them know what a shonky organisation Vaya is.

        Everything about their phone communication was shonky. It felt like they were some 2 bit company that was getting away with it time after time. I guess they see Optus reeling in the bucks and giving lousy service so they figured they would also..?

        To my surprise, They refunded my money!

        I'd like to charge these telcos for my wasted time sorting through their garbage

  • I hate Vaya. They've increased their late payment from $10 to $15

    • They sound crap from all the comments but you can just avoid that by… not being late. I'd hate them for that, even at $10.

  • DONT DO IT. I attempted to connect a home service (not mobile). The customer service was non-existant when I signed up. Could not speak to anyone when having issues after contacting them via phone & email -no response ever. Contacted the ombudsman after sooo many attempts to contact them and no home phone/internet service for weeks! Not worth the saving in my opinion

  • +5 votes

    Wow so many negative comments and no one here with anything positive to say about their experience with Vaya. Don't think I will be getting this deal.

    • They've had a bad rep here for a long time. I also defended them for a long time because I didn't have any significantly bad experiences. Looking back, it still wasn't all that bad…

      But as it's been a while since I last used them (over a year), I don't feel I am in a position to comment.

      and… this deal's on 66 votes. That's fairly high.

      • Yes now up to 87 positive votes and no one has written anything here about any good recent experience with them. Could they all like it just because of the great price?

  • Beware everyone, vaya do a credit file check with brad and dunstreet since it’s a postpaid Plan. Some may care about this and some may not.

  • Reckonn its a good deal for people who dont want the data and need to make calls only, otherwise its a trap

    • If you're not using your data to chew through video content and app updates, it winds up being heaps, but that's a rarer thing these days.

      Plenty of people are able to hop between wifi points to make do.

  • There was a problem submitting your order.

    Is this happening with anyone else?

  • do we choose month to month plan or 6 months plan as we only have these two options to chosse from? If I choose 1 month plan then the checkout only deducted $16 discount which supposed to be $64. I will activate it tomorrow as it is the beginiing of the month. Thanks in advanace for any advice.

    • Read the coupon page, where it specifically states this is not valid for a 6-month deal.

      It will be 4 free months on a month-by-month, and you can't activate it until you receive the SIM.

  • Just in time! My Kogan 365 day prepaid deal expires in 2 weeks. Works in perfectly! Thank you OP :)

  • I got the voucher, Not sure how to get the sim. Can someone please confirm if they have faced similar issue? I dont know where to raise concern about this.

    • You use the voucher code when you apply for a month-by-month 1.5 GB plan (normally $16). There's a link to it in on the groupon page as well.

  • Be careful, their billing start as soon as you sign up even before activation. If you sign up on 30/11, you pay one full month for November even before they send the SIM to you.

    • I contacted support about this, and they seemed to think this would be rolled into the first bill once activated. I'll certainly be chasing them up if this isn't the case because the coupon clearly states 4 months of mobile service.

    • Ok, so I've just been told by Vaya Support that the charge incurred when requesting a SIM acts as a deposit, which is then applied as a credit on the final bill.

      So if you activate this month and cancel in March, everything is covered by the coupon.

  • Crap didn't realise this was a plan and not prepaid.

  • just signed up and account indicates that I only have 3 months of the 4 remaining. Spoke to the vaya rep and they confirmed that they bill one month in advance hence if you activate in DEC, they still bill for NOV…..

    • I'm still waiting for activation to kick in sometime today, but that's not what support told me, nor is it specified in the coupon terms.

      Pretty confident that they'll have to honour four months of service and this is just a lazy configuration of their coupon system.

    • Ok, so I've just been told by Vaya Support that the charge incurred when requesting a SIM acts as a deposit, which is then applied as a credit on the final bill.

      So if you activate this month and cancel in March, everything is covered by the coupon.

      • this was the exact opposite of what i've been told. the cs rep told me that I had to cancel during february to not incur extra charges :(

  • HI guys,

    Has anyone had problems porting over to Vaya? It's taken me more than 24 hours to port it over! I've ported numbers over from Vodafone to Optus before and Optus to Amaysim and it barely took 1 hour (pretty much instantaneous) but 24 hours? Really?

    • Moving from Optus prepaid, I plugged mine in at about 9 PM at night, and it was complete before close of business the next day.

      It's definitely slow, but every port is different.

  • I activated my Groupon Voucher on 1/12/17 & chose to port my number to Vaya. I still haven't received my sim yet. I downloaded the invoice from Vaya it shows: Issed date 1/12/17. Billing period: 1 Nov - 30 Nov 2017 and it only shows Unlimited 1.5Gb $16, CR $16. Total owing $0
    nowhere is mentioned about 4 months plan. I received the sim on 05/12/17 and activated the sim straight away and my number was successfully ported to Vaya on 07/12/17. However, I checked my credit card and got charged $16 on 2 December 2017. I will email the support or call them tomorrow to find out what was happened with the $16 charge as I have already used the code to redeem the offer. This is a shit company that I never met.

    • Did you successfully add the voucher code from the Groupon PDF during your signup with Vaya?

      I did that, and it showed I had a 4 month coupon when I checked my account details. If that didn't take, I'm sure they'll amend your account if you give them the code.

    • I bought this deal without reading the comments. I am worried now whether I should throw this voucher in bin Or go through all the pain?

  • The Groupon deal Highlights' says "Their savvy mobile plans were rated with gold awards by Money Magazine in 2014, 2015 and 2017" ;)

  • Activated but no internet. No more Vaya.