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[PC] Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag $0 @ Ubisoft


In honor of the tenth anniversary of the first Assassin’s Creed game, you’ll be able to get Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag for free from December 12 (6AM PST) through December 18 (2AM PST). As long as you download the game through Uplay during their free periods, it will be yours to keep & play whenever you like. Enjoy :)

Found via HUKD

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  • +28

    Great to see they are giving away the best AC game in the series!

    • +9

      Subjective opinions are subjective

      • +10

        Is that your objective or subjective view? :-D

        I thought Black Flag was good. Although, after making AC3 almost anything would have looked good. A HD re-release of the original would have looked good by comparison. The only annoying thing is that now Ubisoft seems to think every AC game needs naval shit because it was well-received in BF.

        • I agree. I wasn't a massive fan of the ship battles. It was fun, but it wasn't the reason I play AC games. My top 3 would be Origins, Brotherhood, then Black Flag.. followed very closely by AC2 and Rogue.

          The re-release of Rogue should be splendid.

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          Black flag was the best because it was the least "AC" of the series, such a tired and boring franchise

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          @Putnum: My top 4, in reverse order, are Sea Dogs (Microbee, early-80s), Sid Meier's Pirates! (C=64, 1987), Sid Meier's Pirates! (the remake, PC, 2004), and then Black Flag (PC, 2013).

        • +4

          "The only annoying thing is that now Ubisoft seems to think every AC game needs naval shit because it was well-received in BF."

          Considering the next 2 main series games Unity & Syndicate had no "naval shit"…

        • @Pacify: Have to disagree with you there. I hope they make many more.

        • But the original game can already run in HD, so why do a hD re-release?

        • +1

          @Thrift: Hooray - another Ozbargainer who had a Microbee!

        • +1

          Sea Dogs was brilliant!

      • +1

        Its the best after AC2.

      • +2

        Best Pirate Game EVER. .. 100% FACT !!
        Heads up for any who haven't played any assassins creed games before. I was a noob with AC games, but loved the joy of running round in the game being a pirate. Have since bought (but hardly played) other AC games. Nowhere near as much fun as this 1, being a pirate.

        PirateLife4Me AHRRRR !!!

      • +2

        Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is definitely the best of the series. This is a fact.

    • +4

      My favourite of the series too! The sea shanties were so catchy and I loved bombarding those sea forts!

    • +4

      great Pirate themed games are so rare, thus +1!

  • Jfc literally just bought it an hour ago from JB for PS4

    Oh well. Is the multiplayer any good since it's probably got a bigger playerbase on consoles?

    • Can't imagine it has much of any player population left at this point. Maybe just return it if you're concerned?

    • So it's a good deal?

    • +8

      Abstergo must have been tracking you aorusozbarg, and as soon as they saw you buy the game they decided to make it free for everyone else.

      Do you feel anger, aorusozbarg? Do you seek revenge? Harness those powers with Abstergo 3.1.8 today! To apply, head to the Abstergo website for more info.

  • +2

    Ew, UPlay. If you like pirates the game is good though.

    • +2


      • Delicious

    • +8

      Uplay is fine now

      • I though phone was fine? ;-)

    • +11

      Ew, UPlay.

      Mmmm, free.

    • +5

      Ew, UPlay


    • Not sure why you are getting negs…. UPlay is the buggiest platform every made.
      I'd love to see a poll of the 500 odd people who've voted positive on this deal, and then tried to use UPlay to actually download/play the game.
      UPlay sucks. A lot.

      Plus vote for deal, but just be warned on how crap UPlay is. I have Firefox and Edge. BOTH refuse to open the UPlay link.

      • +1

        But that might be your system. For me it works on both.

      • downloaded and played World in Conflict fine.
        problem with Uplay is it doesn't have a backup/restore feature so I can keep my download games in a portable HDD somewhere, for easy reinstall later.

        • +3

          i remembered buying splintercell blacklist on steam for the sole purpose of avoiding uplay (as i had this on uplay free/from a nvidia graphics card bundle)

          game made me install uplay -_-

        • @spoonmugen:
          they got me from the last series of giveaways, plus cheap games from Humble Bundle (that activates on uplay)
          And I told myself many years ago I'll only buy steam DRMed games if its at rock bottom prices!

        • +1


          i google now if a game is uplay/and if its through steam then i try to avoid… its how bad it is lol

        • @spoonmugen: Same, but mine was Call of Juarez The Cartel…. two layers of DRM…gg

      • Works fine on my system, and it's pretty old. Never had any issues tbh. Sounds like your case is subjective.

  • +1

    Great deal. You are up late TA, bought a speaker?

  • I played a good 40~h of this on PC, and had to end it there because I kept getting a glitch where the game world had frozen but the UI/HUD was still running fine. Could never find a solution to it.

    Great game though, and worth trying for free.

  • +3

    For the 3 of you that haven't yet played it..

    • +1

      Hey just add it. You never know when you might want to play a PC game again.

  • +1

    Cool. I have Ass Creed 1, 2, Revelations, and III… shy of getting Brotherhood too, IV was the natural progression.

    • +8

      I have Ass Creed

      Well dayum.

    • Unity digital version can usually be had for a few bucks, on xbox anyway.

  • Oh yisssssss

  • Ty

  • +1

    This thing is 10 years old? I played it this year and loved it.

    • +3

      The game is 4 years old, the series is 10.

  • never played it, was going to buy AC origins from cd keys for a couple of $ for the Xbone but will DL this as well for travel play on the laptop.

  • Thanks . Reminder set!

    • +1

      I put Tightarse as a reminder on my Google Calendar and got gay porn spam.

      • lol

  • Been out of the Assassin's Creed loop for a while. How's the franchise doing?

    • +3

      Origins is pretty good. Black Flag was the best one before Origins. Hits and misses in between with Rogue, Syndicate and Unity.

  • +2

    I feel dirty for saying this, but I think I might have to install UPlay on my machine…

    • I think you have the wrong idea from the name, Uplay is actually a gaming client.

      • I know exactly what Uplay is…

        • 😊

  • +6

    The best AC, hands-down.

    • -1

      It’s not even a proper AC. Origins is way better imo

      • Why do you think it isnt a proper AC? Just because they added naval elements doesnt make it any less AC than AC2 or AC3.

      • What makes a proper AC? More specifically, what makes this not an AC?

      • Still curious, my dud.

    • +12

      Nah, I think Daikin/Mitsubishi are better.

      • Panasonic makes good machines too!

  • Wrong name for the game, its Pirate Simulator but a god damn awesome pirate simulator game. :)

  • +1

    But I still haven't played my $2 copy for I bought 2 years ago. Damnit.

  • Am I able to just add it to my library? Or do I have to actually download it during this period?

    • +1

      I think you can just add it to your library, that's what it was like with the WATCH_DOGS one

  • Hey they are give away World in Conflict right now!

  • +6

    Sadly, i only log in uplay to get the free games.

    • I think you're not alone there.

      Though uplay starts itself, pointlessly, whenever I play certain ubisoft games on steam. So that's the two times I ever have to notice it's existence.

  • So, anyone figured out the link to download/add the game to your library? I searched everywhere and could not find it, anybody can share the link, please? Thank you in advance :)

  • +1

    I just redeemed it for free and its not even 13th december yet.

    • +1

      works :) 25GB. start downloading

  • Yep, worked for me too. Unfortunately it is now too late to get the other free game - World in Conflict.

  • Redeemed successfully. Awesome, thank you!

  • Is this game any good? I'll dl when I get home tonight.

    • Yes, very good. Lots of stuff to explore.

  • Installing right now

    • +8

      Thanks for letting us know, please keep up updated on installation progress.

      • +3

        Currently 7gb downloaded. So far installation process has been fun!!!

        • +3

          Thank you, sounds exciting.

          I've bookmarked your post so I can stay updated.

        • +8

          Might be a good idea to get the mods to pin it to the top. Probably something everyone should follow.

  • Is any of the DLC worth it?

  • Uplay is okay, they came a long way.

    Origin on the other hand…&#(%)@!

  • Thank you TA, please post more free games if any of you see

  • How do you redeem this game on uplay? Its not even showing on my downloads

    • Should come up on your main page

  • -1

    The game does not support 21:9 monitors out of the box. I find this rather unacceptable.

    You need to replace your .exe files with patch .exe in order to work with these monitors.

    • 21:9 support? from Ubisoft? for a console port? hahaha, good one

  • Great find TA. can't get much better than FREE!

  • this would help explain why i got an email from Ubisoft today saying that someone has requested a password reset for my account (despite having not touched Uplay in years)

    Why wouldn't people claim the game for free on their own Uplay accounts? Unless people are trying to exploit on random accounts thanks to a free game offering..?

  • Great offer

    Wish they had a version for Mac

    • -1

      err boot camp?

      • -1

        Without having to do that

        • +1

          that is unfortunate.

  • I'm guessing none of the characters get their boobs out like black sails?

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