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Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version US$0.75/AU$0.98,Xiaomi Mi A1 GOLD 4GB + 32GB US$183.24/AU$240.81 @ LightInTheBox


$AUD based on current exchange rate, pay in US for lowest price.

special deal for Aussie88
Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version
US$0.75 and free shipping, cheaper than last frontpage deal


It's showing me higher AUD price than mentioned in the title
* Choose USD as your currency from top left hand corner. Don't select AUD, always choose to pay in USD, it will work out cheaper even after your credit card conversion fees. Also read the below.

How do I ensure I get the cheapest AUD price possible
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Date Item Deal Price
2017-12-2 Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version US$0.75
2017-12-2 Xiaomi Mi A1 GOLD 4GB + 32GB US$183.24
2017-12-2 SONOFF S20 Wifi Wireless Remote Control Socket US$9.99
2017-12-2 SONOFF S22 Wifi Wireless Remote Control Socket US$7.1
2017-12-2 Xiaomi MI6 6GB+64GB US$369.97
2017-12-2 Xiaomi ROIDMI 3S US$7.99 code:LITBROIDMI3S
2017-12-2 Creality3D CR - 10S 3D Desktop DIY Printer US$378.98
2017-12-2 Jumper EZbook3S N3450 6GB DDR3 256GB SSD US$258.99
2017-12-2 Jumper EZbook2 Z8350 4GB DDR3L 64GB US$169
2017-12-2 JJRC H47HW US$30.24
2017-12-2 JJRC H48 US$7.51
2017-12-2 Syma X20 US$14.99
2017-12-2 VISUO XS809W US$34 code:809AUD18
2017-12-2 FQ777-124 US$9.89
2017-12-2 8 Channel H.264 Day Night Sscurity Camera System US$51
2017-12-2 Xiaomi Redmi Note4 64GB US$147.22
2017-12-2 Xiaomi MI NOTE 3 6GB+64GB US$284.96

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  • Hi Rep, trying to order 5 Sonoff S20 plugs. Any code for free shipping?

    • -1

      free shipping only available one 1 units, you might need place 5 orders?

  • Is there any chance of getting the oval black soocare x3 on sale too?

    • we don't have enough stock for this now

      • Damn. Really want the black one. I’ll just keep waiting

  • Love these xiaomi USB lights. Thank you. Pretty powerful.

  • Finally!!

    Managed to get a couple.

    Cheers OP :-)

  • +3

    Not getting much from google s20 vs s22. Which one should I get? Anyone have any real world experience with these?

  • +1

    Do you have discount for Xiaomi night light?
    I want to buy.

    • +1

      it's on our plan list, waiting stock feedback from supplier now.

      • Thanks.

      • @MiniInTheBox - any news on order #26178399?

  • +1

    anyone bought the Xiaomi A1 phone from this company yet? whats the shipping and delivery like..

    • I purchased Xiaomi Mi A1 on 16/11/2017, received delayed delivery email few days ago. Asked rep for ETA, could not give me any clarification. Asked for full refund, was told refund will be processed 3-5 working days.

      Never purchasing from them again.

      Rep, fyi order number: #26178399

      • Thanks for the feedback, guess I'll wait for Shopmonk to stock 'em. Maybe you can try email the rep there, if they get enough emails they will probably start listing A1's for sale.

        Lol shipping a registered package from HK shouldn't be that hard, they have world class airport, seaport and logistics companies. I've had packages make it here to Brisbane within 2 weeks of shipping.

  • Not sure how or when I'm gonna be using it but still bought a couple of usb lights

  • Original Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version: OUT OF STOCK

    • i'm checking system now, system must day off lol

    • back to stock status now, free shipping will back later. system very slow, need few time update.

  • Yeap out of stock Xiaomi USB LED Light

    • back to stock status now, free shipping will back later. system very slow, need few time update.

  • xiaomi light is out of stock

    • back to stock status now, free shipping will back later. system very slow, need few time update.

  • That is cheap as chips for the Xiaomi A1

    • +1

      its a 32GB not 64.

      • +1

        That is not cheap as chips **

  • thanks got xiaomi light white one.

  • The order wont letme select free shipping for Xiaomi USB LED Light, my order is coming to USD $ 3.64

    • +1

      free shipping only seems to work on the white, not the blue…

      • I bought two blue with free shipping. Blue one looks better. it matches Xiaomi USB blue fan.

  • +1

    mmmm yeah no thanks! No free shipping option OP

    Shipping Method Shipping Time Price
    Express Expedited 4 - 5 business days AUD $ 87.71 (50% OFF)
    Postal Service - Tracking 6 - 33 business days AUD $ 4.00 (40% OFF)

    • +1

      back to stock status now, free shipping will back later. system very slow, need few time update.

      lol i think our shipping system need retire now, too many problem resently

    • +3

      choose white color, free shipping work on that now

  • +2

    Any ideas on difference between S20/S22?

    • I'd like to know this too. It seems (going by the manual) that you can insert a sensor for climate into the S22, but it's the cheaper device.
      The S20 is perhaps the "nicer looking" option.

      Edit: you can get the AM2301 TH Sensor and plug it into the S22!

      • So the 22 is more advanced? I'm seeing hacks and more info on the 20 online.

  • Finally got one… thanks Rep

  • Tried ordering the usb light. When I try to apply the coupon I get a message saying that the coupon has already been used. It happens for both the first and second coupon code. The third one is not applicable for this transaction it says

    • you might need create another account

  • USB light coupon expired

    • +1

      just checked still working for me. also free shipping work on blue color now,white color OOS

      • My apologies, got it working for the blue colour now, thanks :)

        • never mind :) feel free to pm me if you have any deal want. i might bring it back for you

  • +1

    LED white color not available anymore. Blue one is not free shipping :(

    • +2

      …our IT guys still checking what's wrong, might get feedback later. i hate this system

    • just checked, free shipping work on blue color now,white color OOS.

      • Ordered one!! Thanks !!

  • any comment on VISUO XS809W drone ?

  • Free shipping for blue LED light should be working now…

    • good day Aussie, hope you enjoy this deal lol

      • +1

        G'day Rep. Thanks for organising the special deal.

        • :) feel free to pm me if you have any deal want. i might bring it back for you

  • Any news on when the next deal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 16GB will be?


    • +1

      nope, don't have enough stock for this recently. sell too much on 11.11 and black friday

      • No problem, I can wait a bit

  • Can't think how I would need the USB light. Don't have an always-on laptop port.
    Any ideas?

    • +1

      With a powerbank. Turns it into a super handy lamp.

      • Good idea, good one. Hope it works with my 5000mAH Xiaomi powerbank

  • Hey rep, great deal on the visuo quad copter. Can you please do a deal on spare batteries too?



    • give me a price, i will quick check with supplier :)

      • Thanks rep, did a bit of cost analysis

        Atm it's $11.48 USD incl delivery for 2 batteries which works out at 1/3 of the drone.

        For reference, mavic pro is AUD$1599 and a spare battery is AUD$149 (https://m.dji.com/shop/mavic-series?from=navigation)

        Is it possible to get thr batteries at approx 1/10 of the cost of the drone per battery (i.e. US$3.40 per battery or $6.80 for two?)?

        • +1

          :) morning mate, i'm checking with supplier now, will give you feedback later

        • @MiniInTheBox:

          Any luck?

        • @Jackal: morning Jack, seems supplier too busy yesterday, still waiting feedback from them.

        • @Jackal: hi again, supplier's cost price too high recently, they don't want to offer any discount for now.

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Ok will look elsewhere thanks checking!

  • Tried to order.
    Applied coupon and tried to checkout, it said oops something went wrong, tried to apply coupon again it says I've already used it, but the order isn't on my account history.
    Disappointed again.

    • the best way is change another account and use the coupon

  • pulled the trigger on VISUO XS809W :)

  • Thanks. Ordered 1 USB Light then checked out and purchase 1 more with second code. Can't do 2 together and the code worked only once.

  • any deals on the "BMI Data Analysis Smart Weight Scale" ? New Year, New Me happening very soon!

  • What is included with this camera security system? The page makes no sense, or I am just plain stupid.lol

    8 Channel H.264 Day Night Sscurity Camera System

  • Rep, I ordered a Redmi Note 4X on 27 Nov, which is a Xmas present for my son. The order is still just showing as Processing so has not even been sent out yet. That's a week of no movement. Can you please contact me to discuss, as I'm concerned it won't be here before Xmas

    • morning mate, pmed you. checking the order status now, due to recent big sale, some package might delayed due to OOS.

      • Hi rep, 8 channel security camera system for $51 still available?

        • yes, still available, you can check it

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          But it showing different price. Is there any coupon to apply?

        • @viki8702: showing US$51 for me, please ensure you choose AU address to get this discount price

  • Rep, the code for the Xiaomi ROIDMI 3s just expired. Could you please extend it or add one more? I really need to buy one for a gift!

  • Hi Rep. I inquiried above but no reply.
    The 8 channel security camera system.

    Is this the full system as shown in the pic or just the recorder box without HDD?


    • hi mate, sorry. didn't noticed that, too many message recently. i will check with supplier asap and give you feedback

      • Cheers mate.

        • seems supplier out off office and go home for dinner now, will let you know when i get feedback tomorrow

        • @MiniInTheBox:

          Ok, thank you.

        • @MiniInTheBox: Hi rep, can you answer my query above please

        • +1

          @BlazinPast: new code:LITBROIDMI3S but restock might arrive next week.

        • @MiniInTheBox:

          Hi Rep, how did you go with feedback from the supplier?

        • @mrwolf: sorry for the late reply, crazy busy recently and forget this, package include:
          Software CD
          1pcs DVR
          1pcs User Manual - English
          1pcs Remote Control
          2pcs 12V Power Supply
          1pcs Mouse
          8pcs 66ft Cable
          8pcs Bullet Camera
          2pcs 1 To 4 DC Line

          and this also update on product page

  • How do you put in the coupon code ? I can't seem to find a place to put it.
    Ir show as $2.49 fir the Xiaomi usb led light ?

  • +1

    Hey OP - if you're going to post deals beating competitors prices - at least have the stock to back up said deal

    Received this today and a refund

    Would NEG the deal if it would let me

    Also this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/346263 hasn't changed from 'Processing' more than a week after placing order, you're certainly not winning me over with these shenanigans!

    'This is Customer Service from Lightinthebox.com.

    We are sorry to tell you that the following item(s) of your order is out of stock. After contacting our procurement department, we found that this product will be out of stock for an indefinite period of time. In order not to delay your order, we have canceled the item and will arranged the refund for you instead.

    S540122700002 S5401227 Original Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version 5V 1.2W Portable Energy-saving LED Lamp with Adjustable Arm
    [MilletMILEDPortable lights NotebookusbLight 护眼移动电源灯键盘灯强光灯https://item.jd.com/10408914188.html] [Color:White|

    It normally takes 3-5 business days to complete the refund transaction. Please kindly check your PayPal account later.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.'

    • hi mate, i just checked. white color is OOS status, due to very slow system, the item page status change very slow, so when it OOS, system still sell a while and then changed. USB light stock will arrive on weekend.as for the USB fan, we have 1000 blue stock arrive today and also have 5000 on the way. so just need some patience. very apologize for all these trouble. we all messed up recently due to too many deals and orders.

      • Refunded also…. :(

  • If lightinthebox refunds for no stock who is going to refund the bank mastercard conversion fees? It was fine when charged in AUD using paypal you received a full refund from paypal.

    I followed the op and went for the 1 cent saving by having my bank charge me the conversion fee's instead of paypal.

    • hi mate, please pm me your order number, i will arrange rewards to your lightinthebox account to cover the bank mastercard conversion fees, you can use it on next order. very apologize for our mistake.

      • Hi,
        Do not worry it was only a few cents for me. Not going to send me broke.

        Another question please. Will there be more stock of the 8 Channel H.264 Day Night Sscurity Camera System? Only showing NTSC available now. I need Pal for AU.

        • :) checking now, will let you know later

        • @MiniInTheBox:
          Thank you. :)

        • @mrwolf: hi again,just checked. it's clearance sale. all stock has been sold out. don't have any more

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