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20% off Liquor (Selected Sellers) @ eBay


Another eBay deal is upon us :)

This seems pretty good considering first choice is involved and they've got strong pricing as well as free C&C!

Search link Here or can be found on the landing page.

Stores seem to be:


Some Bargains I could find:

Somersby 10pk $14.40 C&C
Johnnie Walker Red Label $25.60 C&C
Canadian Club Whiskey 700ml $28 C&C
Dimple 12YO Scotch Whisky 700mL $31.20

Terms and Conditions Here

As always, enjoy!

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  • +6

    Dimple 12YO for $31.20 per bottle is a very good deal.

  • +12

    I´m not much into health food, I am into champagne.

    • +1

      I know right. Mumm rose is $44

    • +9

      1st choice at the moment have a deal, when you spend $150, enter either of following coupon codes to get a free bottle of Chandon Vintage Brut or Penfolds Bin 8…
      FREECHANDON (Vintage Brut) or FREEPENFOLDS (Bin8)

      Sample order for $162 with free delivery …

      6 × Chandon NV Sparkling Brut 750mL $108.00
      3 × Croser NV 750mL $54.00
      1 × Chandon Vintage Brut Sparkling 750mL Free
      Subtotal (inc GST) $162.00
      Promotion discount -$29.00
      Delivery - Standard FREE

      • +6

        Thanks for your help. I was just referencing Escape (Pina Colada song)

      • The coupon code thing is a little buggy too.. seems like you can add $150 of stuff to cart, then apply coupon, then remove stuff… I'm not willing to risk it though.

        Above order works out at ~$16 per bottle which is not bad value considering it also includes the Vintage brut.

      • +1

        Is this first choice ebay or website?

        • first choice direct

  • +3

    Bugger! Was looking for a 12 pack of Grange Hermitage ;)

    • +9

      All is not lost! If supplies of Grange are limited, I hear (from ICAC) that NSW politicians also accept plain paper bags of cash handed over in the back of a Bentley.

  • +4

    Great % deal! Now up next 20% off everything eBay for Amazon 'soft' launch.

    • +2

      More like eBay popping a bottle open to celebrate Amazon's pricing

  • +2

    graysonline-australia(stores.ebay.com.au) (All Products, not just alcohol)

    Tested and does not work on non-alcohol products.

    • +1

      Oh damn sorry, that's usually the case so I was just going off prior experience..

      • All good bud!

  • +1

    Shaw and Smith Sav Blanc is effectively $20 a bottle. Great deal.

  • First Choice Liquor have some decent spirits already on clearance (just bought Cougar bourbon & Captain Morgan rum) with existing discounts, plus the 20% & free in store pickup. Best price I've gotten since Boozebud did 15% off + free delivery

  • +3

    Sailor Jerry’s 1L for $48 with C&C is definitely the cheapest anywhere at the moment, and a great price.

    • I still haven't finished my last bottle from Duty Free!

  • +4

    Monkey shoulder for $37.60

  • +4
  • +3

    Gentleman jack for $38.40 at first choice.

  • Possible to combine with Amex offer from 1st Choice in some way? Anyone know?

    • +5

      nope you cannot payment goes to ebay not 1st choice

    • ask them to price match ebay their prices in store?

      • It’s online spend only

  • Thank you. Bought 4 dimples and got free delivery. Looks like click and collect is only in Melb?

    • +1

      Works fine around me in QLD, also stores in NSW? I found 9 stores near 2000 with Dimple in stock?

      • Cool. Browsing on Mobile I could only see Melb.

  • Wild Turkey 101 700ml at First Choice $40.80

  • +4

    20% off on liver

    • I'll wait for 50% off

  • +3

    Absolut 1L for $40 is an absolute bargain. 700ml is normally $42

  • Hmm they've got limited quantities (or none) on some items at First Choice's ebay site. Tried to grab a bottle of Tanq gin and none available

    • This Tanq Gin? Looks fine to me, and I see you're in QLD, not sure if you're in brissie but stock everywhere here?

      • I'm getting an error "This seller does not post to Australia" every time I try to purchase something

        • Damn that's weird, are you rural QLD? Sometimes the geo-locator says that when you're in an area excluded by the seller, same as if Bing Lee can't ship to QLD for big items.

          Is there a FC near you?

        • @doweyy: Yeah I'm in Toowoomba. There's an FC literally 2 mins drive from where I'm sitting! Ah well.

        • +1


          Damn, says fine for me in Toowoomba, maybe just live chat eBay quickly, or change your address in eBay to order, then change back if that's possible?

        • @Wampus:
          Any luck? I'm in Toowoomba, too, and there's a few things I'd like to get as well. I just can't get to eBay from a work computer and I've left my laptop at home today.

        • @Chazzozz: Nope. Changed delivery address and still can't seem to order anything. What a waste of time. Ordered some wine from Winemarket and Grays without any dramas though, it's just some idiot at First Choice who can't set up an ebay store properly.

        • @Wampus: I got same error, changing delivery address does not help, BUT… I added a random address in Melb to my ebay account, left original address there too, and viola was able to place order with C&C from Sunny Coast.

          My proper address is still my default.

  • Guys I'm searching everywhere for JW Black label but seems to be out of stock. Can someone please link me if you find one?

  • +6

    ebay wants to drink our Amazon sorrows away, good strategy

  • Grey Goose 1L is also a great deal @ $57.60 a bottle


  • :( dan murphy's not included.

  • Knob Creek from first choice comes down to $59.20. Outstanding value - usually about $80/bottle.

    • Who comes up with these brand names? Your mum?

      • My girlfriend loves Knob.

        • -1

          My knob loves your girlfriend

  • 2 x gin, 1 x bourbon, 2 x Mumm Rose. Awesome prices! (All from First Choice with free delivery)

  • Excludes: Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

  • Can't see a lot of wines ….
    Any recommendations for around $30 per bottle which is awesome for that price range?

    • TBH they have a pretty average selection of premium wine. But St Hugo, Langmeil, Jaraman, Torbreck Woodcutters look solid to me.

  • Still trying to get through litres of duty free Tanq 10, Goose, Hendricks, Jacks from all the flight deals I've picked up off OzB…. oh how I wish beer was included in this deal.

  • +4

    no deals on beer… :(

  • Any good deals for vodka ?

    • +2

      $40 for 1L absolute seems like a great price.

    • If you're on a budget Cleanskin Vodka @ $28.00 + 20% off

    • I rate Russian standard.

      Not sure where available though, just a recommendation. Aim for $30.

  • Awesome, thanks!

    All sorted for christmas now.

  • +2

    $35.20 for fireball cinnamon whiskey 700ml

  • Could someone please recommend to me a good champagne or sparkling ($50<)?

  • +4

    ebay want us to drink and forget that Amazon has launched in Australia

  • Was hoping for a deal on that Blade Runner 2049 Johnny Walker.

  • I don't drink wine, but hoping for a recommendation of a good ~$75 bottle to gift to someone. Thoughts?

    • +3

      here is my 2c

      ata rangi pinot noir
      te mata coleraine
      grosset polish hill riesling
      penfolds st henri
      wirra wirra angelus

      • +1 for Grosset

  • Not enough Sangiovese blends :(

    Still, good offer, thanks for sharing, OP.

  • +1

    Southern Comfort at $25.60 a bottle is good news as well!

  • +3

    Lots of good deals (bought a few from First Choice) but unsurprisingly some sellers (eg Gooddrop) have jacked their prices to compensate. As always, shop around before trusting that a "20% off" deal is the best. Certain spirits I was looking at are cheaper with regular prices at Liquorland.

  • Just noticed first choice liquors feedback is 5 lol they are doing it to get the feedback up.

    • +1

      They've only just launched an eBay store.

      • Yeah, I figured. The discount is probably a welcome to eBay discount.

  • +2

    The FREEPENFOLDS/FREECHANDON code doesn't seem to work on FirstChoice eBay.

  • +2

    Tia Maria 700ml is on special at $25, which is ok, but then the 20% off makes this a bargain $20ea.

  • +1

    Wild Turkey American Honey - $29.60. I was hoping for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey but unfortunately not there

  • No craft beer deals ?

  • +1

    For those who fancy Aperol Spritzes, Aperol Aperitivo 700ml (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/332460250296) is going for $23 at First Choice + a further 20% off that price.

    • +1

      $18.40 for Aperol is fantastic. Good timing for summer.

  • What do bourbon drinkers think of Couger Bourbon? $32.00 - 20% = $25.60 C&C @ 1st Choice

    • +1

      Yep got one, kinda inbetween Jim beam white and black in taste

  • +1

    Doesn't look like it's worth bothering with Gooddrop, they jacked the hell out of some of their prices

    https://gooddrop.com.au/captain-morgan-private-stock-rum-1-l... - $70
    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Captain-Morgan-Private-Stock-Rum... - same thing $100 (although with free shipping)

    Lagavulin 16 only went up to $117 from $100, but it's $95 at Dan's anyway.

  • just curious, why does firstchoiceliquor have only 7 feedback score?

  • Yeah, Im like a few above, cant get it to add to cart, or even see stock if Im logged in. I just see 0 stock. If i have a direct link to an ebay page, I see the page, but it states i need to select less quantity than 1.

    If i log out, and add to cart, it does, and then C&C and select my local store I see they have stock. But when I log in, which ebay makes me do, it says "The address specified in your cart is in a location that doesn'ot meet the seller's postage requirements."

    From what I can tell, it regards any stock as in Melbourne, and needs to be shipped, which they wont do. Even though my local store under C&C shows stock.

    Tried 3 browsers too.

  • +1

    Bird In Hand Sparkling for $16. Loving it :)

  • No beers in this deal?

    • Nope.

  • Be aware that First Choice uses Toll for shipping. I'm at a stalemate with my Toll driver at the moment. They wouldn't deliver to my wife at home. They don't deliver on weekends. They won't redirect to me at work. They will only deliver to me at home with a photo ID on a weekday. But I work 8:30 - 4:30 weekdays. The only solution we can come up with is me calling the Toll driver the next time I have a day off work and he will try to deliver then. That will probably be a day between Xmas and New Years. Grrrrr.